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Sony a9 II Announcement


The new a9 II shares a lot in common with it’s predecessor. It has a 24.2MP sensor, the same 20fps continuos shooting mode (with no viewfinder blackout) and a similar buffer.

Where it has been improved is in the speed of autofocus, operation and the general workflow for professionals. It’s also got a refined body that’s much more in line with the new A7R IV and brings a number of improvements many will have been looking for.

The New Sony A9 II


In line with the original a9, the a9 II can shoot at 20fps in continuous mode and that’s with no viewfinder blackout. It’s also able to do that in silent mode making it perfect for sports photographers and photojournalists everywhere.

Something that was a slight issue on the original a9 was the mechanical shutter and Sony have made sure to improve this with the a9 II able to shoot at 10fps with the mechanical shutter.

Sony A9 II Autofocus

With a new and faster processor, the operation speed is also improved with less EVF lag while shooting.


As you’d expect from Sony, the a9 II has an autofocus performance that just can’t be beaten. The a9 II features Sony’s incredible eye AF and animal eye AF and Sony have made improvements to the precision, the performance and the speed of the autofocus in the camera .

Sony A9 II Speed


The body of the a9 II takes a lot from the A7R IV body. This is welcome news to anyone who wanted a more comfortable, slightly bulkier design. The buttons are bigger and easier to control, there’s a locking exposure dial and a much improved, deeper grip for a significantly more comfortable shooting experience.

Sony A9 II Fast Shooting

On top of that, the a9 II has 2x UHS II card slots making it a much more professional system as well as significantly improved weather sealing making it more versatile.


With other features like improved gigabit connectivity and improved wifi (5GHz) as well as things like the voice memo feature allowing you to record and attach a voice memo to any image, the a9 II is certainly aimed towards professional photographers.


Sony A9 II Body

The speed and workflow improvements make this a great option for any sports photographer, any photojournalist or really any professional that requires speed and performance above all else.

You can view the full spec, price and everything else about the new Sony a9 II here.

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