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Sony ZV-1 Vlog Digital Camera

Product Code: 7014200K
The new compact Sony ZV-1 is made perfectly for vlogging due to the vari-angle LCD screen and recording lamp for selfie-shooting. Combined with the new grip, the body provides safe and easy operation.
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Product Summary

Sony's Vlog Camera ZV-1 is designed for vlogging and content creation as it provides professional image quality with its 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor. The vari-angle LCD screen combined with the newly added grip to the body provides safe and solid holding, making selfie-shooting easy.

Soft Skin Effect allows for natural skin tones and optimised brightness for faces. A directional 3-capsule mic and wind shield is supplied with this camera for recording high sound quality. The ZV-1 vlog camera comes with a Product Showcase Setting for perfect product review videos and Bokeh Switch for easy background blur control. Also featuring Sony's innovative Real-time Eye AF technology, the ZV-1 camera locks on and tracks people's eyes, even when shooting 4K movies.

Specifications include:

Vari-angle screen, selfie-shooting is easy on the compact Sony ZV-1, and allows you to check the framing while shooting. Because the screen is side-opening, it doesn't interfere with an external mic attached to the Multi Interface Shoe when shooting selfies.

The newly added grip to the body provides safe and solid holding, and for selfies, you can comfortably hold the grip using your thumb.

A recording lamp also features on the front face of the body - the lamp glows while recording, providing an at-a-glance indication of movie recording and eliminating the possibility of accidentally failing to record.

Soft Skin Effect is effective on the Sony ZV-1 camera, even when movie shooting. The Soft Skin Effect reduces skin wrinkles and marks while preserving the sharpness of eyes and mouths, and can be selected from the four settings OFF / LO / MID / HI according to your desired level of smooth skin effect.

In addition, based on wide-ranging investigations of skin tones, hues are reproduced that make the subject look healthy and natural, irrespective of age, gender, or ethnicity.

Skin tones are optimised for both movies and stills to deliver ideal subject emphasis when using your vlogging camera for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

Finally, an original face priority AE algorithm - capable of rapid AE transitions - detects the face and adjusts the exposure to ensure it is depicted at optimal brightness, even during selfie-shooting scenes with large light-dark changes.

High sound quality recording technology nurtured on Sony's advanced video camera models is deployed on the Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1. Improved sound gathering performance and noise reduction are realised by 3 mic capsules for clear sound recording at high density. Recorded sound is of high quality - close to the original - with fantastic stereo impression. In addition, a genuine wind screen that greatly reduces wind noise is supplied. Attaching this wind screen to the MI shoe reduces noise in windy outdoor conditions to allow clear recording of the speaker's voice.

Bokeh Switch (C1), a fully-open or F5.6 can be switched on, so even without a deep knowledge of cameras and video, you can obtain the blurred background effect you desire on this Sony camera.

Another simple operation of the Product Showcase Setting enables the focus to shift rapidly from your face to a product. This is assigned by default to the C2 custom button, so the appropriate settings can be recalled and applied with just one touch for convenient creation of product review videos.

Real-time Eye AF allows you to get leading-edge movie AF for vlogging! Developed for the interchangeable-lens camera Alpha series, Real-time Eye AF locks on and tracks subjects with high accuracy and speed. It uses AI-based subject recognition technology to detect eye information in real-time, allowing people's eyes to be recognised and tracked, even when shooting 4K movies.

Our Verdict

With the ZV-1, Sony have made a camera that is aimed at vloggers, content creators and YouTubers. Whether you're established or looking to start, this camera makes it incredibly easy to just head out and create content. It's packed full of features that make your life easier from the built in ND filter, image stabilisation and real-time eye autofocus through to the big improvements to sound with the microphone and windsock.

Sony has clearly focused on quality of life features with this camera and it makes a big difference to the kind of experience you will have when using it. It's very easy to head out with just this camera and have everything you need to start filming whatever you want.

We Love
  • The hugely improved built in microphone (with windsock!) makes vlogging super easy. It frees you up to think about the vlog rather than anything else.
  • Sony's real-time eye autofocus and real-time tracking makes focusing a breeze. Whether you're taking a selfie, vlogging or taking a portrait, you'll never have to worry whether you've nailed the focus.
  • The built in ND filter means that even on sunny days, you'll be able to capture the footage you want without sacrificing depth of field or shutter speed.
  • Improved image stabilisation makes vlogging handheld totally usable.
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