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Insta360 Flow Mobile Gimbal Grey

Insta360 Flow Mobile Gimbal Grey

Product Code: 9020088G

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The Insta360 Flow Grey is an easy-to-use AI powered Phone Gimbal, which elevates your content through AI tracking and features 3-axis stabilisation and selfie stick / tripod conversion.

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We Love

  • Professional-quality 3-axis gimbal stabilisation for smartphone creators, travellers and vloggers
  • Compact and easy-to-use design which features a single SmartWheel with minimalist design to control the gimbal
  • World’s only phone gimbal which includes both a selfie stick and tripod to create amazing content more easily
  • AI-driven tracking helps keep the main subject in the frame, whether an animal or person even when it moves away
  • Capture cinematic content for your audience, such as Motion Timelapse, Barrel Rolls and Panorama
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Insta360 Flow Grey Summary

From the makers of some of the best known action cameras comes Insta360 Flow Grey, which is an easy-to-use AI powered phone gimbal with unique features for smartphone content creators. The super-compact smartphone stabiliser makes content on-the-go easy for creators, vloggers and traveler’s, who can add cinematic touches to their videos with ease using Flow's advanced capabilities.

It’s the only 3-axis phone gimbal stabiliser to feature both built-in selfie stick and a tripod, which means you can create amazing effects with and without yourself in the frame. Insta360 has drawn on their previous know-how, to combine effective features with professional-level stabilisation, from a compact and foldable gimbal, which easily fits into your bag.

Elevate your content whether making family videos or travel vlogs with next-generation subject tracking, Deep Track 3.0. This is activated by a single click for a huge range of possibilities to make Slow Motion, Zoom and other Ai-powered accurate tracking modes.

Key Insta360 Flow Features

  • Professional-level 3-axis gimbal stabilisation powered by AI
  • Next-gen subject tracking and slow motion tracking
  • Versatile modes including beginner-friendly mode and FPV
  • Built-in selfie stick
  • Built-in tripod for motion timelapse and self-tracking
  • Easy control via SmartWheel
  • Simply double-tap for vertical / horizontal orientation switch
  • Pro cinematic effects like TimeShift, Timelapse, Barrel roll and Dolly zoom
  • Edit like a pro with AI-powered editing tools in the Insta360 app
  • Rugged and reliable with magnetic phone clamp attachment
  • 12 hour runtime
  • Built-in cold shoe to mount a video microphone
  • Also available in Grey Insta360 Flow

Insta360 Flow Grey Phone Gimbal in More Detail

Professional-level 3-axis phone stabilisation

Your phone footage has never looked so smooth with Flow's 3-axis gimbal stabilisation, which cancels out shakes from your footage, even when recording in low light at dawn or dusk.

Next-gen subject tracking from Deep Track 3.0

Years of research and development has brought Deep Track 3.0 to new heights, keeping subjects in frame and in focus with unmatched tracking accuracy.

Quick activation

  1. Single click of the trigger button and Insta360 Flow will automatically detect and track the main subject, such as a human head, pet or other main subject in the frame. There’s no need to click to track, it’s all done automatically!
  2. Drag a tracking box on the phone screen in the Insta360 app

Slow Motion Tracking

Level up your slow motion shots using Deep Track 3.0 when even supports high frame rate videos, such as 4K/60fps and 1080p240fps. Compatibility varies by phone model.

Zoom Tracking

Create more cinematic shots with your telephoto lens. Flow not can track your subject when zoomed in and it will also automatically adjust gimbal settings for more stable shots.

More accurate

  • Person Re-Identification – Once Deep Track 3.0 is enabled, Flow will remember the target person throughout the recording and continue tracking them, even re-identifying them when they are blocked by another object.
  • Tracking from All Angles – Flow can recognise a subject from all angles and keep tracking it, even if the subject’s shape changes as you or it moves.
  • Always-on Tracking – With Flow, you can enable 'Always-on Tracking' to ensure it continues identifying the subject until it gets back in the frame, no matter how much time passes. Competitor products stop tracking after losing the subject for 3s.

Better framing

You’re no longer limited to locking the subject dead centre during tracking as with Deep Track 3.0 you can manually set to any framing you want.

Zoom Tracking Recovery

If your subject moves out of frame during zoomed-in shots, Flow will zoom out to the wide angle lens if you’re using an iPhone (or default lens if you’re using Android phone) and search for the subject for two seconds. If the subject is found, Flow will zoom into the subject as before, or if subject is lost, tracking will stop to preserve power.

Movement Tracking Recovery

Insta360 Flow will follow the direction which the subject moves, in case the subject moves out of the frame.

Versatile shooting modes

Take full control for shot perfection through various shooting modes including:

  • Auto: A unique, beginner-friendly mode that automatically adjusts gimbal settings based on the situation. Guaranteed shake-free shots!
  • Follow (F): Follow mode responds closely to your movements for more precise control over the gimbal.
  • Pan Follow (PF): Perfect for shooting horizontally or around a subject, Pan Follow opens up a host of creative options.
  • FPV: Take full control and simulate drone-like FPV movements, backed up by gimbal stabilisation.

Get the right angle with built-in selfie stick

Get more friends in the frame and better angles, achieve unobstructed views in crowds like concerts or events and make more creative shooting angles such as low angle shots.

Always be prepared with built-in tripod

Create beautiful Motion Timelapse and Self-Tracking after setting Flow down and using the built-in tripod to capture the moment, with no additional accessories required.

SmartWheel puts all your controls in one place

The SmartWheel features a minimalist design and provides quick access to a host of useful functions from shooting controls to video replay and more.

For video:

  • Zoom control – Scroll the outside edge of the SmartWheel for smooth zooming in and out.
  • Quick mode change – Swap modes with a simple swipe of the wheel so you never miss the shot! Auto, Follow, Pan Follow, FPV
  • Trigger button – 1x click to activate Deep Track 3.0, 2x clicks to re-centre your phone and 3x clicks for Max Selfie mode, where the phone turns around for high-res selfie using rear camera

Capture any angle, any aspect ratio

For short videos or stories, simply double tap on the switch button and your phone rotates for the best aspect ratio.

Create professional effects

Create cinematic effects with dynamic camera movement and speed controls in the Insta360 app.

  1. TimeShift
  2. Motion Timelapse
  3. Barrel Roll
  4. Dolly Zoom
  5. Widescreen Mode
  6. Panorama

Easy editing with FlashCut

Master your shots with AI-powered editing tools in the Insta360 app. FlashCut tells a story with your clips, editing together the highlights on beat to music.

Robust design

High-strength rotors

Mount your phone in a snap with the Magnetic Phone Clamp for easy on-the-go shooting.

Get the action shots you want without fear of repercussions. Flow holds up to 300g, which is the strongest of any smartphone gimbal available.

2900mAh battery

16 hours of performance means the action lasts all day with the top performance on the market.

Spotlight (available separately)

  • Small and light, easy to install.
  • Professional-grade light with 95%restoration of natural daylight.
  • With 3 colour temperatures and 3 brightness levels, you have 9 combos to choose from
  • Rotatable so you can shine the light in front or behind.

Built-in Cold Shoe

Adding an external microphone helps capture next-level audio quality, which is easy with Flow’s built-in cold shoe. Try anything from a Rode VideoMicro II to a clip-on Lav Mic from Saramonic.

What’s in the box

  • Insta360 Flow Grey
  • Magnetic Phone Clamp
  • Insta360 Flow Grip Cover
  • Protective Pouch
  • Type-C to A Charge Cable

Our Verdict

With the rise in smartphone content for social media, Insta360 has drawn on their action camera experience to create the world’s first 3-axis phone gimbal with both a selfie stick and tripod built-in. The stabiliser is incredibly compact and weighs just 391g, yet offers around 12 hours runtime and packs a host of easy-to-use features to raise the quality of your videos.

AI has been implemented on Flow, which helps track subjects with just a click of the well-placed control button, which searches for the main subject then tracks it tenaciously even if moving out of frame. This ensures your movies follow the talent and can even keep you in the frame when using the stabiliser in tripod mode.

You can make cinematic content from a series of options, such as Motion Timelapse, Dolly zoom and panoramas, all of which look amazing and are simple to use, even for beginners when in Auto mode. The gimbal is also robustly made, with a simple magnetic clamp, which holds smartphones weighing up to 300g.

Once you’ve captured videos, you can use FlashCut editing software on the Insta360 app, which also uses AI to help create a masterpiece from your footage. Simply add an external mic to the built-in cold shoe and you’ve got a highly capable and versatile gimbal to take your phone content to the next level. The toughest decision you have to make is whether to choose this grey colour or the Insta360 Flow White!

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