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Rotolight Neo II Explorer Kit

Rotolight Neo II Explorer Kit

Product Code: D358649X

Shoot anywhere with the ultimate lightweight, portable and powerful lighting kit. Designed to explore where will the Neo II Explorer kit take you?

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  • Ultra Portable
  • Carry around studio kit
  • Ideal for Photography and Videography
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Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer Kit

Key features:

  • Designed for photography & video, ideal for use on location
  • One of the most portable lighting kits ever made.
  • 50% weight saving on the NEO 3 light hard case kit.
  • Kit Includes 3 x NEO 2,  3x 4 piece filter kit (Full and half diffusion, cosmetic peach skin diffusion, and magenta), 1x 10 piece colour filter kit, 3x PSUs and 3x light stands, in a bespoke soft case kit with luxury adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Continuous LED light & high speed sync flash (1/8000th)
  • Adjustable colour temperature (6300-3150K) in continuous & flash mode
  • Powerful ‘modelling' light allows you to easily acquire focus in dimly lit situations and optimise composition
  • Built in Elinchrom Skyport wireless flash receiver (200m/656ft), control up to 10 lights in 4 groups
  • Powerful soft output (2000lux at 3 ft), 85% brighter than NEO 1
  • Flash mode provides 500% more light output (mains power), 250% on AA (NiMh or Li-ion) batteries
  • No recycle time and no power loss - ideal for high frame rate cameras
  • Power by 6xAA(NiMh or Li-ion), DC or Dtap, mount on or off camera 
  • Unrivalled battery performance - 85,000 full power flashes on 6 x AA (NiMH or Li-Ion) or 1.5 hours continuous output at max power
  • Outstanding colour accuracy (CRI 96) for gorgeous skin tone
  • CineSFX Mode delivers custom lighting effects (fire, lightning, TV, gunshot etc.)
  • True Aperture Dimming calculates your aperture at a given distance
  • Totally flicker free output, at any frame rate


Rotolight NEO 2 Explorer Kit product description

The NEO 2 Explorer Kit is an award winning lighting kit that delivers power, portability and comfort  for photographers and videographers on the go. Provided in a compact, luxurious and water resistant soft case, the Explorer Kit allows you to take your three revolutionary NEO 2s wherever you go. With a lightweight and convenient solution, create your perfect 3 light set up in just minutes for portrait photography, events or videography. 

Combining the ‘shoot what you see' benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High Speed Sync (HSS) flash and zero recycle time, you'll never miss a shot.  Featuring a built-in Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, the NEO 2 delivers ultra-reliable wireless triggering (1/8000th) and control of all three lights at once up to 200m(656ft) away*. Powered by 6 AA batteries, DC or DTap, NEO 2 delivers outstanding colour reproduction, with a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight's signature catch light effect. Packed with innovative features, NEO 2 includes True Aperture Dimming, Designer Fade and an updated arsenal of CineSFX custom lighting effects (lightning, fire, TV etc.). The NEO 2 Explorer Kit lets you create stunning results in even the most remote locations.

  • High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) provides a powerful HSS flash mode when you need more power, with zero recycle time, at up to 500%** of the maximum continuous light output for photographers. Enabling you to ‘freeze action', and shoot at wider apertures for better subject isolation, NEO 2 eliminates the need to buy two separate products if you shoot both stills and video, as it provides an all-in-one solution.
  • Unrivalled battery performance - the longest battery life of an on camera flash ever made. NEO 2 provides 85,000 full power shots on a single set of AA batteries (not included) vs 250 of a typical speedlight. You'll never be down on the job. 
  • AccuColour LED technology ensures the NEO 2 delivers exceptional colour rendering for gorgeous skin tones (CRI:96+, TLCI 91) eliminating the need for post processing. 
  • True Aperture Dimming calculates and displays F-stop for a subject at a given distance, eliminating the need for trial and error shooting, or a light meter.
  • CineSFX provides a suite of customizable cinematic lighting effects, such as lightning, fire, gunshot, paparazzi and TV flicker to enhance your video production.
  • Designer Fade provides custom fade up/down production effects for interviews.
  • Award Winning :  NEO 2 has been recognised for its innovation with several major awards including the Digital Camera World Best on Test and Gold Award; Photography News Innovation Award; Practical Photography's Best Lighting Award; and Testbench Recommended award by Amateur Photographer.

*(when using compatible Rotolight HSS Transmitter by Elinchrom). 

**500% increase in flash power on Rotolight V-Lock battery or PSU, 250% flash power on AA (NiMh or Lithium Ion)


Technical Specifications:

Accu-Colour Technology:

  • Best in class colour rendering CRI = 96  & R15 skin tone = 99
  • TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 91

Ideally suited for professional television use

Colour Range:

  • 3150 Kelvin – 6300 Kelvin, integrated accurate Kelvin display.  


  • Local with built-in dials and an accurate LED display
  • Wirelessly using built-in ‘Skyport' flash receiver and Rotolight HSS transmitter by Elinchrom
  • Third party HSS flash trigger received with 3.5mm or PC sync socket.

For best results use the Rotolight HSS transmitter by Elinchrom.


  • Mains power (power cable and regional plug included)
  • 6 x AA (NiMH or Lithium-ion only) high performance batteries (not included) - Rotolight Lionheart AA by Powerex PRO recommended.
  • From a portable battery source, such as the Rotolight 95wh V-Mount battery and DTap cable


  • Integral ¼" – 20 tripod mount (x3)
  • Universal hot-shoe camera adapter mount included


  • 100,000 hour LED lifespan
  • Totally flicker free technology



Photometrics LED Angle 3ft. / 0.9m 6ft. / 1.82m 9ft. / 2.74m
Neo (at mid point 4110K) 50 deg 194fc / 2000lx 49fc / 510lx 21fc / 227lx

3 feet (0.9m):

  • Lux: 2000
  • Foot candles (fc) : 194
  • Lumen : 1032
  • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f8/ f11/ f16 (HSS flash mode *)

*measured at 4110 Kelvin, PSU powered, at 1/60th 

6 feet (1.8m):

  • Lux: 510
  • Foot candles (fc) : 49
  • fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f4/ f5.6/ f8.0 (HSS flash mode*)

*measured at 4110 Kelvin, PSU powered, at 1/60th

9 feet (2.7m):

Lux: 227

Foot candles (fc): 21

fStop at ISO 200/400/800 : f2.8 / 4.0/ f5.6 (HSS flash mode*)

*measured at 4110 Kelvin, PSU powered, at 1/60th

What else is included in the box?

Box Contents:

3 x Rotolight NEO 2

3 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable

3 x NEO 2 Filter pack:

                1 x 216 full diffusion (1.5 stops)

1 x 250 medium, half white diffusion (3/4 stops)

1 x 184 cosmetic peach diffusion

1 x 279 1/8th minus green (magenta)

1x NEO 2TM Colour FX filter pack

3x Light stands

3 x Filter Holders

1x custom waterproof soft case with luxury padded shoulder strap



Total kit: 6.8kg


Soft case kit: 530 x 206 x 230 mm


Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Extended 3 year warranty available (sold separately).

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Weight (inc. batteries) (g): N/A
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    • Cameras – Should have no marks on the LCD screen
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  • Very Good – The equipment may have some slight cosmetic wear to the paintwork and cosmetic blemishes  with only light signs of use and the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
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    • Lenses – The mount of the lens will start to show signs of wear
  • Good – The equipment is showing more obvious signs of cosmetic wear and blemishes, but the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
    • Cameras – LCD screen may have scratches or wear that is starting to affect the display.
    • Lenses – May have slight dust inside that does not affect images. The mount shows signs of use.
  • Well Used – The equipment will show significant signs of wear. The paintwork will be coming away in large areas exposing the metal work, but the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
    • Cameras – LCD screen is heavily worn either by de-lamination or has scratches to it. Rubber grips are starting to come away from the body.
    • Lenses – The lens has dust inside that may affect images. The rubber zoom/focus ring is coming away from the barrel of the lens.

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