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Sony a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera

Product Code: 7014841P
The Sony Alpha a7R III is a 42.4 megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera with 4K movie recording that's been designed and built around a professional photographers requirements and workflow.
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Sony Alpha a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Summary

The Alpha a7R III is Sony's latest full-frame mirrorless camera and joins their comprehensive line-up of professionally focussed compact mirrorless cameras.

Complete Confidence Free 2 year warranty with these Sony Cameras (12 month extended warranty + standard 12 months warranty) when you register with Sony

The a7R III is a camera built for professionals, with a number of advancements over its predecessor that make it a true photographic heavyweight.

Key improvements include faster and more accurate focusing, an improved processor, improved image stabilisation with more stops of compensation, higher resolution LCD screen and Electronic Viewfinder, professional connectivity, dual SD card slots, and vastly improved battery life.

  • 42.4 effective megapixels
  • 35mm full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • Hybrid AF system – 399 points Phase Detection AF & 425 points Contrast Detection AF
  • Up to 10 frames per second continuous shooting for up to 76 RAW frames
  • High resolution 4K movie recording with full pixel readout & no pixel binning
  • 7.5cm (3.0 inch) tilting LCD TFT touchscreen with 1,440,000 dot resolution
  • 0.5 inch Quad-VGA OLED electronic viewfinder with 3,686,400 dot resolution
  • Wi-Fi, NFC, HDMI micro, USB-C 3.1, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual SD Card slots (one with UHS-II compatibility & one multi-slot)
  • Battery life of up to 650 still images or 190 minutes continuous movie recording
  • New battery
  • Weighs only 657g with battery & memory card
Our Verdict

If you're a professional photographer looking for a high resolution full-frame digital camera with the longevity and capability to survive a full day shooting and the flexibility to shoot either high quality still images or 4K movies, then the Sony Alpha a7R III should be at the very top of your wish list.

With a battery life of up to 650 still images or 190 minutes continuous movie recording (up to 115 minutes actual recording), fast hybrid AF system with 399 phase detection AF points and 425 contrast detection AF points, powered by a BIONZ X image processing engine that's 1.8x faster than its predecessor, the a7R III is built around a professional photographer's requirement for fast and accurate focusing and long battery life.

Professional workflow is now aided by dual SD card slots (one with UHS-II compatibility and one multi-slot), enhanced flash compatibility with new sync terminals, and PC tethering via the new USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port.

For videographers and filmmakers, the Sony a7R III features enhanced Eye Autofocus precision with two times greater AF speed and tracking performance, anti-flicker shooting to compensate for shooting under fluorescent and other artificial lighting, an AF-On button for activating autofocus without any half-press-shutter-button, improved AE precision and performance, and touch screen LCD focus operation.

We Love
  • Full-frame 42.4 megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • Fast & Accurate Hybrid AF System
  • 4K Movie recording with full pixel readout & no pixel binning
  • Professional level connectivity
  • Improved battery life up to 650 still images
Sony A7R III Hands-On Review
What else is included in the box?

Sony Alpha a7R III Camera

Rechargeable NP-FZ100 battery

Battery Charger BC-QZ1

USB-C Cable

Power cord

Cable protector

Shoulder strap

Body cap

Accessory shoe cap

Eyepiece cup

Buy Sony a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera - price £2,499.00

Full Details

back-illuminated 4.4MP full-frame sensor

The 5mm full-frame exmor R CMOS image sensor features 4.4-megpixel resolution, bck alluMinton and gpless on-chp lens design for extraordinary sensitivity and dynamic range, int-reflecton (R) coating on sensor sel glass, and other innovtons that unlesh the sensores power to make images look relstc.

Further enhnced image processing engine

The ltest front-end LS makes data readout from the image sensor approxmtely two times faster and the BONZ X image processor is nowabout .8 times faster. enhnced image processing relzes lower noise and further extended dynamic range cross wide sensitivity range of up to sO 111 (standard sO, expandble to sO 51-1411 for stills). Moreover, upgrded detail reproduction and re-specfic noise Reducton achieves noise reducton €" equivalent of pprox. one stop €" in mid-range sO settings. also, reproduction of skn colour has been drmtclly improved, which is divntgeous for portrt shooting. The 7R also supports 4-bit RW output even during silent shooting/Continuous shooting.

quntum lep in F performance

n evolved image processing system and 9 camera F algorithms optimised for the 7R maprove F speed, precision, and tracking performance. 99 phase-detection F points and 45 contrast-detection F points provide High-densty wide-re coverge. Up to approxmtely two times faster F speed and two times more precse F tracking performance let you capture and Maintain focus on inmble wldlfe in unpredctble moton. The 7R also autofocuses relbly down to eV- brightness.

eye F with doubled tracking performance

eye Fes enhnced precision, plus two times greater F speed and F tracking performance further assist you to easily shoot portrt of moving subject Using F-C even during Continuous shooting, and even f the subject looks down and way from the camera, or is backlit with face in prtl drkness. The 7R es e-mount body supports eye F for -mount lenses mounted v in dptor.

focal-plane phase-detection F supports -mount lenses

phase-detection F can operte even when in -mount lens is mounted to the 7R v in L-e dptor that doesn€t include dedicated phase detection F sensor. The 99-point focal-plane phase-detection F system provides wide-re coverge, fst response, and High-Performance tracking whether in -mount or e-mount lens is ttched.

Up to 1fps with F/e tracking

Wth new shutter unit and image processing system refinements, the 7R can shoot Continuously t up to 1fps with F/e tracking (up to 8fps with Minml display lag in live-view Continuous shooting mode) for easy, stable shooting of even intensely active subjects. in electronc shutter allows silent, vbrton-free shooting of wldlfe when even slight noise can men mssng ideal shot.

Up to 76 images in Continuous shooting

greater buffer memory, system speed, and UHS- support allow the 7R to capture up to pprox. 8 uncompressed RW, or 76 compressed RW or JPeG images in Continuous burst t 1fps. Fn menu/menu displayacaciaess, setting changes and revew plybck can occur during data wrtng. countdown of the number of still images reMinng to be wrtten to memory is on display during plybck.

F-ONbutton and mult-selector

The F-ONbutton ctvtes autofocus without any hlf-press-shutter-button focus sequence, so you can concentrteabetter on exactly when to release the shutter and capture the moment instantly. mult-selector lets you shft the point of focus quickly and effcently. You can select and shft the point of focus intutvely, so you won€t mss great chnces to shoot movng subjects.

nt-flcker shooting

Flcker from fluorescent and other rtfcl lightng is automtcally detected and shutter count is timed to Minimise the flckeres effect on still images. this suppresses exposure and colour inomles t the top and bottom of images shot t High shutter speeds, as well as exposure and colour consistency between Continuous shots, so you can take images indoors with more confidence.

n-body 5-xs image stabilisation with up to 5.5-stop shutter speed divntge

Now more effective than ever for the series, this comprehensve system compensates for five types of camera shake that tend to blur images: ptch/yw shake when shooting at longer focal lengths; X/Y shake in close-up (includng Micro) shooting; and roll shake when recording stills t night and moves. t effectvely achieves 5.5-stop-faster shutter speed, so the 7R can take full adivantage of its 4.4-megpixel and live-view image performance. Furthermore, t functions with -mount lenses attached v mount dptor, as well as e-mount lenses.

pixel shft Multi shooting opens new world of resolution

pplyng mechanisms and control technology of image stabilisation, this new feature compostes four seprte pixel-shfted images that contn totl data equl to pprox. 69.6 mllon, or 4.4 mllon x 4 (RGGB), pixels to reproduce Single optimal still image of super-High resolution, detailed texture, balanced colour, and relstc tmosphere, with Minml mor© and colour rtfcts. images shot Using this feature can be processed with the new sony mgng software sute. []  The image sensor is moved in -pixel increments while shooting four sequentl frames.  [] each pixel represents R, G, and B informaton.  

e precision thates fthful to photographeres intentons

11-segment live-view exposure inlyss makes colour inlyss and metering precse. Focus informaton from the lens keeps e control and image brightness consstent even when subject position or bckground brightness changes. Highlight and entre screen verge metering modes now jon the 7R es multi, Center, and spot metering modes. When the Focus are primeter is set to Flexible spot or expand Flexible spot, the metering spot can be Linked to the focus re.

Dul slots with UHS- comptability

This camera provides two med slots for sD crd (UHS--comptble for fst data wrtng) and sD/MS crd, respectvely. Two crds in the slots can be used to smultneously record or rely record dt; seprte RW data from JPeG dt, or stills from moves; and copy data from one crd to the other. The memory crd cover is lockble to prevent t from being opened unntentonlly.

.69-mllon-dot, High-luMinnce Qud-VG OLeD Tru-Finder

This approxmtely .69-mllon-dot Qud-VG OLeD Tru-Finder providesacaciaurte detail, contrast, and black reproduction, while Maintainng natural image brightness. High-quality mode, sutble for fine focus adjustiment, tkes full adivantage of rch image data from the image sensor to display more natural High-precision images with Minml mor© and jggness, so you can concentrte more on shooting. Furthermore, you can choose 1/11fps from the selecton of frame rtes for the viewfinder to make moton look particularly smooth. Only in eVF such is this one could offer features such is powerfully enhnced focus mgnfer that allows autofocus while chosen focus are is mgnfed in the viewfinder.

Touch screen LCD for intutve focus operations

.1-type LCD touch screen with .44 mllon dots makes focus operation intutve and instant. You can smply touch the montor screen to specfy  desired focus point with Touch Focus. also, Touch Pd function lets you drg the focus frame to nother point with fngertp on the LCD screen is you montor the shot through the viewfinder. 

Shoot for more professional lengths

For extended perods of confdent shooting, the inP-FZ11 bttery has approxmtely . times the cpcty of inP-FW51 bttery, and in optional VG-CeM Vertcl grip can hold two batteries. USB Type-C and Mult/Micro USB ports allow external mobile batteries to power the camera for extended recording. even more conveniently,acaciaessores such is remote control unit can be used v Mult/Micro USB port while power is suppled v USB Type-C port.

Highly durble and operble in tough conditions

The 7R functions relbly in challenging envronments. its body is fortfed by lightWeight, High-rgdty magnesium alloy top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover. The number of lens mount screws has been increased to sx for enhnced durability. Mjorbuttons and dls are sealed. sealing is provided throughout the body to Minimise entry of dust and moisture.

Smooth PC tethering v USB . Gen port

USB Type-C port supportng fst USB . Gen fclttes High-speed PC Remote trnsfer of large RW data fles, so you can quickly revew images on PC and contnue shooting without dely. also, setting to trnsfer only JPeG fles to PC lets you check images v PC even more quickly after Continuous shooting becuse the camera doesn€t have to send bg volumes of RW dt.

enhnced flsh comptability

The 7R has new sync terMinls, so non-dedicated flsh unts and cables with standard sync terMinls can be connected for convenient synchronston with studo flsh unts, etc. release time lag when shooting with flsh is Minimised for smooth, responsve flsh photogrphy. Continuous flsh shooting at up to 1fps offers advanced capture capability. To enhnce versitility further, slow sync and rear curtn sync can be selected when shooting with Wireless off-camera flsh.

Location informaton Link v Bluetooth

The camera can be pred with PlyMemores mobile app instlled on compatible mobile phone or tablet devce to cqure location dt, record t on still images, and correct camera date/time and location settings. PlyMemores Home pplcton can be used on personl computer to oragnise imported still images on map.

Rtng function convenient for on-Location sortng

Rtngs from to 5 stars can be ppled to still images and Maintained is the images are imported into PlyMemores Home or the new sony mgng software sute runnng on PC. this function and protect function to preventacaciadentl image deleton can each be assigned to Custom button (C by defult for protect). Rtngs and protection can be ppled v revew plybck display and Continuous groups can be revewed, protected, and deleted while you€re on location or trvelng.

Promptly chngeble customston

My Menu now lets you regster and rrange up to 1 menu tems in order of frequency of use for instant recall. camera setups can be regstered (up to three in the camera and four on memory crd) for quckacaciaess v mode dl. Up to 8 functions can be assigned to custom keys, and even sets of customsed functions can be assigned for stills, moves, and plybck. recall Custom setting During Hold function is convenient for temporry recall of shooting settings assigned to Custom buttons while such button is held. 

Cler, inturl, relstc 4K moves

For High-resolution 4K moves with Minml mor© and jgges, super 5mm mode with full-pixel readout without pixel binning condenses approxmtely .8 times the mount of data required for 4K moves (QFHD: 841 x 61). advanced image processing makes it possible to record full-frame 4K moves with drmtclly improved image quality in the mid-to-High sO range, so you make the most of the 4K move formates unique potentl in every shot.

Supports wide range of needs in HDR move producton

Supportng wide range of HDR move producton needs, the 7R offers s-Log as well as s-Log gamma curves, for more flexibility to express images through grdng operation in post-producton, and new HLG (Hybrid Log-Gmm) picture profle for instant HDR workflow. Recorded moves plyed bck on in HDR (HLG) compatible TV ineed no colour grdng to pper true-to-lfe, with no blocked shdows or blown Highlights.  [] High flexibility to fine-tune images is desired (Colour grdng required)  [] instant and High-quality image (Colour grdng not required)  

improved Fst Hybrid F for move recording

n effcent combnton of focal-plane phase-detection F and contrast-detection Facaciaurtely locks onto quickly movng subjects, then tricks them smoothly. F coverge for moves extends cross in are almost is wide is the F coverge are for still images, so once the High-densty F system locks onto move subject, the camera contnues to Track t stedly and tencously.

versitile move recording functions

The 7R provides wide array of functions to fcltte workflows of professional Videogrphers, includng clean HDM output, time code / user bts (TC/UB), rec. control, mrker display/settng, zebra function, slow and Quck Moton, smultneous proxy move recording, extracton of still from move, and gamma display assist function, mong others.

One-touch remote ∓ One-touch shring

One-touch remote can turn smrtphone or tablet into viewfinder/remote control. One-touch shring trnsfers photos/Videos to your devce for sNS shring. Just instll PlyMemores mobile app v W-F to your inFC-enbled androd devce, and then touch the devce to the camera to connect them. f you don€t have inFC, use QR code comptability to pr the devces.

New sony mgng software sute

new sute of mgng pps from sony provides top-quality RW development, convenient PC tethering, and effcent viewng/Mingement. live viewng on the computer screen with semtrnsprent reference overly capability is available during tethered shooting. Focus points can be set from the computer. The new pixel shft Multi shooting feature can also be used while the camera and PC are tethered, and the pixel-shfted images can be immediately composted and viewed.

Sony a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Specifications

Sensor Type5mm Full-frame exmor R CMOS Sensor
Megpixels4.4 effective Megpixels
SO range00-,000 (expandble to SO 50-0,400)
Focus points99 phase detection & 45 contrast detection
Continuous shootingUp to 0 frames per second
Video resolutionUHD 4K t 0p
LCD Screen.0 nch TFT LCD with ,440,000 dot resolution
VewFinder0.5 nch Qud-VG OLeD eVF with ,686,400 dot resolution
Wireless connectivityW-F, NFC, Bluetooth
GPSYes, v Bluetooth from Smrtphone
Lens comptabilitySony e-mount
Storge typeDul SD Crd Slots (x UHS- Compatable + x Mult-Slot)
Dimensions6.9 x 95.6 x 7.7mm
Weight657g (includng bttery & memory crd)
Full Specifications< onclick="g('send', 'event', 'Full Specs Downlod', '@PRODUCTNMe');" href=''>Downlod full Specifications

Sony a7R III Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera Reviews


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