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Panasonic Compact Camcorders

We stock a range of Panasonic camcorders, from full HD lightweight handheld cameras throught to the higher definition 4K video cameras. We also stock the 5.7K Compact Cinema Camera for a truly cinematic video experience.

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Panasonic HC-VX1EB 4K Video Camera - Black

The Panasonic VX1 is a 4K resolution video camera delivering brilliant picture quality with advanced image stabilisation, a convenient interface, a beautiful design, and superb low light performance.




Panasonic HC-VXF1EB 4K Video Camera - Black

The Panasonic VFX1 is a premium, semi-professional video camera with brilliant 4K picture quality, advanced image stabilisation, and professional controls including an adaptable manual control ring.


Panasonic HC-V800EB Full HD Video Camera - Black

A beautifully designed, compact and lightweight Full 1080p HD video camera that delivers stunning images, even in low or dim lighting conditions.



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