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Panasonic Lumix 24-70mm f2.8 S PRO Lens Review

Native, Pro 24-70mm Lens

One of the downsides of a brand new system is always that the offering of lenses is a bit limited but it’s great to see Panasonic Lumix so committed to bringing new lenses to their system and with this lens, they are filling a big hole.


Panasonic Lumix 24-70mm f/2.8 Church


The addition of a native, pro version of the 24-70mm with that nice fast f2.8 aperture is welcome news for photographers and videographers alike. This is a focal length that is often used as an absolute work horse, it’s the perfect all rounder, able to manage landscapes with the wider focal lengths, punch in for portraits and it’s fast enough to get some nice bokeh and low light performance.

It’s a great focal range for videographers as well since you can shoot a variety of focal lengths.


Panasonic Lumix 24-70mm f2.8 Chapel

Image Quality

The images are nice and sharp, the colours look great and the overall quality is exactly as you’d want from a pro lens like this.

The fast aperture allows you to capture some nice out of focus elements in your shots as well and the bokeh is nice and smooth.


Panasonic Lumix 24-70mm f2.8 Landscape


The actual construction of the lens is 18 elements in 16 groups with three aspherical lenses, four ED lenses and 1 UHR lens. You’ve also got 11 diaphragm blades which helps the bokeh to be nice and smooth and keep that bokeh looking great.

It’s also dust and splash resistant which means it’s great for shooting in a variety of conditions. I can personally attest to that, I took it out in the rain and had no issues at all.


Panasonic Lumix 24-70mm f2.8 Lighthouse


Ultimately, this lens is going to be a welcome addition to the roster of lenses available for camera s like the S1 and the S1R and it’s probably one of the most anticipated native lenses.


You can see the full specs, details and price for the lens here.

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