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Benro Filter Holder Kit Magnetic FH100M3

Benro Filter Holder Kit Magnetic FH100M3

Product Code: 6450400M


The most innovative and user-friendly holder for 100mm filters

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'Next Level' magnetic filter holder for 100mm filters

With this filter holder it is possible to position gradient filters quickly and accurately with a rotary knob.

This filter holder has room for 3 rectangular filters (100mm wide and 2mm thick) and a polarization filter.
The polarization filter can be operated from the side and from the rear while other filters are placed in front. We recommend using the 82mm MAMCPL82 or 95mm MAMCPL95 polarizing filters from Benro. It is possible to screw an 82mm screw-on filter into the holder if a special magnetic step-down ring is used.

  • Simply place a polarization filter using magnets
  • Move gradient filters quickly and accurately with a rotary knob
  • For four filters (three rectangular and one polarization)
  • Works up to 15mm full frame without vignetting
  • Polarization filter can be rotated from the rear or from the side
  • Safe holder due to safe and fast clamping system
  • Works with very handy filter frames

Magnetic ring for CPL

16 strong magnets are placed in the rotating ring of the holder. These hold a Benro Polarizing Filter (MAMCPL82 or MAMCPL95) firmly in place. Thanks to the magnets and the recesses in the holder, a polarization filter can now be installed or removed very quickly.
The ring with the magnets can be turned in two places: via the rubber caterpillar on the left, or via the ring itself on the back of the holder.

Filter frames

Two filter frames are supplied with the holder: one for 100x100mm and one for 100x150mm. These filter frames are of course also available separately. If you equip each filter with its own frame, it is not necessary to change it in the field. This makes it possible to work faster and the filters need to be touched even less (fingerprints).
The Benro FH100M3 is suitable for the following rectangular filters:
- 100mm x 150mm x 2mm (glass or resin) in filter frame FR1015
- 100mm x 100mm x 2mm (glass or resin) in filter frame FR1010

The filter frame for the gradient filters ( FR1015) has serrations that allow this filter to be positioned quickly and accurately with the red rotary knob. The rotary knob has four different positions (Neutral, A, B, C) with which it is possible to move each gradient filter separately.
The position of the rotary switch is automatically locked. A different filter lock can be selected by pressing a button on the side

Extremely wide angle

Because the guides on the Benro FH100M3 are placed more outward, it is possible to photograph with an extremely wide angle without vignetting. The holder has been successfully tested on 15mm fulfill frame and even 9mm APS-C. The maximum wide angle without vignetting depends on the construction of the lens.

Quick release

The holder is fixed or released with the blue rotary knob. When the blue knob is loosened, the holder can be removed very quickly by pulling the spring-loaded red slide backwards.
Attaching is very simple: the holder automatically clicks onto the lens ring. This system is therefore faster than most other holders and also much safer than constructions with a spring-loaded catch on the side.

In the package

  • 1 x Filter holder
  • 1 x frame for 100x150mm filter ( FR1015 )
  • 1 x frame for 100x100mm filter ( FR1010 )
  • 1 x lens ring filter thread 77mm ( FH100M2LR77 )
  • 1 x lens ring filter thread 82mm ( FH100M2LR82 )
  • 1 x Manual
Offers: N/A
Offer Category: Camera Lenses
Offer Product Type: Lens Filters
Autofocus: N/A
Aperture ring: N/A
Constant Aperture: N/A
Lens CIPA Image stabilization rating: N/A
Colour: N/A
Diameter (mm): N/A
Length (mm): N/A
Weight (g): N/A
Distance scale: N/A
DoF scale: N/A
Elements: N/A
Environmental Sealing: N/A
Focus distance limiter: N/A
Focal length: N/A
Focus method: N/A
Filter Thread: N/A
Full time manual: N/A
Groups: N/A
Hood supplied: N/A
Lens Image stabilization: N/A
Lens mount: N/A
Lens Materials: N/A
Maximum focal length: N/A
Maximum magnification: N/A
Maximum aperture (number): N/A
Maximum aperture (text): N/A
Max Format size: N/A
Minimum focal length: N/A
Lens Minimum focus distance (m): N/A
Minimum aperture (number): N/A
Minimum aperture (text): N/A
Motor type: N/A
Number of diaphragm blades: N/A
Power zoom: N/A
Special elements / coatings: N/A
Tripod collar: N/A
Lens type: N/A
Wide/Tele: N/A
Lens Level: N/A
Best For: N/A
Zoom lock: N/A
Zoom method: N/A
Notes: N/A

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