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Hama 5899 Lens Cap Keeper 2

Product Code: 9321263


Is your lens cap continually falling off leaving your lens exposed to the elements?

If left unprotected when stored in a bag or left in the open, a camera lens can easily pick up dust and dirt and accumulate scratches as it is knocked around against other items which can lead to a devaluation of the camera as well as a potential deterioration in picture quality. A lens cap when simply placed over the camera lens can protect the lens from this type of damage, however it will only do this, if it manages to stay attached to the lens. With many lens caps, this is not the case and when knocked about in your bag, it will often become loose and fall off. Hama can help and prevent this from happening with the Lens Cap Holder.

Keep a cap on it with Hama!

The Lens Cap Holder from Hama, made of rubber, will prevent your lens cap from falling off, by firmly attaching to the camera and then to the lens cap itself via a piece of cable. It is simple as that! It is black in colour, therefore blending in with many digital cameras and is 10cm in length.

Ensure your camera lens stays protected when not in use today with the fantastic Lens Cap Holder from Hama!

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