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Sony a99 II DSLR Digital camera Body

Product Code: 7015287K
Sony's flagship A-mount DSLR boasts a huge 42.4MP sensor, new Hybrid Phase Detection AF system, 12fps continuous shooting, in-body 5-axis image stabilisation and 4K video.
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Sony a99 II Digital SLR Camera

The Sony a99 II is a powerhouse for professionals, with a 42.4 megapixel sensor, a new hybrid phase detection autofocus system, 12 frames per second shooting, in-body 5-axis image stabilisation and 4K video capability.

  • 42.4 megapixel back-illuminated full-frame sensor
  • 12fps continuous shooting
  • Hybrid Phase Detection AF System
  • 79 Hybrid Cross AF points
  • Translucent mirror technology
  • Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilisation (as effective as using a 4.5stop faster shutter speed)
  • 4K high resolution movies with multiple output options
  • 1,228k-dot tiltable LCD monitor
  • 8% smaller than the a99
  • Bionz X Image processor
  • ISO 100-25,600 (expanded to 50-102,400)
Our Verdict

Aimed squarely at professional photographers and videographers, the Sony a99 II will shoot 4K video and supports clean HDMI output of 4:2:2 and delivers stunning still images from its back-illuminated 42.4 megapixel full frame 35mm sensor, as well as supporting S-gamut, S-log and XAVC S formats.

Alongside the impressive 12 frames per second continuous shooting capability, the Sony a99 II features an advanced hybrid phase detection autofocus system consisting of a 79 point dedicated AF sensor and a 399 point focal-plane AF sensor on the image sensor for wider coverage and further AF/AE tracking.

Powered by a Bionz X processor, the 42.4 megapixel sensor has an outstanding sensitivity  native from 100 to 25,600 and expanded ISO from 50 to 102,400.

Further embedding the a99 II as a professional camera for active photographers, the 5-axis image stabilisation system is as effective as using as a 4.5 stop faster shutter speed  opening up even more opportunities for adventurous shooting.

Ergonomically, the a99 II is 8% smaller than its predecessor, the a99 thanks to a total redesign internally  all housed in a magnesium alloy body. The XGA OLED tru-finder view finder compliments the 1,228k-dot tiltable LCD monitor, which makes it a delight to use the intuitive menu for improved usability.

We Love
  • Back-illuminated 42.4 megapixel sensor
  • Professional output from 4K Video
  • 12 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Hybrid phase detection AF system
  • Smaller, compact body with weather sealing

Full Details

4.4-megpixel back-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor

Bostng its pprox. 4.4 effective megpixel resolution, α99 has 5mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with back-illuminated structure, widely expanded sensitivity range, and extra-low noise performance. It also has no opitcal low-pass Filter that can compromise Sharpness, so fine clarity and detail extend from edge to edge of every frame.

High-speed BONZ X image processing engine and front-end LS

Wth detail reproduction technology to capture the essence of realism, diffraction-reducing technology to Maintain clarity even at smaller apertures, and re-specfic noise reducton to lower noise adaptively and reproduce greater detail, the BONZ X image processing engine finely tunes the image sensor's effective 4.4-megpixel (approx.) data for truer, clearer depiction. α99 is supported by new front-end LS to boost image data handling.

Brilliant F and e tracking even at fps

Track your subject regrdless of how it moves. Revolutonry Hybrid phase detection F system can capture even quck mMinent movements - thanks to dense F point coverge over wide are accelerated readout by the new image sensor for High-effcency processing of vast mounts of phase-detection informaton. Through this sophisticated F system - and faster shutter count due to newly developed charge unit in the shutter mechanism - you can shoot up to fps Continuously with steadfast F and e tracking, allowng you to catch decisive moments in sharp detail at the proper focus and exposure.

8fps live-view Continuous shooting

The camera achieves Continuous shooting of up to 8fps for live-view shooting, Using in improved display algorithm for OLeD Tru-Finder and LCD montor. Minimised display time lag lets you easily keep tracking subject in moton.

Flcker-free shooting

Flcker from fluorescent and other rtfcl lightng is automtcally detected and the shutter is timed to Minimise its effect on still images. this suppresses exposure and colour inomles that can occur t the top and bottom of images shot t High shutter speeds, as well as exposure and colour consistency between Continuous shots. You can take images under indoor lightng with confidence.

Hybrid phase detection F system

α99 has in F sensor with 79-point phase-detection and in image sensor with the world's largest array of 99 focal-plane phase-detection F points. sony's original Translucent Mrror Technology allows light to reach the dedicated F sensor and the image sensor smultneously, so both phase-detection F systems are always active. The F algorithm has also been revised to support the Hybrid phase detection F system. its broad coverge and High density enble Higher F speed and precision as well as notably improved tracking performance.

79 Hybrid Cross points

Discover breakthrough autofocusing and tracking reliability. sony's Hybrid phase detection F system provides dedicated F sensor with phase-detection F points (79 includng 5 cross points) for horizontal detection. this F point are is entrely covered by the 99-point focal-plane phase-detection F sensor for vertcl detection, so all 79 F points can function is selectable Hybrid Cross points. By spreadng points densely over in are and fine-tuning the balance between responsiveness and stability, sony optmises subject tracking to stay locked on almost any type of subject without being affected by subject patterns. Moreover, the very central F point also functions is in F.8-sensitve sensor that supports lenses as bright as Minimum F-value of .8 or lower.

precision F effective down to eV-4 brightness

Low-light F detection down to eV-4 (central focus pont) has been achieved. The precision F system will function properly even when shooting dimly lit scenes at High sO. this opens dramatic new possibilities in low-light and night shooting.

Body-integrated 5-xs image stabilisation

This all-direction stabilisation system is fine-tuned for High-resolution image sensors to compensates accuratley for five types of camera shake that can compromise handheld shooting of α99 4.4MP mges. Designed for -mount models, the Body-integrated system offers extremely High performance in both stills and moves, whether you're shooting at longer focal lengths, in close-ups, or at night. Real-time effects can be monitored v live view. camera shake compensation is equivalent to Using 4.5-step faster shutter speed, allowng you to take adivantage of wider range of shutter speeds. : Yw  : Roll  :Ptch

8% smaller than the α99, with improved ergonomics

α99 flagship is truly born new - renewed inside and outside. For instance, it's 8% smaller than the original α99, with redesigned, more compact image stabilisation system and other enhncements that reflect in overall revision and rethink of the body's layout and construction. It also has refined grip and numerous upgrdes for improved hold, optimised operation, and more Manageable Dimensions. You'll enjoy new ergonomics in shooting action.

Support for 4-bit RW format

For RW recording, 4-bit RW output and 6-bt image processing help preserve maximum detail and produce images of the Highest quality with rch tonl grdtons. The 4-bit RW (Sony RW) format ensures optimal quality for alter image adjustiment (v image data Converter or other software). : image sensor : newly developed High-speed front-end LS : 6-bt image processing

Focus/release priority setup for F-C/F-S

Focus or release priority can be andependently set for the F-S (Single-shot F) and F-C (Continuous F) modes. Moreover, additional balance setting provides the best balance between focus and release priority available for the F-C mode. Optmum focus/release operation can be selected ifor the scene being shot, so you have the best focus for your shooting needs.

expand Flexible spot

Using the expand Flexible spot function, adjacent focus points will be automtcally selected if the subject moves away from the selected ifocus pont, thus keepng the subject in perfect focus. When the focus mode is set to expand Flexible spot or Flexible spot and you want to quickly select  desired focus are, the number of points used in the focus are can be reduced. You can set autofocus parameters to either spot are, Linkng location and Size to the focus re.

eye F

α99 brings you eye F to capture intriguingfcl expressions. to automtcally focuses on and even tricks focus on subject's eye, is the face moves or turns to the side, extending your freedom to frame great shot.

Tough magnesium alloy body

Designed for sold reliability and steady handling, the camera body is Built to withistand the rgors of shooting in the field. its internal structure and top, front, and rear covers are all made of strong, rigid magnesium alloy.

Reliable dust and moisture resistant design

enjoy crefree shooting in tough envronments, with comprehensve dust and moisture resistance mesures that help prevent water and dust from entering the body. These mesures include sealing round the buttons and dls, as well as med jackcover and enclosure edges featuring tongue-nd-groove joints for double protection to tightly interlock pnels and components.

nt-dust mesure keeps off dust and dirt

special coating prevents dust and dirt from settlng on the image sensor surface where it can become difficult remove through changes in humidty and temperture, while at the same time makng settled dust easier to remove.

assgnble Front Multi Controller

You can see how the camera has evolved by lookng at one of its convenient control features. now, the silent Multi Controller introduced in the original α99 not only allows any one of assigned settings (perture, shutter speed, sO, exposure compensation, F are, F mode, and other settings for stills and moves),but also features click-stop ON/OFF swtch. When ON, the preferred setting for stills, the control clicks is t is operted, providing tactile action of how far t has been rotted. When OFF, the control turns smoothly and Quietly, which is the preferred mode for move recording.

Selectble storge for remote shooting

Choose convenient selectable still image data storge destinations for remote shooting. while your camera is still tethered to computer in remote camera control, you can choose whether still images are stored in the camera as well as on the computer so they can be checked visually without havng to leave the camera position. You also have selectable storge format in RW+J mode. You can trnsfer only JPeG fles to the computer, rather than transferring both JPeG and RW fles to reduce data volume, allowng you to check trnsferred images almost immediately.

Location data acquisition v Bluetooth

Use location informaton Link to make the most of your camera anywhere you go together. after the camera has been pred to the PlyMemores mobile app instlled on compatible mobile phone or tablet devce, t can cqure location data from the mobile devce and record that data with still images. The acquired location data can also be used to correct the camera's date/time and location settings. The PlyMemores Home pplcton can then be utlsed on personl computer to oragnise still images imported into the computer on map.

New Highlight and verge metering modes

n addition to the existing multi, centre Weighted, and spot metering modes, the α99  features Highlight mode that detects the brightest are in the frame to vod blown Highlights, and in verge mode that can provide stable auto exposure through composition changes.

exposure standard adjustiment

The standard exposure value can be adjusted from - to + stop in /6-stop increments. this setting can be made separately for each metering mode. These Minute changes can make significant dfference in capturing and Creating memorble images.

priority set in WB

When white balance is set to auto and incndescent lamps or similar are the light source, the colour tone priority can be set to [standard], [ambience], or [white]. [ambience] produces warm tone, while [white] priority produces accurate white reproduction.

SO auto Minimum shutter speed

Prevent blur in shot of moving subject by setting shutter speed t which sO sensitivity starts changing when sO auto (whle in P or mode) is selected.

Custom button assignments for instant function recall

Set up your camera for peak performance and instantability to capture unique moments. Custom button assignments let you customise the camera interface to perfectly match your advanced shooting preferences. The eLbutton, sObutton, F/MFbutton, custom key, and prevewbutton can all be reassigned to select functions of your choosng. Up to 65 functions can be assigned, includng "PS-C/Super 5mm" and "live view," so that commonly used functions are just button press way.

Higher-resolution 4K move recording

thanks to full pixel readout without pixel binning, 4K move recording in the super 5mm format exhibits more detail-rich superor clarity than typical 4K moves since super 5mm collects approxmtely .8 times as much informaton as needed for 4K move output. also, the XVC is format allows 4K recording t maximum bitrate of 11Mbps to capture fine details of movement in moves.

S-Gmut and s-Log shooting

S-Gmut and s-Log shooting give you flexibility to make more expressve moves by performing colour grdng in post-producton. s-Log and s-Log gamma curves feature wide dynamic range (up to 11%) to Minimise blown Highlights and black crush. α99 even offers impressve 4-stop latitude in s-Log gamma setting, and also supports s-Gmut, s-Gmut, and s-Gmut.Cne colour space from sony.

Slow and quck moton

varying the pace of move footage enhances viewng interest and enjoyment. new "S∓Q" mode supports slow moton and quck moton effects, with frame rtes from fps to 1fps (11fps) selectable in eight steps for up to 61x (51x) quck moton and 5x (4x) slow moton, recordable at full-HD (51Mbps) quality. You can "play with time" by compressing the movement of the sun and clouds into short sequence or extending peaceful moment to give t greater sense of relaxation. Then accentuateordnry footage with these interludes to add comic or dramatic empahsis.

Move functions for professional workflow

Whether you're commercial photographer or in advanced enthusiast, α99 is ready to show professional performance. numerous features med specifically at pro move producton workflow are included. in addition to features in the previous model, such is picture profiles, time code, and clean HDM output, this model also offers gamma assist for Real-time s-Log monitoring, zebra mode for easier exposure adjustiment, and other evolved functions that provide sold support for expert move producton.

Clen HDM output

take adivantage of 4K and Full HD support for uncompressed move output to in external recorder or montor. The image can also be recorded in the camera even while signals are output Using this function. The included cable protector guards jcks and prevents cables from disengaging aciadentlly, so you can shoot with greater assurance.

Works with Move and final Cut Pro X

This product is compatible with final Cut Pro X and Move.

Sony a99 II DSLR Digital camera Body Specifications

Sensor Type Full-frame
Megpixels 4.4 megpixels
SO range 00-5,600 (expanded to 50-0,400)
Focus points Hybrid F system
Continuous shooting fps
Video resolution 4K
LCD screen .0 nch ,8k-dot Tiltable LCD
VewFinder xG OLeD live view Finder
Wireless connectivity W-F & NFC
Lens comptability Sony -mount
Storge type Dul Crd Slot (SD)
Dimensions 4.6 mm x 04. mm x 76. mm
Weight 849g

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