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DJI is established as one of the biggest names in drones thanks to a range of models packed with the latest tech for beginners to advanced professional pilots. Camera drones offer unique aerial compositions, immersive cinematography, epic vlog B-roll footage as well as the opportunity to capture distinctive photos during special events. Pilots are also enjoying more sporting events and competitions due to the rise in FPV popularity.

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DJI Mini 2 SE Drone

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DJI Mini 2 SE Drone Fly More Combo

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Please note as of 2021 all UK drones must be registered with the Civil Aviation authority and please adhere to the CAA Safety Regulations to enjoy safe flying.

Which Drone Should You Buy?

DJI offer a number of options suited to different styles of flying with various flight and image qualities available. These include mini models which can fit into the palm of your hand to fully fledged pro drones for commercial applications.

When buying a new drone considerations include:

Camera quality

How will you share footage, is it for Youtube or other social channels? Do you need high resolution images? Choose the image and movie quality which you need for the majority of your purposes. Most vloggers rely on HD video including slow motion for Youtube, although 4K is becoming more readily available on many models. Higher resolution video quality provides the same benefits as it does with any camera, smoothness, quality, detail and ability to crop-in.

Stills images are available at somewhere around 12 megapixels with panoramic stitching being a bonus for larger wide scenic shots. Camera stability is another consideration with photographers often opting for 3-axis gimbal stabilisation which results in smoother images and video.

Flying Performance

Drones use a lot of power, especially when flown in windy conditions. Check battery capacity for longer flight times, together with packing spares for a quick return to home and re-launch. Speed, altitude and ease of control are other considerations depending on how the drone will be used. For leisure flights it’s not really about high speed, but for sports competitions that’s what it is all about, together with agility and ease of control.

Software and safety features

Software also goes hand in hand with drones and DJI create intuitive and easy to use software offering a range of flight patterns, varying skill controls of the craft for different pilot levels as well as a host of safety features.

Of course safety is a big part of flying today and all users should ensure they meet CAA criteria, however software can make a big difference in safety with less accidents thanks to automated systems.

The bottom line is whatever level of pilot you are, and whichever image quality you need, DJI has already designed the perfect model. Browse the aircraft in our range and join content creators enjoying flying drones throughout the UK.

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