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Optech Connectors Mini QD Step-Up

Product Code: 6354274P


Optech Connectors Mini QD Step-Up

OP/TECH USA straps have always benefited from the ability to mix and match components by using the large selection of System Connectors, in order to build a completely customised strap. The Mini QD Step-Up combines the small Mini QD Loop with the standard ¾" quick disconnect. For small cameras with tight connection points, this new connector lets the user “step up" to a bigger OP/TECH USA strap if desired (ie. Utility Strap-Sling™, Super Classic Strap™-Uni Loop, Bino/Cam Harness, Double Sling, etc.). This is ideal for many of the mirrorless Micro 4/3 cameras, where you may want to use an existing OP/TECH USA strap or the Double Sling with the mirrorless camera on one side and a larger SLR on the other side. The Mini QD Step-Up can be used any place where one of the OP/TECH System Connectors Uni-Loop connectors is already being used. The thinner cord loop connection of the Mini QD Step-Up makes it possible to attach to tight connection points on a camera and gives you more versatility in your choice of camera. This allows for a quick change from a full-size DSLR camera to a smaller camera in just a few seconds!


  • Ideal for attaching compact cameras & binoculars to larger OP/TECH USA straps
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Length: Approx. 11.4cm (4.5")

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