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DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo kit

Product Code: 9702206A
The compact yet powerful Mavic Mini is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary. Together with the easy-to-use DJI Fly app, you'll enjoy a simplified flying experience


DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo kit Summary

In 2019 we have seen DJI diversify with the OSMO action camera and other offerings, so we are especially excited by the announcement of the new Mavic Mini drone. With a featherweight folding quadcopter construction of just 249g the new drone is capable of a whopping 2.5 mile flight range with very impressive 30 minutes flying time. This shows how quickly technology is moving ahead, with the older yet extremely popular Mavic Air with Fly More combo weighing a comparatively hefty 430g with a 21 minute flight time. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this new Mavic drone, is that it will not be required to register with the UK Civil Aviation Authority. More on that below.

The size of the new mini is especially impressive, easily fitting into the palm of your hand. Measuring just 140 x 82 x 57mm the folded drone is small enough to put in your pocket. Even with the propellers folded open it measures under 30cm, making this is a truly minute offering, especially considering the range and flight time. If you love capturing aerial footage in remote locations, including landscape and nature movies, this is a real hike-and-fly option with its’ small lightweight construction.

DJI have added 3-axis stabilised 2.7K video, which is 40% larger than HD quality (also referred to as quad HD). This quality of video provides detailed and smooth footage suitable for many moviemaking uses. With 12MP photographs, pilots will also be able to capture stills detailed enough for a range of purposes, from landscapes to estate agency work. It keeps the Quickshot flight modes from larger DJI drones, for excellent shots at the tap of a button. Outdoor flying sees the GPS receiver control with precise hovering and a CineSmooth mode assisting stability in narrow or complex spaces.

Other notable features include a camera to aid with collision prevention, ideal for both inside and outside flight. Visual Inertial Odometry or VIO technology aids pilots, whether recreational or professional to avoid collisions with objects whilst flying. An optional propeller guard is also available. Safety is a primary concern and new technology is always welcome. With its’ 249g weight this new mini drone will not currently require registration in the UK with the UK Civil Aviation Authority for UAD’s. Drone Safe explains more about unmanned aircraft registration.

A new smartphone application is included with the Mini - DJI Fly. This new app helps new pilots to fly safely, is responsible for capturing incredible photos and videos with little to no flying experience. Utilising pre-made flying templates, beautiful videos can be programmed from one tap.

The Fly More Combo includes 2 additional fly batteries, 2 additional propeller sets, a 360 propeller case & two-way charging hub for you to make the most of your new DJI drone.

Our Verdict

The announcement of the new DJI Mavic Mini drone is a welcome update for aerial photographers and video makers. With an impressive flying range as well as 30 minute aerial time, the tiny footprint doesn’t restrict locations this drone can reach. The addition of enhanced WiFi transmission of large 2.7K video as well as high resolution stills make for a compelling product. The Mini is suitable for beginners as well as experienced pilots who want a compact, bring-anywhere drone, light enough to be added to your pack without a reduction in flight capabilities.

With the two additional flight batteries and two additional pairs of propellers you are sure to gain even more flying from the combo mini drone, while the additional 360 propeller guard ensures your new DJI drone keeps its high performance.

We Love
  • Only 249g making this the light enough to fly in the UK without CAA registration
  • Safer for newer or experienced pilots with advanced VIO
  • Extra long range 2.5 mile flying capability
  • Long life battery with 30 minute flying time
  • Compact, featherweight drone for remote location hike-and-fly
What else is included in the box?
Aircraft 1
Gimbal Protector 1
Remote Controller 1
Pair of Spare Propellers 3
Micro USB Cable 2
Intelligent Flight Battery 3
360° Propeller Guard 1
Two-Way Charging Hub 1
RC Cable (Micro USB connector) 1
RC Cable (USB-C connector) 1
RC Cable (Lightning connector) 1
DJI 18W USB Charger 1
Pair of Spare Control Sticks 1
Spare Screw 18
Screwdriver 1
Carrying Bag 1
DJI - Introducing Mavic Mini

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