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Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera - Silver Chrome

Product Code: L014445C
Leica M10 is a premium camera that exudes class. The Digital Rangefinder may look retro, with controls designed to mimic the original rangefinders. But underneath the casing Leica have packed the latest in digital technology.


Leica M10 Silver Chrome Digital Rangefinder

  • Leica M10 Body Only in Silver Chrome
  • 24MP Full-frame CMOS sensor - developed for the M10
  • The thinnest digital M digital camera to date
  • Increased ISO range of ISO 100 - ISO 50,000
  • Maestro II image processor with 2GB buffer memory
  • 5fps in continuous mode
  • Rear controls kept to a minimum - Play, Live View, Menu and a joystick control.
  • ISO setting dial on top of the camera - the first time in a digital M camera.
  • Viewfinder with 0.73x magnification
  • Wireless connectivity for simple connection to the Leica M-App, impressively compatible with RAW DNG files for the latest iOS devices with RAW capable functionality.
  • Compatible with Leica M-mount lenses
  • Also available in Black Chrome: Leica M10 in Black Chrome
Our Verdict

If you're a Leica fan, then the chances are that you are fondest of the Leica M family of rangefinder cameras - so when an addition to that brood comes along, you know the product is going to be hugely exciting.

The Leica M10 is just that - setting numerous firsts for Leica M digital rangefinders. It is the slimmest yet; the first to feature an ISO dial and the first to include wireless connectivity.

With its heritage formed in the film camera days, the new ISO dial ensures that controls for image composition can all be manually set and controlled. A minimalistic rear sees just a few buttons and a control joystick.

The difference between film and digital photography tends to be the way you 'think' about the photo, when you have manual dials and controls you relive that style of photography.

We haven't even started on the brains of the operation - with an all new image sensor developed specifically for the M10, in the form of a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor combining with the Maestro II image processor and 2GB Buffer.

This marriage of eyes and mind ensures that the highest image quality, as expected from a Leica camera, is possible - and with that large buffer, a continuous shooting mode 5fps is achieved.

When it is a Leica camera you know that certain boxes are going to be ticked - image quality and style are always a Leica expectation, the M10 builds upon these expectations by adding modern technologies, and the inbuilt WLAN module is a sign of moving with the times whilst keeping the looks strictly retro.

The Leica M-App enables image transfer between phone and camera - and those with an iOS device can rejoice that the latest OS will be able to handle DNG files. The application also lets you remotely control your M10, meaning you can get some delicious long exposures without having to risk camera shake via shutter pressing. Although if I were you, I wouldn't be leaving this camera lonely on a tripod. I'd be holding it, cuddling it and delighting in every essence of just what this camera is capable of.

We Love
  • Leica
  • The addition of wireless connectivity
  • New sensor, new processor, big buffer
  • Slim, delicious looking and minimal
  • ISO dial for manual control of all vital composition controls
Leica M10 Silver Chrome Digital Rangefinder Features in Detail

The form factor:

Analogue dimensions enter the digital age.

Many photographers working with analogue Leica M cameras have expressed their interest in a digital M with the same ergonomic features and size that fits perfectly in the hands.

With the Leica M10, this wish has become a reality, with a top plate depth of just 33.75mm – four millimetres less than its closest relative, the Leica M (Typ 240).

The Leica M10 is now the slimmest digital M of all time.

The rangefinder

A precise window on the world.

The rangefinder has always played a significant role in the heritage of the Leica M-System. Several key aspects of this legendary focusing technology have been further optimised in the Leica M10.

To improve the view of the subject being captured, the field of view has been enlarged by 30 per cent and the magnification factor has been increased to 0.73.

For eye-relief, the optimum distance of the eye from the viewfinder eyepiece has also been lengthened considerably. Thanks to a 50 per cent increase in this distance, the viewfinder is much more comfortable to use, particularly for photographers who wear glasses.  

The sensor

The digital canvas.

The key component of the Leica M10 is the 24 MP, full-frame CMOS sensor developed specifically for this camera, offering significant improvements in all image performance parameters: impressive dynamic range, excellent contrast rendition, exceptional sharpness and fine detail resolution.

Its unique pixel and micro-lens architecture enables a particularly large aperture, ensuring rays of light hitting the sensor even from the most oblique angles are precisely captured by its photodiodes – this has been further improved compared to its predecessor.

The glass cover plate of the sensor acts as an infrared cut-off filter, therefore avoiding undesirable refraction of incoming light with additional layers of glass.

The omission of a low-pass filter also ensures the Leica M10 delivers maximum sharpness, leading to significantly enhanced imaging results, especially in the case of wide-angle and very fast lenses.

Thanks to the new design of the Leica M10 sensor, the ISO sensitivity range has been expanded, allowing exposures at values between ISO 100 and 50,000, with considerably improved noise characteristics at higher ISO settings.

The Leica M10 opens up entirely new genres of photography and delivers exceptional imaging performance even in challenging lighting conditions.

Image processing electronics

The next quality level.

The latest-generation Maestro II image processor incorporated in the Leica M10 represents state-of- the-art, advanced processor technology. Combined with the new 24 MP sensor, it ensures that all exposures are captured with exceptionally brilliant image quality.

Thanks to its 2GB buffer memory and continuous shooting at up to five frames per second at full resolution, photographers will never again miss the decisive moment.

The Leica M10 is the fastest M-Camera ever made. Furthermore, the processor allows the loupe function to be freely positioned for even better sharpness assessment.

This new function can be used both on the camera’s monitor screen, and in conjunction with the Visoflex electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 2.4 MP resolution.

The viewfinder features a swivel function, enabling shooting from unusual angles, and an integrated GPS module for the geotagging of image files. I

Intuitive handling

Focused on the essentials.

Since the beginning, Leica M-Cameras have always focused on the essentials of photography. This principle has been conscientiously pursued in the Leica M10, setting new standards in intuitive handling and rapid access to the most relevant settings: for example, the controls on the back are limited to a single joystick control and just three buttons for Play, Live View and Menu.

Particular settings can be selected according to personal preferences and photographic needs via a freely-configurable Favourites Menu.

One of the most distinctive features of the Leica M10 is the ISO setting dial on the top plate.

For the first time in a digital Leica M, all essential shooting parameters such as focusing, aperture, shutter speed and ISO value can be selected manually without using the menu – or even switching on the camera – ensuring even more direct control and greater discretion when shooting.

WLAN module for wireless transfer and sharing

The Leica M10 is the first M-Camera with integrated WLAN connectivity. This enables the fast, wireless transfer of pictures to Apple mobile devices, where they can be edited, posted and shared on social networks, for example.

The Leica M-App also allows the direct transfer of RAW data in DNG format to mobile devices for further processing with suitable apps from iOS Version 10.2. The Leica M10 can also be remotely controlled by WLAN from a smartphone or tablet, making it easy to capture pictures from unusual angles or avoid camera shake when shooting with longer shutter speeds.

What else is included in the box?
  • Leica M10 Charger
  • Mains cable
  • Car charging cable
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Carrying strap
  • Body bayonet cover
  • Cover for accessory shoe

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