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Quantum Turbo Slim Compact Battery

Product Code: 6359010C


High-voltage ultra-fast recycling for up to 400 full power flashes. In many situations, when using your flash in automatic / TTL mode, and where full power is unnecessary you can expect thousands of flashes.

Unbelievably small and compact: about the size of a 3-1/2x5" (9x12 cm) index card, only 1.3" (3.3cm) thick, weights less than a pound (0.4kg).

Works with most shoe-and handle-mounted professional-caliber flashes, and all Quantum Qflash T-series portable flashes.

Quantum's fuel gauge lights indicate remaining battery capacity or charging status. Never be caught again without sufficient flash power to capture those important shots.

Turbo SC is rechargeable up to hundreds of times, depending on age and use. Save hundreds of dollars on throw-away batteries, and help the environment.

Full Details

Turbo SC : Unlike other types of batteries the TURBO SC has no "memory". You can "top off" your TURBO SC at any time, or give it a quick charge to get a few more shots.

The Turbo SC is supplied with a belt clip and has fitting for an optional shoulder strap. It can also be conveniently mounted on a light stand or tripod, using the Quantum Battery Clamp (QBC).

A dual connector cable (QT48) is available to power two flashes simultaneously.

A Standard (100-240V) charger is included with the TURBO SC. Chargers are also available for many countries.

After long and/or frequent use, the internal battery can be replaced by Quantum Instruments at significant savings.

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