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300-800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG HSM - Sigma Fit

Product Code: G247541S


Sigma 300-800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG HSM - Sigma Fit

This versatile telephoto lens delivers superb results and flexibility. With an extensive shooting range and high quality optics, it provides exceptional reach, ideal for astrophotography and wildlife.

  • Telephoto zoom lens for full-frame or APS-C sensor cameras
  • Versatile zoom range provides a host of framing options
  • Part of Sigma’s flagship EX series, made using the very best optical components
  • Circular 9-blade diaphragm helps produce attractive background blur
  • Hyper-Sonic Motor for fast, accurate focus with full-time manual focusing
  • Extraordinary Low Dispersion (ELD) lens elements delivers superb optical performance
  • Multi Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting
  • Minimum focusing distance of 6m
  • 46mm rear mounted drop-in filter holder
  • Dedicated APO teleconverter extends lens reach to 420-1120mm f/8 MF or 600-1600 f/11 MF lens

Park Verdict

A superb telephoto zoom lens with extra reach. With a versatile shooting range, it’s a great addition to any lens collection.

We Love

♥ Hyper-Sonic Motor for fast, accurate focusing
♥ Excellent image quality
♥ Optional APO teleconverters extend lens reach

Full Details

From 300mm telephoto to 800mm ultra-telephoto this new lens provides a constant fast maximum aperture and is optimized for digital SLR cameras.

This lens covers the telephoto range from 300mm to the ultra-telephoto range up to 800mm. By continuously varying the angle of view from 8.2° to 3.1°, the lens takes a lot of the footwork out of picture composition.

New coating reduces Ghost and Flare
The new multi layer lens coating and lens design reduce flare and ghost, which is a common problem with digital cameras and also creates an optimum color balance.

It is equipped with ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion) glass elements
Two ELD glass elements in the front lens elements reduce chromatic aberration to a minimum and also ensure sharp, quality images of high contrast.

HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor for Sigma, Canon and Nikon mount lenses)
The HSM models provide silent, high-speed and precise auto-focusing with full time manual focus override.

It also features a drop-in filter
It also features a drop-in 46mm filter holder in the rear part of the lens barrel, which can be rotated to facilitate the use of filters, including a polarizing filter.

Internal Focusing and Internal Zooming
Since focusing and zooming do not change its overall length, this lens is easy to hold and use. In addition, since the front of the lens does not rotate, a circular polarizing filter can be easily attached and use.

Accepts both 1.4X and 2X APO EX Tele-Converters
When this lens is used with the 1.4x EX or 2x EX Apo Tele Converters (optional), it becomes a 420-1120mmF8 MF lens or a 600-1600mm F11 MF lens respectively.

300-800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG HSM - Sigma Fit Specifications


300-800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG HSM - Sigma Fit Reviews


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