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Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS Transmitter - Sony Compatible

Product Code: E352210S
Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS Transmitter for Sony


Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS Sony Studio Flash Trigger

  • Control your lighting setup with a clear display of power levels and modelling lamp settings
  • Flash sync up to 1/8,000th second
  • Operational up to 200m outdoors and 60m indoors
  • Receivers are not necessary with EL-Skyport compatible heads
  • Freeze motion
  • Overpower the Sun
  • Darken backgrounds
  • Use wider apertures
  • Compatible with Sony Mirrorless and SLT cameras
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries

The Skyport Plus HS from Elinchrom is more than just a flash trigger. It enables an entire world of possibilities otherwise not able to be achieved by syncing at up to 1/8000th and also serving as a remote control for your flash units so you can set power levels at a distance.

Check the camera compatibility list to ensure your camera is compatible. Also available for CanonNikon, and Olympus & Panasonic cameras.

EL-Skyport Plus HS - Elinchrom

Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS Studio Flash Trigger in Detail

Visual interface and remote control

The LCD display shows each strobe unit and power settings, and allows for full control of all strobes right on top of the Skyport Plus HS. With all this information on top of the transceiver you can now control the power on each strobe individually as well as many other functions. The individual strobes also show up automatically and you can adjust the settings on top of the transceiver or on the strobe itself. You can see and control up to 10 different EL strobes with the HS transmitter. Control and set the flash power and the modelling lamp in 4 Groups or individually.

Synchronisation up to 1/8,000th second

Using the Skyport Plus HS you can now sync any Elinchrom flash with EL-Skyport capability at up to 1/8000th second. This will work best with the newer HS flash heads but can be used with any Elinchrom flash head.

Over Drive Sync

The Over Drive Sync setting allows for customisation of the Hi-Sync (HS) timing to change where the slice of light is taken out of the flash curve. This means that that it's possible to fine tune the HS lighting by moving the slice of light from the max light output to a lower light output farther into the flash curve. This could be especially useful when shooting portraits with a wide aperture where the lighting needs to be subtle.

AF Assist

The Skyport Plus HS also includes an autofocus assist feature to help cameras focus in low light situations. While it may seem like a small thing, there are tons of situations where I have had to turn on the modeling lamp to focus. When running on battery power, as with the ELB 400 or the Rangers, using the modeling light just to autofocus the camera drains the strobe batteries quite a bit faster. It is a feature that many of us will find extremely useful and another example of how well-thought out the new Skyport Plus HS is.


The EL-Skyport HS has a total of 20 frequency channels that can be used for either Normal or Speed mode. You can instantly distinguish which sync mode you are in as the backlit display glows green for normal mode, and red for speed mode. The new transceiver can now trigger strobes up to 200m (656 feet) away when used outdoors and up to 60m (196 feet) indoors.


The EL-Skyport HS represents a seamless extension of the EL-Skyport family since it is also compatible with the three previous generations of flash units (including the EL-Skyport Transceiver RX module for Style RX, Digital RX, and Ranger RX systems, the integrated EL-Skyport modules for D-Lite RX, BRX, ELC Pro HD and ELB series.).


The transmitter attaches easily and securely to the hotshoe with its bayonet locking system and is powered by 2x AA batteries. It also features an integrated AF illuminator for fast focusing and a mini-USB socket for firmware updates.

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