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Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip for KP

Product Code: 5150206E
D-BG7 Battery Grip for KP


Designed for exclusive use with the PENTAX KP, this battery grip features a dustproof, weather-resistant structure, and provides an extra set of control buttons (shutter release, AF/AE lock, exposure compensation/Fx3, and green), and a pair of electronic dials to facilitate vertical-position shooting. It comes with the Grip L for improved handling when a telephoto or large-aperture lens is mounted on the camera.


In addition to the exclusive D-LI109 Lithium-ion Battery, it can also be powered by the large-capacity D-LI90 Lithium-ion Battery (a dedicated battery tray included), which is used to power the PENTAX K-1 and K-3II digital SLR cameras.

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