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Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera + 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens - Silver

Product Code: 7015046S
A6000 Body + 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens - Silver
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Sony a6000 Body + 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens- Silver

The Sony a6000 is new addition to their range of interchangeable lens cameras, and boasts a fantastically fast autofocus time of 0.06 seconds, ensuring that you’ll never miss that perfect moment you’re trying to capture. The a6000 also features a 24.3 megapixel sensor, cramming in a massive amount of detail and texture to your images. Although this is a mirrorless camera, when using the camera, you’ll find a lot of the features you’d expect to find on a DSLR, only the a6000 is much more compact and portable. The mode dial on the top right of the camera sits perfectly for your thumb, and customisable buttons and interface mean the camera can be set up perfectly for your preference. With the a6000, you can share your photos or movies quickly and easily with a smartphone or table using the in built NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities. You can also activate NFC to use the camera remotely.

  • Fast Hybrid AF gives world’s fastesti autofocus performance of just 0.06 sec with high precision accuracy
  • Extremely wide autofocus coverage area with 179 focal points
  • 24.3 megapixel Exmorâ„¢ APS HD CMOS sensor featuring gapless-on-chip design
  • BIONZ X processor for pro-quality photos and Full HD video
  • Light, compact and easy to use with built-in flash, OLED Tru-Finderâ„¢ and two control dials
  • NFC and Wi-Fi for One-touch sharing/remote control from your mobile
  • Boost your creativity with a range of downloadable PlayMemories Camera Appsâ„¢

Park Verdict

With a high performance 24.3 megapixel sensor, extremely fast and precise autofocus system and high quality electronic viewfinder, the a6000 is a perfect choice for the enthusiast.

We Love

Super fast autofocus system
11fps continuous shooting with AF tracking
Control the camera from your smartphone using in-built Wi-Fi connectivity

Full Details

functon makeOmnCallSupportnformaton(){ var nameLst = s.pageName.splt(' : '); var sPageNameOrg = s.pageName; s.pageName = ''; for(var =0; 4.-megapxel APS-C mage sensor

Create mages of astoundng beauty that surpass your expectatons wth Sony's newly developed 4.-effectve- megapxel APS-C mage sensor. The same sze as found n most DSLRs, ths sophstcated sensor offers hgh senstvty n dmly lt envronments and strkngly attractve foreground and background defocusng. You'll enjoy the ncreased lght collectng effcency of a gapless on-chp lens structure, extremely low nose throughout a wde senstvty range of SO 00 to 5600, and superb corner-to-corner mage qualty wth lfelke color, supreme detal and smooth tonal gradatons that reveal every nuance of your scene.

BONZ X mage processng engne

Astonshngly fast, Sony's sophstcated BONZ X mage processng engne reproduces textures and detals n real tme as seen by the naked eye. The resultng mages are remarkably realstc wth especally rch tonal gradatons and a natural three-dmensonal appearance. Whether shootng stll mages or moves, vsual nose s nearly mperceptble, thanks to further advanced area-specfc nose reducton. Detal reproducton technology delvers more fnely detaled textures whle dffracton-reducng technology optmzes the performance of any lens you mount to enable advances such as fner detals at small aperture settngs.

Full HD moves

Press the MOVe button to start recordng beautful moves that are notable for ther sharpness and lack of vsual "nose"-n your choce of 60p/50p, 60/50 or 4p/5p*. New mproved Fast Hybrd AF provdes remarkably fast and accurate autofocusng and trackng whle shootng moves. You can also use P/A/S/M modes to acheve maxmum control over how the mage looks, and zoom wth extra clarty, courtesy of Clear mage Zoom. *NTSC/PAL

The world's fastest* AF performance

Capture every subject clearly wth unparalleled precson, at record speed, thanks to Sony's newly advanced Fast Hybrd AF wth vastly mproved phase-detecton and contrast-detecton capabltes. Faster data readng from 
the mage sensor, hgher-speed BONZ
 X data processng, more advanced AF algorthms and optmzed control of the lens drve delvers approxmately 5% faster performance than n prevous systems. *Among nterchangeable-lens dgtal cameras equpped wth an APS-C mage sensor as of February , 04, based on Sony research. Measured usng nternal methods wth an e PZ 6-50mm F.5-5.6 OSS S lens mounted. CPA gudelne complant.

79 AF ponts over nearly the entre screen

n addton to 5 hgher-speed, hgher-precson contrast-detecton AF (Fast ntellgent AF) ponts, the mproved Fast Hybrd AF system features 79 extremely accurate phase-detecton AF ponts that cover nearly the entre mage area. They permt enhanced subject trackng
plus the capture of fast-movng subjects anywhere on the screen, as well as mproved scene recognton and subject sze detecton.

fps contnuous shootng wth AF trackng

When your subject s movng fast, fps contnuous shootng wth superor AF trackng performance ensures you capture the decsve moment. Ths feature makes the most of the superb trackng performance of Sony's wde-area 79 phase-detecton AF ponts to accurately track your subject anywhere on the screen.

eye AF

even when capturng a subject partally turned away from the camera wth a shallow depth of feld, the face s sharply focused thanks to extremely accurate eye AF. A green frame appears over the prortzed eye when focus has been acheved.

mproved Lock-on AF

Now more accurate than ever, due to advances n phase-detecton AF, Lock-on AF enhances trackng of movng subjects by adjustng target frame sze to match subject 
characterstcs and ensurng usage 
of the optmal
 AF pont at all

AF mode

Matchng the focus mode to the subject assures super-sharp results. The 6000 s the frst e-mount camera to offer AF-A, and dsplays the actve AF ponts even n the AF-C mode so you can easly check f you are focusng on the ntended subject.

Hgh-resoluton OLeD Tru-Fnder

Vew every scene clearly and naturally on the brght and accurate OLeD Tru-Fnder vewfnder, whch offers 00% frame coverage. The new optcal system wth four double asphercal lenses provdes a wde vewng angle of approxmately and clear vsblty from corner to corner. Clear detals, rch tonal gradaton, and hgh contrast are yours n both dark and lght envronments, thanks to an advanced OLeD desgn that lets you more fathfully prevew defocusng, exposure, and other effects. You can also fne-tune the focus by takng advantage of MF Assst and a helpful Peakng functon, as well as adjust brghtness n fve steps to match the shootng envronment.

Swft, ntutve operaton

Controls are refned for ntutve DSLR-style operaton whle vewng scenes through the vewfnder. The mode dal enables quck selecton of shootng modes wth your thumb, whle the control dal and control wheel make t easy to set varous parameters.

Customzable buttons

Button customzaton lets you shoot just the way you lke for greater speed and convenence. You can assgn any of 47 functons* to any of 7 buttons (ncludng dedcated custom buttons), and assgn up to functons to the Fn button for quck access. *Some functons can only be assgned to certan buttons.

Tltable " LCD screen

Shootng comfort s enhanced by a " LCD screen that smoothly tlts to accommodate everythng from low to hgh-angle shootng. Ths tltng flexblty combnes wth the camera's compact moblty to greatly expand your shootng optons.

Customzable U

The User nterface takes on many of the features of A-mount cameras to enable smooth, personalzed operaton. Quck Nav Pro dsplays all major shootng optons for quck confrmaton and adjustment. The Fn button also enables swft access to preferred features.

One-touch remote and one-touch sharng

One-touch remote lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a vewfnder and remote control for a dgtal camera, and one-touch sharng lets you transfer your photos and vdeos from your camera. ether way, by nstallng PlayMemores Moble app to your NFC-enabled Androd smartphone or tablet, you can avod complex set-up sequences and establsh wreless connecton smply by touchng your devce to the camera. You are now ready to control your camera from your smartphone to take a photo from a prevously out-of-reach spot, or smply be n your own group shot, as well as transfer them nstantly to your smartphone for sharng on SNS. No NFC" No problem. You can also par the devces manually.

Supported n Capture One express (for Sony)

Capture One express (for Sony) s one of the world's best RAW converters, renderng precse colors and ncredble detal. t contans flexble dgtal asset management, all the essental adjustment tools and fast, responsve performance n one customzable and ntegrated soluton. * Please drect all nqures on purchase, usage and support on Capture One solutons to Phase One.

Works wth Move and Fnal Cut Pro X

Ths product s compatble wth Fnal Cut Pro X and Move.

Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera + 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens - Silver Specifications


Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera + 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens - Silver Reviews


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