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Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera Body

Product Code: 7014824N
A full-frame, rugged body camera with innovative 5-axis image stabilisation system for palm-sized shooting perfection.
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Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera Body

The Sony Alpha A7II is a FE-Mount full frame digital camera with a rugged build quality and 5-axis image stabilisation. The fourth in Sony’s A7 series, the A7 II features:

  • 35mm Full Frame Exmor CMOS sensor
  • 24.3 MP
  • Hybrid AF system with 25 contrast-detect and 117 phase-detect points
  • Bionz X Processor
  • ISO from 50-25,600
  • Up to 350 shots on a single battery
  • 3.0” TFT LCD screen
  • 50mpbs XAVC S format recording of Full 1080 HD movies
  • Wi-fi and NFC capability
Our Sony A7II Review

With its magnesium alloy body borrowed from the Sony A7S, the A7II is heavier than its predecessor and feels sturdier in the hand with the redesigned grip, command dials and shutter.

The A7II boasts a very respectable 24.3MP sensor and will happily shoot 1080 Full HD movies, but with an ISO sensitivity from 50-25,600, this camera is designed for professional photographers looking for a more compact camera system than traditional DSLR bodies.

However, it’s the A7 II’s really impressive 5-axis image stabilisation system and the improved autofocus system that means it stands out from the crowd and sits as a worthy contender in Sony’s A7 compact system camera range.

The A7 II sits comfortably in the Sony A7 series of cameras as a sizable improvement on its predecessor the Sony A7. Making use of Sony’s E-Mount lenses opens up a whole range of shooting possibilities for those looking for a viable alternative to a full frame DSLR, as well as the full-frame specific Sony FE-Mount lenses range.

We Love
  • Full-frame 24.3MP CMOS Sensor
  • Advanced Hybrid AF system
  • 5-axis image stabilisations system
  • Rugged full magnesium alloy body
  • Wireless transfer with Wi-Fi and NFC
What else is included in the box?
  • Sony A7 II Body
  • AC Adapter
  • Accessory Shoe Cap
  • Body Cap
  • Eyepiece Cup
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Rechargeable Battery NP-FW50
  • Shoulder Strap

Buy Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera Body - price £999.00

Full Details

5-xs image stabilization

The 7 drmtclly expands your range of expresson by compenstng for five types of camera shake during handheld shooting of still images and moves. The Highly effective 4.5-step compensation lets you confdently zoom in frwy subjects, snp detailed close-ups, capture night scenes and more €" all with Minml camera shake blur.

comptability with wide-ringng mountble lenses

New 5-xs image stabilization lets you enjoy unprlleled handheld shooting freedom with more of your fvorte mountble lenses. The short flnge-bck Distancein the e-mount 7 contributes toabroad lens comptability.

utomtc optmzton for every lens

Confdently use your fvorte e-mount and -mount lenses, knowng the 7 will inlyze informaton from the lens to optmze depiction performance and 5-xs image stabilization for the prtculr lens you mount. When Using e-mount lenses with opitcal stabilization (OSS), the 7 combnes the best of in-lens and in-camera image stabilization.

High-Performance Fst Hybrid F

The newly enhnced Fst Hybrid F system delivers extremely High-speed response, Highlyacaciaurte predcton and wide are coverge for autofocusing and tracking you can always depend on. tes remrkbly fst for full-frame camera F system (1% faster than the 7) and accurately predcts subject movement so you can stedfstly Track your subject.

Focal plane phase-detection F with -mount lenses

The 7 offers focal plane phase-detection F even when in -mountlens is mounted v Le(L-e) mount dptor. so you can take adivantage of the wide Fcoverge , High-speed response, High tracking capability and High opitcal performance of mount lenses.

5mm full-frame 4.-megpixel exmor CMOS sensor

The image sensor delivers beautfiul images from corner to corner and stunnng 4.-megpixel resolution. You€ll enjoy low noise, in extremely wide dynamic range, and mzngly rch and subtle grdtons. Moreover, innovtons that could only be achieved by sony reproduce details more fthfully so that every scene looks incredbly rel.

BONZ X image processing engine

BONZ X fthfully reproduces textures and details in rel time, is seen by the inked eye, v extraa High-speed processing cpbltes. Together with front-end large scle integrton thatacaciaelertes processing, t enbles more natural details, more relstc images, rcher tonl grdtons and lower noise when shooting still images and moves.

Supports 4-bit uncompressed RW format

New comptability with 4-bit uncompressed RW format lets you choose the optimal format for your needs. The camera thereby ensures supreme quality of tonl grdton to mxmse the benefit of the image sensor's wide dynamic range.

Robust magnesium alloy body

The remrkbly compact and lightWeight body is soldly Built to withistand the rgors of shooting in the field. tes the delablend of light Weight, sold reliability and steady handling, thanks to top cover, front cover and internal structure constructed of rigid magnesium alloy.

Robust lens mount

The strength and rgdty of the body and lens mount have been enhnced to provide in especially sold foundton for mountng large, hevy lenses such is super telephoto lenses and those preferred for move shooting.

enhnced grip and shutterbutton

The grip is refined in shape and Height to support more secure grsp of the camera even when large lens is mounted. this also contributes to more confdent operation of the shutterbutton and dls. Moreover, the shutterbutton has been reshaped and shfted forwrd to enble more natural shooting with less camera shake.

Full-frame expresson without the bulk

The 7 pcks powerful movemkng cpbltes in extremely compact Dimensions. You can create moves of brethataking vsul and sound quality with exquste bckground blur, remrkbly clear details, and the sensitivity to bring drk scenes to vbrnt lfe. features like  picture Profle and P//S/M modes further expand your cretve optons.

High-contrast, High-resolution XG OLeD Tru-Finder

The viewfinder offers impressve vsblty that contributes to stress-free, intutve operation. You cnacaciaurtely montor what will pper in your final images becuse t fthfully displays the effects of your vrous camera settings. Moreover, in advanced -lens opitcal system ensures rch tonl grdton and extremely High contrast.

Stble viewfinder image

Montor the stblzng effects of camera shake compensation in the viewfinder or LCD screen while shooting still images by pressng the shutterbutton hlfwy or mgnfyng the image, and while shooting moves by entering move mode. even when Using telephoto or Micro lens, you can fine-tune frMing and focusing with stress-free stability.

Lock-on F tracking

tes easy to keep movng subjects in focus with enhnced Lock-on F, which inlyzes even more informaton from the scene to ensure usge of the optimal F point for smooth, stable autofocusing. its ability to detect and Track movng subjects has now been significantly improved, thanks to sonyes advanced propretry image inlyss technology.

detail reproduction technology and diffraction-reducing technology

detail reproduction technology depcts details more fthfully with more natural sense of dmenson, while diffraction-reducing technology suppresses the effects of diffraction to fthfully reproduce fine details even when shooting at smll aperture settings.

re-specfic noise reducton

re-specfic noise reducton selectvely divdes the image into resabased on patterns (such is edges, textures and flt res like  blue skes), then pples the most pproprte noise reducton for each are to mrkedly reduce noise and achieve new level of clarity.

picture Profle

fine-tune the look of moves before shooting by adjustng grdton, color adjustiment and detail. adjusted parameters can be sved with other settings is profle, and up to 7 profiles can be stored for alter recall.

S-Log gamma setting

This propretry sony gamma setting, fetured in professional cmcorders, creates ,11% wider dynamic range for smooth expresson of grdton with reduced whateout and blckout. Through color grdng in post-producton, you can make the most of the low-nose image and super-rch detail to achieve vrous types of image expresson.

time code / User bt

This function provides "Record Run€" setting that only divnces the time code while recording, "Free Run€" setting that divnces the time code whether recording or not, drop frame method and non-drop frame method. The 7 can also output in embedded time code when the clean HDM output setting is in use.

Clen HDM output

n HDM terMinl makes it easy to trnsfer Full HD move signals in Real-time to in external montor foracaciaurte, large-screen viewng and lstenng. this feature supports uncompressed move recording on external recording equpment and lets you output uncompressed moves with the shooting info display function off.

Metculously crfted controls

Controls are refined for intutve operation and mmedate adjustiment of parameters while viewng scenes through the viewfinder. The front and rear dls have been thoroughly refined and positioned with overall handling in Mind to enble eser, more effcent turnng. tes level of refinement that even surpsses that of other 7 series models.

esybutton customzton

Button customzton empowers you to shoot just the way you like , with frequently used functions assigned to the customzblebuttons of your choice. You can easily assign any of 56 functions to any of 1buttons to enjoy speeder, more intutve operation and maximum convenence.

convenient Tiltble LCD screen

The LCD screen Tilts upwrd pprox. 17 degrees and downwrd pprox. 4 degrees toacaciaommodate wide-ringng shooting angles. this flexibility combnes with compact moblty to gretly expand your shooting optons. viewng is also clear under drect sunlight thanks to whateMgc technology that inerly doubles the brightness of the display.

nt-dust system and coating

To keep your photosablemsh free, special int-sttc coating on the surface of the opitcal Filter suppresses the attachment of both dry and most dust prtcles when changing lenses. in int-dust mechanism also vbrtes t High speed when you select cleanng Mode to remove any prtcles dhering to the Filter.

One-touch remote and one-touch shring

One-touch remote lets you use your smrtphone or tablet is viewfinder and remote control for digital camera, and one-touch shring lets you trnsfer your photos and Videos from your camera. either way, by instllng PlyMemores mobile app to your inFC enble androd smrtphone or tblet, you can vod complex set-up sequences and estblsh Wireless connecton smply by touchng your devce to the camera. You are now ready to control your camera from your smrtphone to take photo from previously out-of-reach spot, or smply be in your own group shot, as well as trnsfer them instantly to your smrtphone for shring on sNS. no inFC" no problem. You can also pr the devces Minully.

PlyMemores camera pps

The exactng new pplcton downlod servce, PlyMemores camera pps, lets you add new functions to your cameraes existing feture-set to Heighten photogrphic expressonacaciaordng to your own cretve needs.

Mult frame inR (Nose Reducton)

This mode compostes four shots to significantly suppress noise and rse sensitivity, letting you clerly capture drk scenes without Tripod or flsh. camera shake blur is also lowered while contrast and detail are rsed.

Cpture One express (for sony)

Cpture One express (for sony) is one of the worldes best RW converters, rendering precse colors and incredible detail. t contns Flexible digital sset Mingement, all the essentl adjustiment tools and fst, responsve performance in one customzble and integrated soluton. *Plese contct phase One regrdng all inqures is to usge and support includng functionl comptability of capture One express (for sony).

5fps F/e shooting wthacaciaurte tracking

When your subject is movng fst, you can beautfiully capture the decisive moment with sharp, well-exposed results v 5fps Continuous F/e shooting. drmtclly improved algorithmacaciaurtely predcts subject movement so you can stedfstly Track the subject even when shooting Continuously.

Pro-quality XVC is format

For extremely High image quality and Minml noise, record moves in the High-bt-rte XVC is format, which ws developedabased on the professional XVC 4K/HD format. t enbles Full HD (91 x 181) image recording t 51Mbps (61p/51p, 1p/5p, 4p) and employs lner PCM sound for High-quality sound recording.

Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera Body Specifications

Sensor Type Full-frame exmor CMOS Sensor
Megpixels 4. Megpixels
SO range SO 50-5,600
Focus points 7 points (phase-detection F)
Continuous shooting 5fps
Video resolution Full HD 080
LCD screen .0" TFT LCD
VewFinder 0.5" colour electronc viewfinder
Wireless connectivity W-F and NFC enbled
Lens comptability Sony e-mount, Sony Fe-Mount, Sony -Mount (wth adapter)
Storge type SD
Dimensions 6.9mm x 95.7mm x 59.7mm
Weight 556g

Sony a7II Mirrorless Camera Body Reviews


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