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Nissin i40 Flash Gun (Sony)

Product Code: 6351958P


Nissin i40 Digital Flash

The small and lightweight Nissin i40 mini flash, is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, suitable for family shooting, indoor/ outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling.

Professional functions featured on this flash include;

  • Wireless TTL mode
  • Supports up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed
  • Flash output of GN40 at 105mm
  • Video light function with 9 steps of output level adjustment
  • Simple operation panel with two selector dials to operate the flash
  • Flash head tilts up and rotates horizontally to right and left for making bounced lighting more versatile by utilizing more angles

Included with the Nissin i40 is a softbox. When using the softbox, you'll find it softens the flash and reduces shadows.

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