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LEE Filters SW150 Super Stopper Neutral Density Filter

Product Code: L339290W
The Lee Filters SW150 Super Stopper ND filter reduces the light entering your ultra wide-angle lens by 15 stops, enabling you to use very long exposures to achieve shots with blurred moving objects in bright conditions.



Lee Filters SW150 Super Stopper ND Filter SUMMARY

  • Greatly minimises the amount of light that enters your lens, enabling very long exposures
  • Reduces light by 15 stops
  • Makes moving objects blurred to give the sense of time passing
  • Ideal for working in bright conditions
  • Can be used alongside other filters
  • Suitable for ultra wide-angle lenses

With its 15 stops of light-reducing power, the Super Stopper sits at the head of the Stopper family, joining the Big and Little Stoppers in the long-exposure photography revolution. Together, they have changed the way we look at moving objects and their relationship to the land, and have given photographers new ways of expanding their creativity.

The Super Stopper is designed for use in bright conditions during the middle of the day - a time that’s traditionally considered unsuitable for photography because of the harsh, contrasty nature of the light. However, with the Super Stopper filter fitted, the softness that arises from any movement contrasts pleasingly with any areas of bright light, creating an effect rarely seen in photography before now.

Like all the filters in the Stopper family, the Super Stopper is constructed from high-quality optical glass and is supplied in a metal case for protection. It has only a minimal colour cast that is easily corrected in post-production.

The Lee SW150 is intended to be used with various models of ultra wide-angle lenses and requires that you purchase the correct type of adaptor ring. There is also a range of screw-in lens adaptors, so you can use the SW150 with conventional lenses.

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