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Hoya 72mm Ultra Pro UV

Product Code: 9334850U


Hoya 72mm Ultra Pro UV Filter

  • 16 layer anti-reflective coatings for optimum light transmission
  • Water & oil repellent, scratch and stain resistant
  • Ultra thin frame - compatible with wide-angle lenses
  • Absorbs UV rays to prevent haze
  • Super tough optical glass for ultimate durability and protection
  • 99.5% light transmission

UV filters are colourless, multi purpose filters that can be used in combination with other filters. They are recommended as a general lens protector, to leave on the lens at all times to protect the front element from scratches, dust and moisture.

The Ultra-Pro UV has 16 layers of anti-reflective coatings, to reduce ghosting and flare, providing optimum light transmission of 99.5%. It absorbs ultraviolet rays to prevent haze in outdoor photos. The super-hard optical glass is mounted in a thin frame for perfect compatibility with wide-angle lenses.

Hoya UV Filters

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