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Sigma Launches New Mirrorless Lenses 2023

NEWS: As manufacturer of some of the world’s most loved camera lenses, Sigma gets off to a flying start launching a whole series of new mirrorless lenses in early 2023. Having completed a Sigma 24mm F/1.4 DG DN Art Lens review recently we’re excited to see what these new models for Sony E, Leica L, Fujifilm X and Nikon Z offer content creators.

Sigma launches new range of lenses for 2023

Read more to discover which Contemporary Sigma lenses have launched and how they can help you create amazing images, with sample photos to ogle, lens pricing and everything else you need to know.

Which new Sigma lenses launched in 2023?

Early April 2023 sees the launch of six Contemporary Sigma lenses, which are available across four camera mounts. Following a February development announcement, the first ever Nikon Z mirrorless lenses have now been released, along with three crop sensor format lenses for Sony E, Leica L and Fujifilm X mounts.

Sigma 16mm lens sample image

Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Nikon Z. Camera settings: 1/8000 sec. f/2.5 ISO 400

The new Nikon DX lens line-up comprises of:

These lenses were also released at the same time:

  1. Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E (full-frame) costs £549.00
  2. Sigma 17mm f/4 DG DN Contemporary Lens for L Mount (full-frame) costs £549.00
  3. Sigma 50mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E (full-frame) costs £619.00
  4. Sigma 50mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Lens for L Mount (full-frame) costs £619.00
  5. Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E (crop sensor) costs £449.00
  6. Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for L Mount (crop sensor) costs £449.00
  7. Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Fujifilm X (crop sensor) costs £449.00

That’s an impressive start to the year, with 10 new models arriving for photographers and videographers who shoot with mirrorless cameras. Sigma’s pricing also stands up to scrutiny, with these offering excellent value across the board in comparison to similar models.

Sigma 30mm lens sample image

Sample with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Nikon Z © Pierre Emmanuel Delétrée. Camera settings: 1/400 sec. f/4. ISO 100

Key features

Sonly mirrorless lenses are compatible with AF and AF assist, while all of the others work with camera AF technologies, including face / eye subject recognition and tracking. L Mount lenses benefit from the ability to adjust linear and non-linear focusing via the Sigma USB Dock for L-Mount.

Stepping motors found across these ranges provide fast AF for both stills and video, while Sigma’s optical formulas are designed to render high resolution even when shooting the aperture wide-open.

We’re looking forward to reviewing these lenses in due course, with all models proving to be extremely compact, sporting high-quality optics, dust and moisture sealed mounts with tried-and-tested focal widths which are suitable for many genres.

Head over to browse our Sigma lens range to find the perfect model for travel, hiking and as an all day walk around option for a broad range of subjects.

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By Nick Dautlich on 03/04/2023

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