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Canon EOS M3 Compact System Camera + EF-M 18-55mm IS STM Lens

Product Code: 1013123G
The EOS M3 delivers the performance of a DSLR and the portability of a compact camera.


Canon EOS M3 Compact System Camera + EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens

The Canon EOS M3 pulls some of the best features of their DSLR cameras into a much more portable body so that you can get great shots wherever you are!

Within the camera you’ll find an APS-C sized 24.2 megapixel sensor and an auto focusing system that is over 6x quicker than the original EOS M. When using the camera, you’ll find the autofocus locks on quickly and accurately – you can even tap the tilting rear LCD screen to focus on your subject.

  • Superb image quality, even in low light, from a 24.2-megapixel DSLR-type sensor
  • Be as hands on as you like, with advanced controls and a range of creative modes
  • Responsive performance you’ll love, powered by DIGIC 6 processing
  • Autofocus locks on quickly and confidently for pin-sharp results
  • Connect wirelessly to your smartphone or Wi-Fi network for easy image backup and remote camera control*
  • Capture fast action at 4.2 frames-per-second
  • Creative Assist allows easy camera control. Preview adjustments in real time, and save and share your favourite camera settings
  • Shoot still photos and movie footage together with Hybrid Auto
  • Swap lenses and take a different view. Plus, access over 70 EF and EF-S lenses via a lens adapter
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface gives you instinctive camera control
  • Get creative with movies too. There’s plenty of manual control and an external microphone socket delivers a great soundtrack.
Our Verdict

The EOS M3 is an easy to use compact system camera that enables you to get as creative as you like, shooting on auto or using some of the advanced controls and creative modes. The touch screen allows you to focus on your subject quickly and easily, and Wi-Fi allows you to share you photos and use the camera remotely quickly and easily.

We Love
  • Fast, sharp autofocus
  • Compact and portable design
  • Wi-Fi & NFC technology allows simple sharing with smartphones and tablets

Buy Canon EOS M3 Compact System Camera + EF-M 18-55mm IS STM Lens - price £399.00

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Full Details


Freedom of expresson
Powerful yet portable. Cretve and convenient. The eOS M delivers the performance of DSLR and the portability of compact camera. enjoy great photogrphy wherever you re.

Cpture stunnng detail
Cpture photos and moves that are pcked with detail, colour and tmosphere - even in low-light conditions - thanks to in PS-C Sized 4.-megpixel CMOS sensor and sO up to ,811 (expandble to 5,611).

Portable DSLR power
Wth compact, lightWeight and stylsh body thait's plesure to crry, the eOS M puts all the power of DSLR, complete with interchngeble lenses,arght by your side.

User-frendly touch interfce
Use the wrd-wnnng ergonomc interface with intutve touch screen (,141k sRGB dots) to focus and shoot with Single tp, invgte menus and view images with ese. The screen Tilts up through 81˚ (del for selfes) and down by 45˚ for High-angle shooting.

Be spontneous. enjoy fst, responsve focusing
Rect instnctvely to the moment and catch fst movng count with ese thanks to Continuous full resolution shooting at 4. frames-per-second - even when shooting in RW.

Fast, sharp autofocus
Focus up to 6.x faster than the original eOS M thanks to divnced Hybrid CMOS F . autofocus locks on quickly and accurately for pn-sharp results with 49 F points spred out cross the frame, covering 81 percent of the frame vertclly and 71 per cent horizontally.

effortless shring
Shring your cretvty is smple. You can easily trnsfer images and moves to smrtphone, tablets of the Canon Connect stton Using W-F and inFC, for quck uplodng to socl inetworks or wtchng on bg screen TV.

Remote shooting
it's easy to include yourself in group shots or shoot wldlfe photos without dsturbnce Using your smrt devce is Wireless remote control. You can capture images, chnge setting and even see what the camerais seeng to capture the perfect shot.

Smple image bck up
Bck up your precous new images Wirelessly to wherever you want in the cloud Using image sync and synchronse to your personl computer and smrtphone.

Cretve ssst
Unlesh your inner rtst with Cretve ssst, which gves you easy control over camerasettngs v the touch-screen. You can prevew your adjustiments in rel time, lern how they trnslte into trdtonl camerasettngs and even sve and shre your fvourte settings.

Full manual control
take full expert level control any time you like  with features such is the ergonomclly plced Front Dl, in exposure compensation dl and extensve custom functions to sut your shooting style. shoot in 4-bit RW for divnced post shot edtng.

expand your system
Chnge your lens and see the world from different point of view. Choose from the eF-M lens range or use one of over 71 lenses Designed for eOS DSLRs v the Mount adapter eF-eOS M. add other optionalacaciaessores such is eOS speedlte flshes, in electronc viewfinder or external Microphone.

Shoot moves like  you shoot photos
Crete superb Full HD (181p) moves t 1fps in map4 format with fst, smooth autofocus thanks to the divnced Hybrid CMOS F . Touch F in moves lets you create smooth, cnemtc pull-focus effects, and manual Focus Pekng shows sharp res of the scene.

Canon EOS M3 Compact System Camera + EF-M 18-55mm IS STM Lens Specifications




. x 4.9mm CMOS

effectve pixels

approx. 4. megpixels

Totl pixels

approx. 4.7 megpixels

spect Rto


Low-pass Filter


Sensor cleanng

eOS integrated cleanng system

Colour Filter Type

Prmry Colour





Lens Mount

eF-M (eF and eF-S lenses Compatable v Mount adapter eF-eOS M)

Focal Length

equivalent to .6x thefocallength of the lens

mge stabilisation

enble/Dsble image stablizer on Compatable lens

Dynmc S available with Compatable lenses



Hybrid CMOS F System. phase detection pixels Built onto mgng sensor[4]

F System/ points

49 F points (maximum)[5]

F Working range

eV -8 (t C, SO 00, with eF-M mm f/ STM)

F Modes

One-Shot F and Servo F

F  point Selecton

utomtc selecton (Fce+tracking), manual selecton (-pont F)

Selected F point dsply

ndcted on LCD montor

F Lock

Locked when shutter button s pressed hlf way or customisable e Lock Button

F assist Bem

v LeD assist bem

manual Focus

dedicated MF button (toggle F/MF). Select on cameramenu F+MF (manual focus after One-Shot).

MF Pekng vlble


Metering modes

Real-time metering from the image sensor

() evlutve metering (84 zones)

() Prtl metering t center (approx. 0%)

() Spot metering (approx. %)

(4) Center Weighted verge metering

Metering range

eV -0 (t C, SO 00)

e Lock

uto: n One-shot F mode with evlutve metering exposure s locked when focus s achieved.

manual: By e Lock Button n cretve zone modes.

exposure Compenston

+/- eV n / stop increments (cn be combined with eB).


shots, +/- eV, /-stop increments

SO sensitivity (*)

UTO(00-800), 00-800 n / stop increments

SO can be expanded to H: 5600

During Move shooting: auto (00-6400), 00-6400 (n /-stop increments)



Hybrid Single blade Shutter (electronc first curtn and mechncl second curtn shutter)


0-/4000 sec (/ stop increments), Bulb (Totl shutter speed range. available range vres by shooting mode)

white balance


uto white balance with the mgng sensor


WB, Dylight, Shde, Cloudy, Tungsten, white Fluorescent light, Flsh, Custom.

white balance compenston:

. Blue/mber +/-9

. Mgent/ Green +/-9.

Custom white balance

Yes, setting can be regstered



optional electronc viewfinder eVF-DC

Depth of field prevew

Yes, v customisable buttons



Tilt type 7.5 cm (.0") sRGB ClerVew Touchscreen LCD (TFT). : spect rto. pprox. ,040,000 dots. n-cell cpctve type


approx. 100%

Vewng angle (horizontally/vertclly)

approx. 70

brightness adjustiment

djustable to one of five levels

Dsply Optons

Swtchble v NFO. Button

() Quck Control Screen

() Lvevew image no nformaton

() Lvevew image full nfo

(4) Lvevew image bsc nfo


Built-n Flsh GN (SO 00, meters)


Built-n Flsh Coverge

up to 8mmfocallength (5mm equivalent: 9mm)

Built-n Flsh recycle time

approx. seconds


uto, manual Flsh On/off, Slow Synchro

Red-eye Reducton

Yes - with red eye reducton lmp



Flsh exposure Compenston

+/- eV n / increments

Flsh exposure Brcketng

Yes, with Compatable external flsh

Flsh exposure Lock


Second Curtn Synchronston


HotShoe/ PC terMinl

Yes/ No

externl Flsh comptability

e-TTL with ex series Speedltes, Wireless mult-flsh support

externl Flsh Control

V cameramenu screen



Scene ntellgent auto mode (stills and Move), Cretve assist (stills and Move). Hybrid uto, SCN(Portrt, landscape, Close-up, Sports, handheld Nght Scene, Food), Cretve Filters (HDR, Fsh-eye effect, rt Bold effect, Wter Pntng effect, Minture effect (stills and Move), Toy cameraeffect, Soft Focus, Grny B/W), Program e , Shutter prorty e, aperture prorty e, manual, Custom)

Move modes: Move auto exposure, Move manual exposure

picture Styles

uto, standrd, Portrt, landscape, Neutrl, Fthful, Monochrome, User Defined (x)

Colour Spce


mge processing

Highlight Tone Prorty

uto lightng Optmzer (4 settings)

Long exposure nose reducton

High SO speed nose reducton (4 settings + Multi Shot NR)

uto correction of lens perpherl alluMinton and chromtc berrton

Cretve ssst:

Bckground Blur (5 settings)

brightness (9 levels)

contrast (9 levels)

Sturton (9 levels)

Color Tone (9 levels)

Monochrome (Off/ BW/ S (Sep)/ B (Blue)/ P (Purple)/ G (Green))

drive modes

Single, Continuous, Self timer (s, 0s, remote)

Continuous shooting

Mx. pprox. 4.fps for pprox. 000 JPeG imges, 5 imges RW [][6]

live view MODe


approx. 100% (horizontally and vertclly)

frame Rte

0 fps


manual Focus (Mgnfy the image 5x or 0x t ny point on screen plus MF Pekng)

utofocus: Hybrid CMOS F (Fce + tracking, -pont F)

Dsply Optons

Grd overly (x), Hstogram, electronc Level, Multi spect rtos


Stll image Type

JPeG: fine, Norml (exf .0 complnt) / design rule for cameraFle system (.0),

RW: RW (4bt, Canon original RW and edton),

digital Prnt Order format [DPOF] Verson . complnt

RW+JPeG smultneous recording

Yes, RW + vrous JPeG compresson possible

mge Size

RW: (:) 6000 x 4000, (4:) 58 x 4000, (6:9) 6000 x 76, (:) 4000 x 4000

JPeG :: (L) 6000 x 4000, (M) 40 x 880, (S) 880 x 90, (S) 04 x 56, (S) 70x480

JPeG 4:: (L) 58 x 4000, (M) 840 x 880, (S) 560 x 90, (S) 048 x 56, (S) 640x480

JPeG 6:9: (L) 6000 x 76, (M) 40 x 4, (S) 880 x 66 (S) 90 x 080, (S) 70 x 408

JPeG :: (L) 4000 x 4000, (M) 880 x 880, (S) 90 x 90, (S) 56 x 56, (S) 480x480

Move Type

MP4 [Video: mapeG-4 VC/H.64, udo: mapeG-4 C-LC (stereo)]

Move Size

Full HD - 90 x 080 (9.97, 5, .976 fps)

HD - 80 x 70 (59.94, 50 fps)

VG - 640 x 480 (9.97, 5 fps)

Minture effect - HD, VG - (6, , .5 fps)

Hybrid auto - HD - (0 fps)

Move Length

Mx durton 9Min 59sec, Mx fle Size 4GB


New folders can be automtcally created monthly or dly

Fle Numbering

() Consecutve numbering

() auto reset

OTHeR features

Custom functions

6 Custom functions with 7 settings ncludng 7 customisable buttons/controls

Metdt Tg

User copyrght nformaton (cn be set n camera) image rtng (0-5 strs)

ntellgent Orentton Sensor


Plybck zoom

.5x - 0x enbled n 0 steps

Dsply formats

() Single image with nformaton (customisable with 6 levels)

() Single mge

() ndex dsply (6//4/0  imges)

(4) Jump Dsply

Slide Show

Plybck time: /4/5/6/7/8/9/0/5/0 seconds

Repet: On/Off

Trnston effects: Off, Fde


brightness: Yes

RGB: Yes

Highlight lert


mge erse/protection

erse: Single mge, Selected imges, Selected range, all imges

protection: Selected imges, Selected range, all imges. Unprotect all imges

Menu Ctegores

() shooting menu (x5)

() Plybck menu (x4)

() Setup menu (x4)

(4) Custom functions menu

(5) My Menu

Menu Lnguges

5 Lnguges

englsh, GerMin, French, Dutch, Dnsh, Portuguese, Fnnsh, tln, Norwegn, Swedsh, Spnsh, Greek, Russn, Polsh, Czech, Hungrn, RoMinn, Ukrnn, Turksh, rbc, Th, Smplfed Chnese, Trdtonl Chnese, Koren and Jpnese

Frmwre Update

Update possible by the user.



H-Speed USB (Min-B Compatable)


Wireless LN (80.b/g/n), (.4 GHz only), with dynamic NFC support [7]

HDM output (Type-C/Min Compatable)

externl Microphone (.5mm stereo Min jck)


Canon Prnters

Canon compact Photo Prnters and PxM Prnters supportng PctBrdge


Yes (v USB or Wireless LN)



SD, SDHC, SDxC (UHS- Compatable)


PC ∓ Mcntosh

Windows 8 / 8. / 7 SP

Mc OS x 0.8 / 0.9

For W-F connecton to PC:

Windows 8 / 8. / 7 SP only

Mc OS x 0.8. or alter / 0.9


mge processing

digital Photo Professonl


picture Style edtor, eOS UTilty, image Trnsfer UTilty



x reachargeble L-on Bttery LP-e7

Bttery lfe

approx. 50 (t C, e 50%, Fe 50%)[5]

approx. 85 (t 0C, e 50%, Fe 50%)

Bttery ndctor

C adapter Kt CK-e7, Bttery charger LC-e7

Power svng

LCD montor turns off after 0, 0, 0 sec or , , Mins.

uto Power Off

eCO mode

Power Supply ∓ Bttery chargers

C adapter Kt CK-e7, Bttery charger LC-e7

physical Specifications

Body materials

Stnless steel, magnesium alloy, polycrbonte resn

Opertng environment

0 - 40 C, 85% or less humidty

Dimensions (WxHxD)

0.9 x 68.0 x 44.4 mm

Weight (body only)

approx. 66g (CP testng standrd, ncludng bttery and memory crd)



optional electronc viewfinder eVF-DC

(0.48 type), 4: spect rto, pprox. ,60,000 dots, 100% coverge

Cses / Strps

Body Jcket eH7-CJ

Neck Strp eM-e


eF-M (eF and eF-S lenses Compatable v Mount adapter eF-eOS M)


Canon Speedltes (includng 90ex, 70ex , 0ex, 40ex , 580ex , 600ex, 600ex-RT, Micro-ring-Lte MR-4ex , Micro Twin Lte MT-4ex, Speedlte Trnsmtter ST-e, Speedlte Trnsmtter ST-e-RT

Off-camera Shoe Cord OC-e, Speedlte Brcket SB-e

Remote Controller/ Swtch

Remote Controller RC-6


nterfce cable FC-400PCU

HDM cable HTC-DC00

Canon EOS M3 Compact System Camera + EF-M 18-55mm IS STM Lens Reviews


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