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Panasonic TZ70 Silver digital camera

Product Code: P012486S
The LUMIX TZ70 brings you right up against the action. The 24mm Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens has a 30x optical zoom so you will always have an intimate view, and captured picture, of what takes your interest
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The TZ70 is a compact camera that is ideal for travel, featuring a LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR 30x optical zoom lens. You’ll be able to photograph epic landscapes from afar or zoom up close to pick out the finest details and its compact size also makes it ideal for slipping into your pocket.

Composing your perfect shot with precision is made possible with the manual control ring on the front of the camera enabling a smooth operation of the Focus Peaking function. This indicates the area of focus and depth of field so you can concentrate on your composition.

  • Large pixel sized high sensitivity MOS sensor
  • 24mm LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens
  • 30x optical zoom
  • 0.2” 1,166k dot electronic viewfinder with eye-sensor
  • Control Ring for Manual Focus and Focus Peaking
  • Full –HD movies (60/50p)
  • 5-Axis OIS

he LUMIX TZ70 brings you right up against the action. The 24mm Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens has a 30x optical zoom so you will always have an intimate view, and captured picture, of what takes your interest. Its compact size makes it ideal for slipping into a pocket or a bag for easy access. Wherever you’re travelling, make sure the LUMIX TZ70 is there to capture every detail.

Low light conditions can be a challenge but with the LUMIX TZ70's new larger pixel-sized High Sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor, you can take stunning pictures even in dimly lit environments. Pictures taken in low light will contain clearer details and less image noise. Capture more details when you shoot in RAW format. The image data retains the original colour and light information captured by the sensor, with only minimal processing. Now you can edit these high quality images directly and be amazed by the results.

Wherever your travels take you and whatever the light conditions are, the Live View Finder is an invaluable asset. Perfect for framing the image when light conditions make it difficult to use the LCD screen, the eye sensor automatically detects your viewing preference and switches image display to the Live View Finder. Its high 1,166k-dot resolution with approx. 100% colour reproduction provides stable framing and superb visibility, in any light conditions, so you can take stunning photos with ease.

The Control Ring now provides smoother manual control of the exposure, zoom, and focus; leaving you free to concentrate on shutter operation with your other hand. Its intuitive design, precise focusing plus smooth and silent operation gives you total control over every picture and video taken. The Control Ring also enables smooth operation of the Focus Peaking function. It indicates the area of focus and depth of field so you can concentrate on your composition.

The LUMIX TZ70 lets you record videos in full-HD quality, in AVCHD or MP4 format. This results in stunningly smooth high resolution playback when you watch your captured videos on computers or large screen TVs. The HYBRID O.I.S.+ technology ensures your videos are captured with little unwanted movement. The 5-axis correction automatically detects and adjusts, based on the camera’s 5 types of movement, while the Level Shot senses the horizontal line of recording, even when tilted. This leaves you with perfectly levelled videos.

Park Verdict

The Panasonic TZ range of cameras has been particularly popular over the years, with a large zoom in a compact body; and the TZ70 is no different. With the LEICA 30x optical zoom lens, electronic viewfinder, HD movies, time-lapse function and a range of creative modes, this is a fantastic camera that is easy to use, and small enough to fit in your pocket.

We Love

30x optical zoom
LEICA lens
Built-in Wi-Fi & NFC

Full Details


Panasonic TZ70 Silver digital camera Specifications

Metrcs Dmensons (W x H x D) 0.7 x 64.6 x 4.4 mm/(4.6 x .54 x .5 nch)
Weght Approx. 7 g wthout Battery and SD Memory Card (0.478 lb)/Approx. 4 g wth Battery and SD Memory Card (0.56 lb)
Pxels Camera effectve Pxels . Megapxels
Sensor Sensor Sze / Total Pxels / Flter /.-type Hgh Senstvty MOS Sensor / Total Pxel Number .8 Megapxels / Prmary Color Flter
Lens Aperture F. - 6.4 / Multstage rs Daphragm (F. - 8.0 (W), F6.4 - 8.0 (T))
Optcal Zoom 0x
Focal Length f = 4. - 9mm (4 - 70mm n 5mm equv.)/(8 - 840mm n 5mm equv. n 6:9 vdeo recordng / Level Shot functon Off)/(0 - 900mm n 5mm equv. n 6:9 vdeo recordng / Level Shot functon On)
extra Optcal Zoom (eZ) 6.7x (4: / 8M), 46.9x (4: / 5M), 58.6x (4: / under M)
ntellgent Zoom 60x
Lens LeCA DC VARO-eLMAR/ elements n 9 groups/(5 Asphercal Lenses / 0 Asphercal surfaces / eD Lenses)
- Speed Zoom Yes
Optcal mage Stablzer/Fve Axs Correcton HYBRD O..S. + (On / Off) / Yes
Dgtal Zoom Max. 4x (Max. x for TZ7)
Converson Lens Compatblty -
Focus Focusng Area Normal: Wde 50cm - nfnty / Tele 00cm - nfnty/AF Macro / MF / ntellgent Auto / Moton Pcture: Wde cm - nfnty / Tele 00 cm - nfnty
AF Assst Lamp Yes (On/Off)
Focus Normal / AF Macro / Macro Zoom / MF/Quck AF On / Off (on n ntellgent Auto), Contnuous AF (only for moton pcture)/AF/Ae Lock Button (Set the Fn button n custom menu to AF/Ae lock)/Focus Peakng, One Shot AF (Set the Fn button n custom menu to AF-ON), AF Area Select, AF Trackng
AF Meterng Face / AF Trackng / -area / -area (flexble / scalable)
Shutter Shutter Speed Approx. 4 - /,000 sec/Starry Sky Mode: 5, 0, 60 sec
Fnder Vewfnder 0.0" LVF (Lve Vew Fnder) (,66K dots equv.), Feld of Vew: Approx. 00%, Lens 9.6x/Magnfcaton: Approx. .59x / 0.46x (5 mm camera equvalent)
Fle Fle Format Stll mage: JPeG (DCF/exf.) / RAW, DPOF/D mage: MPO/Moton Pcture: AVCHD, MP4
Recordng Modes Mode Dal / Mode Button ntellgent Auto, P, A, S, M, C (Custom), C (Custom), Panorama Shot, Scene, Creatve Control
Creatve Control mode expressve, Retro, Old Days, Hgh Key, Low Key, Sepa, Dynamc Monochrome, mpressve Art, Hgh Dynamc, Cross Process, Toy effect, Mnature effect, Soft Focus, Star Flter, One Pont Color (5 flters)
Stll mage Scene Mode Portrat, Soft Skn, Scenery, Sports, Nght Portrat, Nght Scenery, Handheld Nght Shot, Food, Baby, Baby, Pet, Sunset, Hgh Senstvty, Glass Through, HDR, Starry Sky, Hgh Speed Vdeo, D Photo
Contnuous Shootng Mode Full-Resoluton mage: 0 frames/sec, Max. 6 mages/wth AF Trackng: 6 frames/sec, frames/sec/ntellgent Burst Shootng/Hgh-speed Burst: Approx. 60 frames / sec/(recorded n .5M / 0.M for 4:, M / 0.M for :, .5M / 0.M for 6:9, M / 0.M for :)/Approx. 40 frames / sec/(recorded n 5M / M / 0.M for 4:, 4.5M / .5M / 0.M for :, .5M / M / 0.M for 6:9, .5M / .5M / 0.M for :)/Flash Burst Shootng
Moton Pcture Recordng (*) HD Vdeo 90 x 080 pxels, 50p (FHD: 8Mbps / AVCHD) (Sensor Output s 50fps)/90 x 080 pxels, 50 (FHD: 7Mbps / AVCHD) (Sensor Output s 50fps)/80 x 70 pxels, 50p (HD: 7Mbps / AVCHD) (Sensor Output s 50fps)/90 x 080 pxels, 5p (FHD: 0Mbps / MP4) (Sensor Output s 5fps)/80 x 70 pxels, 5p (HD: 0Mbps / MP4) (Sensor Output s 5fps)
STD Vdeo 640 x 480, 5p (VGA: 4Mbps / MP4) (Sensor Output s 5fps)
Hgh Speed Vdeo 80 x 70 pxels, 5p (HD: MP4) (Sensor Output s 00fps)/640 x 480 pxels, 5p (VGA: MP4) (Sensor Output s 00fps)
Contnuous recordable tme (moton pctures) AVCHD Approx. 75 mn (FHD/50p), Approx. 80 mn (FHD/50)
MP4 Approx. 90 mn (FHD)
Actual recordable tme (moton pctures) AVCHD Approx. 0 mn (FHD/50p), Approx. 5 mn (FHD/50)
MP4 Approx. 40 mn (FHD)
exposure Parameters exposure Program Ae, Aperture Prorty Ae, Shutter Prorty Ae, Manual
exposure Compensaton / eV step, +/- eV
Auto (Ae) Bracketng /-eV step, Max. +/- eV, frames
Lght Meterng ntellgent Multple / Center Weghted / Spot
SO Senstvty Auto / .SO / 80 / 00 / 00 / 400 / 800 / 600 / 00 / 6400
Pcture Qualty Stll Pcture Recordng [4:] 4000x000 (M) / 64x448 (8M eZ) / 560x90 (5M eZ) / 048x56 (M eZ) / 640x480 (0.M eZ)/[:] 4000x67 pxels (0.5M) / 64x76 (7M eZ) / 560x7 (4.5M eZ) / 048x60 (.5M eZ) / 640x44 (0.M eZ)/[6:9] 4000x48 (9M) / 840 x 60 (8M eZ) / 560x440 (.5M eZ) / 90x080 (M eZ) / 640x60 (0.M eZ)/[:] 99x99 (9M) / 448x448 (6M eZ) / 90x90 (.5M eZ) / 56x56 (.5M eZ) / 480x480 (0.M eZ)
mage Qualty RAW / RAW+Fne / RAW+Standard / Fne / Standard/(D Mode: MPO+Fne / MPO+Standard)
Whte Balance Auto / Daylght / Cloudy / Shade / ncandescent / Whte Set/Whte Balance Adjustment (except Auto)
Photo Style / Flm Mode -
Color Mode / Color effect / My color -
Pcture Adjustment -
Aspect Bracketng -
Other Dgtal Red eye Correcton (Red-eye Removal) Yes (On/Off)
W-F eee 80.b/g/n/4 MHz – 46 MHz (- ch)/WPA / WPA/nfrastracture Mode / WPS / W-F Drect/W-F Button
Zoom n Moton Pcture Yes
Self Tmer sec / 0 sec
Self Shot Mode -
Dsplay Playback Mode All, Sldeshow, Flterng Play (Pcture Only, Vdeo Only, D Play, GPS Area Play*, Travel, Category Selecton, Select Date, Favorte), Calendar/* Not avalable on products for Chna.
Thumbnals / Zoomed Playback ,0-thumbnals / Yes
Calendar Dsplay / Dual- mage Playback Yes (Menu / Zoom Lever) / No
Set Favortes / Rotate mage Yes / No
Show Hstogram Yes
Show Hghlghts -
DPOF Prnt Settng / Set Protecton Yes / Yes
edt Retouch Auto Retouch / Creatve Retouch
Resze / Croppng / Aspect Conv. / Levelng Yes / Yes / No / No
Copy / Ttle edt / Text Stamp Yes / Yes / Yes
Cut Anmaton Yes
Vdeo Dvde Yes
PctBrdge Support Sngle / Mult / All / DPOF / Favortes
Setup OSD language Japanese, englsh, German, French, talan, Spansh
Montor LCD Montor 7.5cm (.0") TFT Screen LCD Dsplay (,040K dots), AR Coatng/Feld of Vew: Approx. 00%, Wde Vewng-angle/Power Montor mode, AUTO Power Montor mode
Flash Bult- n- Flash Auto, Auto/Red-eye Reducton, Forced On, Slow Sync./Red-eye Reducton, Forced Off/0.6 - 6.4m (Wde / SO Auto), .0 - .m (Tele / SO Auto)
Meda Recordng Meda Bult-n Memory, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, SDxC Memory Card
Bult- n- Memory Approx. 86MB * Approx. 86MB for Chna
Audo Mcrophone / Speaker Stereo / Mono
nterface nterface mcroHDM, AV Output (PAL / NTSC), USB (AV/USB Mult)
Power Power L-on Battery Pack (.6V, 50mAh, 4.5 Wh) (ncluded)/AC Adaptor (nput: 0 - 40V AC) (ncluded, connect wth USB cable)
Battery lfe (approx.) 00 pctures (CPA Standard)*
Standard Package ncluded Software PHOTOfunSTUDO 9.6Pe/LoLoScope (tral verson)/Adobe Reader/・ The software to process RAW fle on PC s not bundled wth DMC-TZ70/To do ths, SLKYPx Developer Studo s avalable for download at chkawa Soft Laboratory's webste usng PC connected to the nternet.
Standard Accessores Battery Pack, AC Adaptor, USB Cable, Hand Strap, CD-ROM
NOTe *
NOTe Recordng condtons by CPA standard
NOTe - Temperature: oC (7.4 oF) / Humdty: 50%RH when LCD montor s on.
NOTe - Usng a Panasonc SDHC Memory Card
NOTe - Usng the suppled battery.
NOTe - Startng recordng 0 seconds after the camera s turned on. (When the optcal mage stablzer functon s set to [ON].)
NOTe - Recordng once every 0 seconds wth full flash every second recordng.
NOTe - Rotatng the zoom lever from Tele to Wde or vce versa n every recordng.
NOTe - The number of recordable pctures vares dependng on the recordng nterval tme.
NOTe - f the recordng nterval tme becomes longer, the number of recordable pctures decreases.
NOTe - CPA s an abbrevaton of [Camera & magng Products Assocaton].
NOTe *
NOTe - These are standard tmes taken at a temperature of oC (7.4 oF) and a humdty of 50%RH.
NOTe - The tme avalable for recordng vares dependng on the envronment, the nterval between recordngs, and the manner of use.
NOTe - Actual recordable tme s the tme avalable for recordng when repeatng actons such as swtchng the power supply [ON] / [OFF], startng/stoppng recordng, zoom operaton etc.
NOTe - Use a card wth SD Speed Class wth "Class 4" or hgher when recordng moton pctures.
NOTe SD speed class s the speed standard regardng contnuous wrtng.
NOTe - Maxmum tme to record moton pctures contnuously wth [AVCHD] s 9 mnutes 59 seconds.
NOTe - Maxmum tme to record moton pctures contnuously wth [MP4] s 9 mnutes 59 seconds or up to 4 GB.

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