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X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3 Plus

Product Code: V158470K
X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3 Plus


X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3 Plus Summary

Color Management for Imaging and Prepress

For designers, photographers, or prepress professionals who rely on accurate color throughout a digital workflow, the i1Publish Pro 3 Plus is the must-have solution to profile and calibrate cameras, monitors, projectors, scanners, and both RGB and CMYK+ printers. Get the most color accurate displays, prints and proofs, with repeatable results every time.

Accommodating a broad range of proficiencies and expertise, i1Publish Pro 3 Plus provides complete power and control to create the highest quality ICC profiles. Choose between a basic, wizard-driven interface, or an advanced user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles.

  • Large aperture (8mm) gives more accurate results with better repeatability.
  • Includes polarizing filter for improved profiles from textiles and other textured media.
  • Benefit from perfect printed colors every time with RGB, CMYK and CMYK + any 4 with intelligent iterative profiling technology for best quality results and advanced controls for black generation and separations.
  • Achieve true colors on all modern laptop and desktop display technologies, such as LED, Plasma, RG Phosphor, OLED and Wide Gamut.
  • Quickly check color output quality with the ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target, included with i1Publish.
  • Correct for OBAs in paper with Optical Brightener Correction technology (when combined with i1iSis 2 automated chart reader).
  • Capture spot colors off virtually any surface – ideal for creative design or corporate brand requirements – and keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe and Quark creative applications with PANTONE Color Manager for color palette creation and swatch bridging software
What else is included in the box?
  • i1Pro 3 Plus spectrophotometer (measurement device)
  • Calibration plate
  • Polarizing filter
  • Ambient light measurement head
  • Monitor holder
  • positioning target
  • XL scanning ruler
  • XL backer board
  • USB cable. i1Profiler v3.x software for monitor profiling plus QA for monitors and printers
  • PANTONE Color Manager software
  • ColorTRUE mobile app download from iTunes App Store

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X-Rite i1Publish Pro 3 Plus Specifications

i1® technologyBuilt-in wavelengths check
Spectral analyzerHolographic diffraction grating with 128-pixel diode array
Spectral Range380 - 730 nm
Physical sampling interval3.5 nm
Optical resolution10 nm
Spectral reporting380 ... 730 nm in 10 nm steps
Measurement Frequency in scanning mode400 measurements per second
Measurement geometry45°/0° ring illumination optics, ISO 13655-2017
Measurement aperture8 mm (0.31”) diameter
Illumination Spot Size12 mm (0.47”)
Light sourceLED Illumination (including UV)

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