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Shimoda Camera Bags and Backpacks Available

If you’re an outdoor photographer or filmmaker it’s virtually impossible to have missed Shimoda, thanks to a wide social media following and endorsements from some of the world’s finest adventure photographers. These include the king of mist Michael Shainblum, action sports and lifestyle photographer Dom Granger, as well as Sven Martin and many others.

Shimoda Camera Bags and Backpacks Available at Park Cameras

Park Cameras is thrilled to announce that from October 2023 our customers can purchase a Shimoda Camera Bag in-store and online, choosing from a wide range of versatile Shimoda backpacks, core units and accessories.

We stock all shapes and sizes of the most popular bag ranges, including the Shimoda Explore v2, Shimoda Action x30 and Shimoda Action x50, which are all designed to accommodate various sized removable camera units.

This brief introduction to Shimoda outlines the brand, provides an overview of the product range and explores specific features and their impact on content creators.

Michael Shainblum Shimoda bags

Is Shimoda a good brand?

Shimoda is a community-driven brand, which was founded in 2017 by a pair of photographers – Ian Millar and Peter Waisnor. Following customer feedback, Shimoda’s products are continually developed, which results in evolved solutions for any user, no matter how tall, small or serious about getting into the great outdoors they are.

Forest hike with my backpack

What is the smallest Shimoda bag?

The smallest Shimoda backpack we stock is the Shimoda Explore V2 25 with a Small Mirrorless Core Unit in black, Yellow and Army Green. They also make the Shimoda Top Loader, which is an expandable holster-style top-loading bag with quick access, and attachment points for a backpack.

Action X is as tough as they come

Are Shimoda bags waterproof?

Very few camera bags are fully waterproof and Shimoda bags are designed to be water repellent, rather than waterproof. You can clean your camera bag and refinish the DWR coating as it wears away, and several models include a Rain Cover to protect your gear inside, plus an attached tripod.

Mirrorless core unit in backpack

How does the core unit in Shimoda bags work?

All of Shimoda’s backpacks offer a modular design, enabling you to add different sized inserts, which hold your camera equipment. These are referred to as ‘core units’ and available in small, medium and large for DSLR and mirrorless, as well as DV, for large cinema camera gear or super telephoto lenses.

Depending on the backpack you decide on, you can choose to add a single core unit, stack multiple units or remove them entirely, and utilise the backpack or roller bag as an everyday non-camera bag.

Mirrorless and DSLR Core Units offer access from both the rear and the side, and DSLR models are slightly taller to accommodate larger or gripped camera bodies. It's worth noting that you can typically use a Mirrorless system in a DSLR core unit, and vice versa, providing additional versatility in equipment loading.

A selection of starter kits are available with both male and female harnesses, which come with the backpack, a core unit and rain cover.

Action X V2 series backpacks

What’s new for Shimoda Action X V2?

Shimoda action x V2 introduces a new yellow colour plus new 25 litre and 40 litre sizes for greater versatility within the range. As well as these overall additions the line-up has been updated with a number of practical features for creators, including:

  • Hidden Airtag Pocket
  • Two Laptop Sleeves, with the new sleeve accommodating up to 16-inch and bigger
  • Adjustable And Removable Waist Belt to accommodate different waist sizes
  • Base Handle for single-armed lifting
  • Luggage Handle Pass-through to add the bag on top of a roller bag
  • Larger Phone Pocket for iPhone 14 Pro Max size
  • A Heavy-duty X70 (HD) reinforced as well as better support
  • Rain Cover integrated into the base
  • Removable Tripod Pouches / water bottle pockets

Trvael friendly Shimoda Explore V2 being measured at airport

What’s new for Shimoda Explore v2?

Explore v2 camera backpacks are tailored to travel and landscape photographers and have been refined with second generation updates, whilst meeting most international carry-on size restrictions. Other updates include:

  • Sized to meet carry-on restrictions (always check before traveling with your camera)
  • Base Handle
  • Included Rain Cover
  • Luggage Handle Pass-through
  • Filter Pocket
  • TSA-lock Zippers
  • Hidden Passport Pocket
  • Aired-out Harness
  • Mic Mount
  • Dual-access Document Pocket
  • Low-contrast Logo Detail

New grab handles for easy pickup

Shimoda carry-on V2 roller camera bag

Although best known for their backpacks, Shimoda also designs the Carry-On Roller V2 Black, which can be combined with a backpack using the handle pass through, or used as your main gear solution. It is thoughtfully designed with featured revolving around travel, whilst accommodating any DSLR and Mirrorless Core Unit.

The Shimoda filter wrap accessory in the field


From filter wraps to divider kits, accessory cases to passport wallets, you’ll find every possible accessory to stay organised with Shimoda.

Shimoda has a solution to meet your needs, whichever way you like to transport your camera equipment and no matter how much gear you have. If you head to adventures and frequently fly the travel-friendly Explore V2 series is the way to go. For extreme weather protection and action sports adventures, browse for an Action X series and discover the perfect Shimoda backpack for your adventures.

All images © Ian Millar, one of the Shimoda bags founding partners.

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