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Tutorial Tuesday Celebrates 50th Video

One of the greatest joys in photography is the ability to keep learning new skills, whether that be for a beginner, intermediate photographer or professional. There is no limit to what we can learn, with new opportunities presenting themselves the more we get out to shoot and the more information we seek out. Our own photographer and videographer Gareth Evans has been creating insightful Tutorial Tuesday videos for two years now with 50 video tutorials covering photography subjects such as;

  • Cinematic colour grading
  • Skin retouching
  • Seascape photography
  • Pet / bird / wildlife photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Photoshop and Lightroom tips
  • You can see the entire line-up of 50 Photography Tutorial videos here.

Portraits in Tutorial Tuesday

Each tutorial also lists the equipment used in the videos, from cameras and lenses from all major brands as well as video equipment and accessories used to create cinematic scenes throughout the videos.

Brand Ambassador And Professional Photography Tutorials

Photography encompasses a lot of genres or subjects and Gareth has done an amazing job of providing useful, practical tips and techniques which can be applied to various genres, which our viewers are interested in. We’ve also commissioned the help of a number of brand ambassadors and professional photographers to offer their advice with their experiences, situation which include tutorial tips, industry tricks and techniques. These include:

  1. Nikon Ambassador Kim Grant who shares her professional experiences with creating seascape compositions
  2. Sports Photography tips with pro sports photographer Eddie Keogh covering kayaking, sports tips and camera settings.
  3. Fashion Photography with Hanina Studio - professional fashion photographer with lighting tips, assisting photographers, working with clients and lots more useful insider tips

Brand ambassador talks about framing and composition

The 50th Tutorial Tuesday Video

Our 50th video is titled ‘Five Tips for Sunset Portraits' where we cover location and timing, working with the light, background and colour, interacting with the scenery as well as camera settings. We’ve embedded the video here for our readers to watch and we hope you find the video useful to improve your naturally lit portraits.

If you have any ideas or thoughts for videos leave a comment below any of our videos and we’ll gladly find themes popular subjects our fabulous audience are interested in. Of course Gareth also reviews equipment, testing the latest cameras, video camcorders and lenses so that our customers get an insight into gear as it is released.

Some of Our Favourite Tutorial Videos

Over the last 50 videos there have been a number which have stood out which viewers comment, like and enjoyed more than the others. These include

Expose For The Highlights tutorial

A very timely Autumn Photography Tutorial

We’re all yearning for it, Travel Photography Tips

We also have a blog packed full of photography tips and inspiration for those who enjoy a good read whilst learning new skills and gaining ideas and many posts also have videos to watch.


By Nick Dautlich on 06/10/2020

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