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DJI Mini 2 SE First Look

DJI has upgraded their palm-sized beginner friendly drone with a host of new features, which make it easier to create superb aerial content as well as safer and more enjoyable to fly. Our DJI Mini 2 SE First Look explores key features of this sub 249g foldable drone, with specifications and what you can expect from this travel-friendly drone.

DJI Mini 2 SE first look review

Discover what’s included in the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo and which kit offers the perfect features for your content creation.

DJI Mini 2 SE features at a glance

Despite being one of the most affordable drones on the market, DJI has included powerful features in the DJI Mini 2 SE:

  • Integrated camera drone
  • Weighs just under 249g
  • 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 12 megapixels featuring an improved image quality algorithm
  • Max video resolution of 2.7K (2720 x 1530) @24/25/30 fps
  • 24mm (equivalent) f/2.8 lens
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilisation
  • Includes QuickShots and Academy

Mini 2 SE fits in your palm and weighs under 250g

How much is the DJI Mini 2 SE and Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo?

The DJI Mini 2 SE price is £309.00, while the Fly More Combo costs £439.00. This places the latest drone just below the DJI Mini 3 (Drone Only), yet includes a DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller, which will cost you £499.00 when bought with the DJI Mini 3.

When was the DJI Mini 2 SE released?

The updated drone and Combo arrived earlier than expected on the 14 March 2023, which is around 2.5 years after the Mini 2 and Mini 2 SE were launched. This is in line with DJIs product lifecycle which is updated every two to three years.

Single tap drone control

What is new in the DJI Mini 2 SE?

DJI has included a number of upgrades in the new generation drone, which make it even easier to capture unique content and more enjoyable to fly than its predecessor. New features include:

  1. Supports up to 4x digital zoom
  2. Flies in up to 10.7 m/s (Level 5) wind resistance
  3. Upgraded video transmission (10km range when unobstructed, free of interference) with better anti-interference from DJI O2 video transmission which relays up to 720p/30fps
  4. Panorama Mode added
  5. Higher 4000m takeoff altitude
  6. Support for RAW photos
  7. Boomerang mode added to QuickShots

These upgrades will help newcomers and more advanced content creators to capture new types of aerial content and be able to fly more safely in higher winds.

Optional prop guards are inclued in the Fly More combo

Is DJI Mini 2 SE good for beginners?

The DJI Mini 2 SE is aimed at beginner pilots and more experienced content creators who want a palm-sized foldable drone, which captures great aerial content. In order to meet these demands the aircraft and DJI software includes a number of features which are good for beginners, designed to accelerate your skills.

  • The DJI Fly app comes with clear instructions and flying tutorials covering useful tips for beginners
  • You can enter Academy in order to view product tutorials, flight tips, flight safety notices and user manuals
  • One-tap takeoff and landing automates these processes
  • Stable hovering with reduced drift is provided by GNSS with the downward vision system and an infrared sensing system
  • Three automated RTH features (return to home) reduce the chance of the drone being left stranded with Smart RTH, Low Battery RTH and FailSafe RTH. These span virtually every conceivable situation in order to help keep your drone safe
  • QuickShots offer Intelligent content creation with just a tap with Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket, Boomerang and Asteroid
  • Pano mode allows you to shoot epic locations, buildings and more
  • An optional Mini 2 SE 360º Propeller Guard (included with the Fly More Combo) helps protect the drone from accidental knocks and bumps, even when flying indoors

What's inclued in the Fly More Mini 2 SE Combo

Is the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo worth it?

With a price which is £120 more than the standalone drone, you may be wondering whether the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo is worth buying. To ensure you are getting excellent value, the following additional accessories are included with the Fly More combo:

  1. Two additional Intelligent flight batteries (three in total)
  2. Two additional pairs of spare Mini 2 SE propellers (three in total)
  3. 12 screws (verses six with the drone)
  4. A Two-Way Charging Hub for simultaneous battery charging and as a power bank
  5. Mini 2 SE Propeller Guard
  6. DJI Shoulder Bag for easy carrying


Stills and video capabilities

Importantly the DJI Mini 2 SE includes a high-quality 3-axis gimbal mounted 12 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, which is paired with a wide angle lens, offering an equivalent 24mm angle of view. This tried-and-tested combination captures sharp stills and smooth videos which are sure to impress your audience.

Video can be recorded at up to 30fps when shooting 2.7K and high-speed 60fps in Full HD for highly desirable slow motion effects. With a higher wind resistance and more stable hovering the Mini 2 SE is capable of capturing beautiful video footage, albeit not in 4K, which the DJI Mini 3 is able to achieve.

Photos are 12 megapixels and benefit from an updated algorithm, which helps capture sharper results with more accurate colours. Panos can be shot in Sphere, Wide-Angle and 180°, which is equally simple as Mini 2 SE automatically generates a panoramic image from start to post.

Like previous models, the Mini 2 SE has a sensitivity range of ISO 100-3200, a fixed aperture of f/2.8, and a 4-1/8000 sec shutter speed range. These settings can be also changed manually, providing greater control over the outcome of your content.

Flying MNini 2 SE with controller and phone mounted

Piloting with the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller

The DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller is easy to use and can be paired with other drones such as Mavic Air 2, Air 2S and Mavic 3. It features easy viewable battery and connection lights, function and power buttons and RTH button. There are well placed controls for the gimbal and shutter button, which is easily reached with your index finger.

The controller arrives set up and ready to pair but can be configured to your own preferences with YAW, forwards and reverse flying. As a beginner it’s recommended to leave the sensitivity and other controls as default in order to gain confidence before making adjustments.


The latest generation Mini 2 SE from DJI is a great option for beginners, with several updates which make it not only easier and more fun to fly, but new options for capturing creative content. It boasts improved wind resistance, new Pano and QuickShots modes, 31 minute flight times and improved video transmission for clearer views.

Whilst it does not offer the same video resolution as more expensive models it does capture fully stabilised 2.7K footage from a 3-axis gimbal which is certain to impress any audience. There are also numerous Intelligent flight modes which the drone will create automatically with just a few taps.

Browse our comprehensive range of camera drones and pick up the latest DJI Mini 2 SE or the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo, which includes extra accessories to help you create amazing content. Whichever you choose you’ll be able to develop your skills swiftly, with a palm-sized drone which fits into a large pocket!

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