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NanGuang LED Photo Light Kit 3 Heads Kit

Product Code: 6352000D
NanGuang LED Photo Light Kit (3 Heads Kit)


The NanGuang CN T96 is a small 3 head lighting kit which uses high efficiency LEDs and is ideal for online retailers and firms for producing quality images and videos of small products for websites.

This is a low cost package kit which gives flicker free soft illumination and is ideal for product photography.

Supplied in a carry case ready to use with 3 heads, stands and a mini photo table.



Main Features:

1. Number of LEDs: 96 per head

2. Average LED life: 50,000 hours

< />< />< style="box-sizing: border-box" b="" />Power source: 240V AC

4. Power: 19.2 W

5. Illumination: 1250 LM

6. Colour temperature: 5600K

7. CRI: 90

8. Dimensions: each head 140x205x50mm. Dimensions of kit in carry case 730 x 470 x 125mm Dimensions mini photo table: Overall size 850 x 550mm

9. Weight: Approx 600g (each head)

10. Weight of full kit: 4 kg

11. Package: CNT96 Kit with a fitted case, 3 heads, foldable mini table, 5 background papers black, white, blue, yellow and pink, 2 mini stand bases, 1 mini tripod stand, 3 adjustable base connectors, 4 clips for paper backgrounds< />< />

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