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Manfrotto Xume 77mm Lens Adapter

Product Code: 9350045A


Manfrotto Xume 77mm Lens Adapter

Manfrotto XUME quick release adapters allow filters to be instantly mounted onto any lens, in any orientation. This patented design system is the fastest and easiest solution for photo and video filter users: nothing to align, no moving parts and completely safe for your gear.

The Manfrotto XUME system consists of 2 main components, the filter holder and the lens adapter. Attach them respectively onto the filter and lens and thanks to the magnetic connection, they instantly mount together, avoiding the need for tedious screwing/unscrewing.

The 77mm Manfrotto XUME lens adapter has a beautiful high quality finish. As soon as it is fixed onto a same size lens, it becomes one with your gear. The filter holder also brings you the full benefits of Manfrotto‘s wide range of photo filters, including the UV, circular polarising, ND, and protect.

A same size Manfrotto XUME filter holder is required in order to use this lens adapter.

For further protection, you can equip your lens with a Manfrotto XUME lens cap.

This product does not harm your camera or lens, nor does it affect focus mechanisms, media cards, drives or other electronics.

Discover the Manfrotto Lens Filter Suite with Ross Hoddinott

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