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Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Camera Body - Dura Silver Finish

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Fujifilm X-Pro3 Mirrorless Camera Body - Dura Silver Finish

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Finished in stylish Dura Silver the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 mirrorless camera has been signifi-cantly upgraded with a hybrid optical & EVF, 26.1MP CMOS 4 sensor, new cus-tomisable colour LCD and fast 11fps.

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We Love

  • Ultra-stylish titanium and magnesium alloy Dura Silver body
  • Customisable rear colour LCD, protected with toughened glass
  • Versatile shooting modes for stills photography
  • Optical and electronic viewfinder for dual purpose viewing
  • Faster 11fps continuous shooting with larger buffer
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Fujifilm X-pro3 Mirrorless Camera Body in Dura Silver Finish Summary

Meet the upgraded Fujifilm X-Pro 3 mirrorless camera body in premium Dura Silver finish. This model builds on the previous generation X-Pro2 model, which was launched in March 2016. There are several significant enhancements to the usability of the new stylish body, starting with the addition of a rear mounted Electronic Range Finder. This is a first for Fuji’s rangefinder-styled cameras, placing a convenient colour LCD on the rear for users to check their settings. This addition allows photographers to seamlessly look through the high resolution EVF or OVF, whilst easily glancing at their camera settings below. The rear screen can be rotated 180 degrees to show camera live view, perhaps now affording the best of both worlds to the X-Pro style camera.

The upgraded body features the high quality back illuminated 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, which was first seen in the X-T3 and X-T30. This sensor compliments the flagship model, providing detailed, high quality photographs and video. The new body has also been re-engineered to be one of the most durable camera bodies in its’ class, with the use of titanium for exterior parts and magnesium alloy within. With weather sealing applied to 70 key chassis points, Fuji has also  advanced dust and moisture resistance considerably. This Dura silver finish incorporates a surface-hardening technology, providing both unmistakable style and functionality as found in Fujifilm X range of cameras.

Another welcome addition is the ‘Advanced Hybrid viewfinder’. This allows users to switch between an optical viewfinder (OVF), providing a constant view with zero lag, and the electronic viewfinder (EVF), with useful electronic overlay functions. This provides photographers with a versatile viewing system to shoot in different styles and situations with any X-Mount lenses.

The EVF itself has been updated for this release, now being even more detailed and brighter at 1500cd/m2 and 3.69 million dot resolution. The refresh-rate is extremely quick but can be further enhanced with a new boost function for smooth, higher speed viewing providing an effective rate of 200fps. This is ideal for keeping up with faster moving or erratic subjects.

The well respected autofocus system has also been redeveloped with this release, extending the camera’s 91 autofocus point capability down to -6EV phase detection. This allows for near complete darkness focussing. X-Pro users working in street, reportage and other low light situations will appreciate this ability to acquire subject focus in the dark.

Continuous shooting and buffer speeds have been improved for the X-Pro3, with up to 11 frames per second using mechanical shutter. To accommodate more rapid shooting, buffering has been increased to 145 JPG or 42 compressed RAW files, up from 8fps with 83 JPG or 33 compressed RAW files previously. 30fps in electronic shutter mode is also available with this update.

The X-Pro system is extremely popular due to many classic, realistic film simulation modes available, and Fuji have added to their list in 2019. The new camera includes a 'CLASSIC Neg' film simulation, which simulates colour negative film that was used for everyday snapshots. Other stills image updates include the addition of HDR mode and automatic bracketing as well as the automatic blending of up to nine exposures in-camera. All of these combine to offer photographers more advanced and easy to use functionality with the sole aim of improving results.

Features in Detail

High resolution: 26.1 millions pixels

Image sensor: 23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 with primary colour filter.

Storage media: SD memory card (~2GB) / SDHC memory card (~32GB) / SDXC memory card (~512GB)

Shutter speed:

Mechanical Shutter P mode: 4sec. to 1/8000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/8000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/8000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.

Electronic Shutter P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec. Bulb mode: 1sec. Fixed

Continuous shooting: Approx. 11fps (JPEG: 145 frames Lossless compression RAW: 42 frames Uncompressed RAW: 36 frames)

Auto bracketing: AE Bracketing (Frames: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 Step: by 1/3EV step, up to ±3EV steps)

Film simulation bracketing (Any 3 types of film simulation selectable)

Dynamic Range Bracketing (100%, 200%, 400%)

ISO sensitivity Bracketing (±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV)

White Balance Bracketing (±1, ±2, ±3)

Focus Bracketing (AUTO, MANUAL)

Focus: Single AF / Continuous AF / MF

'Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phase detection AF)'

Contrast: -3.0EV Phase Detection: -6.0EV (XF35mmF1.4 attached)

'Single point AF: EVF / LCD: 13×9 / 25×17 (Changeable size of AF frame)

Zone AF: 3×3 / 5×5 / 7×7 from 91 areas on 13×9 grid

Wide/Tracking AF: (up to 18 area)

Interval timer shooting: Yes (Setting: Interval, Number of shots, Starting time)

Flash modes: MODE: TTL MODE (Flash Auto, Standard, Slow Sync.), Manual, Multi, OFF

SYNC. MODE: 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain, AUTO FP (high-speed sync)


viewfinder: OVF: Reverse Galilean viewfinder with electronic bright frame display

Coverage of frame area v.s. capturing area: approx. 95%

Magnifications approx x0.52

EVF: 0.5 inch approx. 3.69 millions dots OLED Color viewfinder (4:3)

Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area: approx. 100%

Eyepoint: approx. 16.8mm (from the eyepiece lens) Diopter adjustment: -4~+2m-1

Magnification: 0.66× with 50mm lens (35mm equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1m-1

Diagonal angle of view: approx. 32° (Horizontal angle of view: approx. 27° ) Built-in eye sensor

Movie recording: Format: MOV, Compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Audio: Linear PCM / Stereo sound 2ch / 24bit / 48KHz sampling).

 [DCI 4K (4096×2160) ] 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps up to approx. 15min

 [4K (3840×2160 ] 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps up to approx. 15min

 [Full HD (2048 ×1080) ] 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 59min.

 [Full HD (1920×1080) ] 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 59min.

 [Full HD (1920×1080) High speed rec.] 120p/100p 200Mbps (recording) up to approx. 6min.

Film simulation mode: 17 modes (PROVIA/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, ASTIA/Soft, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg.Hi, PRO Neg.Std, Black & White, Black & White+Ye Filter, Black & White+R Filter, Black & White+G Filter, Sepia, ACROS, ACROS+Ye Filter, ACROS+R Filter, ACROS+G Filter, ETERNA/Cinema, Classic Neg)

Monochromatic Color

HDR mode: AUTO, 200%, 400%, 800%, PLUS

Dimensions: (W) 140.5mm × (H) 82.8mm × (D) 46.1mm / (W) 5.5in × (H) 3.3in × (D) 1.8in (minimum depth 34.8mm/1.4in)

Weight: Approx. 497g / 17.5oz (including battery and SD memory card)

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Our Verdict

The eagerly awaited X-Pro3 does not disappoint the large following of professional and enthusiast photographers, particularly in this all new robust Dura Silver design. 85 years of colour science has culminated in this flagship model with several new functions enabling high quality and versatile results straight out of camera. The addition of a new rear colour LCD screen adds functionality to the classic rangefinder-style body, along with easy switching from optical to electronic viewing for varied shooting situations. These updates build on the winning combination of compact design, Fujifilm's respected colour science and intuitive usability.

The addition of the tried and tested high quality CMOS 4 sensor, with higher resolution and faster shooting capabilities, makes for a compelling upgrade for existing Fujifilm-X photographers. Newcomers to the brand will also be impressed by effortless image quality together with high quality 4K and HD movie recording.

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    • Lenses – The lens has dust inside that may affect images. The rubber zoom/focus ring is coming away from the barrel of the lens.

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