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Sony DSC HX99 Digital Camera

Product Code: 7013960K
The world's smallest camera with 24-720mm zoom, the HX99 goes wherever the action is.With its ZEISS lens and high-level features like Fast Intelligent AF and responsive Eye AF, it delivers remarkable performance in any setting
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Sony HX99 Compact digital camera

Powerful zoom and serious performance

Despite its super-compact size, the HX99 delivers high-quality images and outstanding performance, incorporating high-level features like 24-720mm  4K video recording, fast and precise AF, plus a high-contrast OLED electronic viewfinder, handy control ring and tiltable LCD touch screen for easy operation.

Designed for users who want an unobtrusive camera that can be carried at all times, the new models are packaged in the world's smallest body and offer a truly versatile zoom range from 24mmi at the wide end up to 720mm super-telephoto. In addition to stunning 4K movie footage,at the heart of both models sits the powerful BIONZ X image processing engine combined with a front-end LSI that delivers high-speed continuous shooting at up to 10 fps with a buffer limit of up to 155 images. Furthermore, these new models present a fast AF speed of 0.09 seconds. Some newly added features are Eye AF, RAW format image recording, touch focus/touch shutter function, and location data acquisition via Bluetooth.

ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-720mm High Magnification Zoom and High Image Quality Lens

The huge zoom range offered by the HX99 and HX95 means that they are ideally suited to the varied demands of travel photography and capturing daily life. Image stabilisation is controlled with Optical SteadyShot™ which effectively negates the camera shake blur that often occurs during handheld and telephoto shooting. The models are also equipped with a Zoom Assist function that allows the user to zoom out temporarily and displays a wider area when shooting a subject at the telephoto end.

Processing Power

The HX99 can capture 4K video footage with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. This means that fine details are beautifully rendered and ‘moiré' and ‘jaggies' are significantly reduced. The new models can shoot fast-moving subjects withhigh-frame rate HD recording at up to 100fps to produce impressive slow-motion sequences during editing.

As the perfect picture often occurs unexpectedly, photographers need to be able to trust their camera to react quickly. With a Fast Intelligent AF speed of just 0.09 secondsvi and an upgraded BIONZ X processor and front-end LSI, the HX99 are a perfect fit, delivering high speed continuous shooting at up to 10fps (buffer limit of up to 155 images). For beautifully focused portraits, the new models inherit the much praised Eye AF technology from their ™ siblings and for photographers who prefer to enhance their photos with image editing software, the HX99 offer the option to shoot in RAW. Fading light? A maximum ISO6400 means that this isn't a concern.

Intuitive and Comfortable Operation

Embracing feedback from users of the HX90 series, Sony has implemented Touch Focus and Touch Shutter functionality on the HX99 so that the photographer can directly select their shooting subject and fire whilst also implementing a Touch Pad function for smooth focus point shifting while using the retractable OLED Tru-Finder™. For those who wish to take command of their settings, the Control Ring of the HX99 can be customised with functions such as manual focus or step zooming and both HX99 also offer My Menu personalisation for instant recall of up to 30 items and the ability to create custom menus.

A 180-degree tiltable LCD screen allows for easy framing of selfies and group shots whilst an upgraded gripx offers a firm hold and greater stability during shooting. Location data acquisition via Bluetooth can collect and record location data from a mobile device (Location Information Link) and small size Proxy recording allows transfers to smartphones or uploading to websites for quick sharing.

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picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

The world's smallest camera with wide zoom range

Covering the range from wide-aangle 4mm to telephoto 71mm, the HX99 is the perfect camera for everythng from memorable travel photos to everyday snapshots. The ZeSS® Varo-Sonnar T* lens delivers superb image qualty all across the zoom range, and the Clear image Zoom feature allows further magnification of the subject (up to 441mm) while preservng High resolution.  [] 4mm  [] 71mm  [] 441mm

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

exmor R™ and BONZ X™ delver superb image qualty

The HX99 s image sensor &midash; an 8. megapixel (effectve) back-Illuminated CMOS sensor &midash; works with the advanced BONZ X image-processing system to delver superb image qualty, even for fine textures and detals. with a range of sO81-6411 (expanded), even dimly lit scenes can be beautfully shot, while colour-reproduction maprovements produce inatural-lookng skn tones.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

4K moves recorded with full pixel readout

The HX99 is the first in the HX-series to record 4K Video (QFHD, 841 x 61 pixels). High qualty 4K Video is achieved with a full sensor pixel readout, and no pixel binning - collectng approxmately .6x as much informaton as is required. this oversamplng effect results in images of outstanding resolution with reduced moré and jagges.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Fast intellgent AF to capture decisive moments

The camera adopts Fast intellgent AF Using High-speed, Highly accurate contrast-detection autofocus. t achieves focus by Minmsng wasted lens moton, predctng AF range and acceleratng the lens drive, maprovng response so you can capture even more fleetng moments.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

eye AF feature for perfect portrat shots

The camera s sophstcated eye AF feature can be actvated to automatically detect and focus on the eyes of the man subjects in your shots. t rapdly and accurately detects eyes even under difficult conditions, such as when the subject is lookng downward or when faces are backlt or dimly lt.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Continuous shooting at up to 1 frames per second

t s possible to perform High-speed Continuous shooting at up to 1 frames per second. even when image brightness changes during Continuous shooting, the camera automatically adjusts to provide optmal exposure. Continuous-shot images can also be dsplayed, deleted and protected in groups.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

image stabilisation with Optical steadyShot™

Useful for handheld shooting and when shooting at telephoto zoom settings, even with High magnification, the camera s Optical steadyShot feature is Designed to stablse the image and effectvely reduce camera shake by relyng on a High-performance gyro-sensor and a specalsed aalgorithm. Because this is an Optical function, image stabilisation is performed without lowering resolution.  [] steadyShot OFF  [] steadyShot ON

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Clear, easy-to-operate OLeD Tru-Finder™

The High-contrast OLeD Tru-Finder is far brighter than conventonal electronc viewfinders. t dsplays real-time prevew and shooting informaton, so what you see on-screen is exactly what you get in your shot. The viewfinder is easly retractable, for portablty, safety, and convenence.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Control ring for advanced photography

The convenient lens-mounted control ring allows you to operate pro-style manual controls such as selectng shutter speed, aperture, and more for added creatve control &midash; so there’s no ineed to compromise your vson because of the camera’s compact Size.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Touch Focus and shutter

Wth Touch Focus you can smply touch the LCD at the point of the image you want to focus on, for both still and Video capture, so you can intutvely focus on subjects even at the edge of the frame without refraMing. The shutter can also be operated by touchng the LCD screen.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Touch Pad AF

When Using the viewfinder, use Touch Pad AF to shft focus smoothly and easly, smply by sldng your fnger across the LCD screen.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

81 ° Tiltable LCD screen for Flexible composition

The High-resolution .1-nch type screen with Tilt capablty is perfect for takng selfes and fraMing low-aangle shots. You can use t in varous shooting positions for greater flexibility in capturing creatve compositions.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Zoom Assst

f you lose track of a movng subject while fraMing with zoom, the Zoom Assst function makes it easy to fnd t agan. Program t to the C (custom)button, then smply push and hold t to automatically zoom out, fnd and frame your subject agan, then release thebutton. The camera quickly zooms back to the orgnal focal length, so you can resume shooting athe subject.

RAW format recording

n order to give users far greater control over the fnal appearance of ther photos, the HX99 provides RAW-format image recording as an opton. with this format all the data from the sensor is preserved, so exposure, brightness, white balance and other aspects of the image can be easly adjusted Using image-edtng software.

High-frame rate HD Video recording of fast-movng subjects

When you re shooting moves you can capture fast-movng subjects with High-frame rate HD recording at up to 1p (NTSC) or 11p (PAL), to produce impressve slow-moton sequences during edtng. The High btrate, up to 11Mbps6, ensures detaled images.

Proxy data recording for easer 4K Video sharing

Whle recording full-resolution 4K Video, the camera can also capture a low-btrate proxy fle that s lighter and easer to handle. this makes it easy to upload and share the images soon after shooting athem, enablng easer onlne collaboration.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Lock-on AF for enhanced photo opportuntes

Lock-on AF captures and contnues trackng movng subjects. t automatically adjusts the AF target frame Size to match the subject Size, maproves trackng performance, and helps you take full adivantage of every photo opportunty.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

A framer grip for steader shots

The camera s grip is Designed toabetter ft your hand, makng t easer to hold in order to provide stablty, despte the camera s compact Size. t provides more stable fraMing of handheld shots and reduced camera shake, for steady shots even when held in one hand.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

nternal pop-up flash

The camera s Built-n, manual pop-up flash feature enables varous modes of flash photography. slow sync is useful for shooting atmospherc night portrats, Rear sync lets you creatvely express moton, and the Autoflash setting automatically deterMines whether the flash is inecessary.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

My Menu your way

Wth My Menu, you can regster menu tems for instant recall, and create custom menus. The menu screen has been redesigned, and you can make function assgnments for up to 1 tems to retool the camera interface accordng to your shooting preferences.

convenient on-locaton ratng and sortng

Rate and protect your images in the field, with a convenient Custom button assgnment. Ratngs, from to 5 stars, can be revewed when images are imported to your PC Using PlayMemores Home™ or the new sony magng edge software, for fast sortng of even large image lbrares.

New LCD power-savng mode

Wth the camera body power swtched ON, the LCD screen can be automatically swtched OFF (ether , 5 or 1 seconds after its last operation) to save power.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

One-touch remote/One-touch sharing

Wth one-touch remote, a smartphone or tablet functions as a montor/remote control. One-touch sharing transfers photos/Videos to the devce. Just install a PlayMemores mobile™ app va W-F® to an inFC-enabled Androd™ devce, then touch the devce to the camera to connect them. QR code compatbility allows connecton with non-NFC smartphones.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

Geo-tag your images va Bluetooth®

Wth the Bluetooth® Locaton informaton Link you can easly geo-tag your images – perfect when travellng. smply par your camera to a compatble smartphone with the PlayMemores mobile app and your locaton data can be recorded together with each photo. The PlayMemores Home app can also be used on your PC to organse imported still images on a map.

picture of HX99 Compact Camera with 4-71mm zoom

magng edge software sute from sony

The magng edge software sute can maxmse image qualty, maprove producton effcency, and help you finely adjust RAW-based images. Use its “Remote” to remotely control shooting while monitoring scenes va live-view PC screen; "edt" to develop RAW data into High-qualty photos; and "Vewer" to view, rate, and select photos from a lst of shots.

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