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MagMod MagGels Standard Gel Kit

Product Code: T5730145H


MagMod MagGels Standard Gel Kit

Easier than Instagram. Just as fast.

With the MagGel, you can add and correct color on the fly—even under challenging shooting conditions.

Pop up to 3 rigid gels, which are based on standard Rosco colors, into the MagGel. They’re secure and ready-to-go in 2 seconds tops.

Finally, gel sheets that don’t suck.

No cutting. No taping.
No crumpling. No nonsense.

Our rigid plastic gels slip into a durable, magnetized rubber sleeve without any hassles.

Longer shelf life than a Twinkie.

Even after the last Twinkie on Earth has been consumed, our reusable MagGels will still be around.

These rigid polycarbonate filters were designed to last a lifetime… or six. Crinkled up gel pieces are a thing of the past.

A Whole New World of Color - MagMod MagGels
What else is included in the box?

Includes one of each of the following colors:
• 1/4 CTO
• 1/2 CTO
• Full CTO
• 1/2 Straw (great for skin tones!)
• 1/2 Plusgreen
• 1/2 Blue
• 3-stop Neutral Density
• Opal Frost Diffusion

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