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Park Adds Pulsar Optics for Nature Observation

NEWS: On 09 January 2023 Park Cameras is adding the European brand Pulsar to our brand line-up, to support the growing numbers of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy wildlife observation of birds and animals.

Since 1991 Pulsar optics have been designed and manufactured in Europe, with a range of high-quality scopes, monoculars, binoculars and thermal imaging scopes for outdoor enthusiasts.

Park Adds Pulsar Optics for Nature Observation

Why observe nature?

A growing number of Park Cameras customers are discovering the benefits which nature observation, wildlife photography and enjoying special moments which nature offers us. This is driving a growth in our range of scopes and thermal imaging cameras, as well as other optical equipment, which supports nature observation during both the day and night.

From the Best Binoculars For Nature Viewing to discovering how a thermal imaging camera works we are committed to helping enthusiasts enjoy time in the great outdoors. Being in nature provides us with time away from our daily routines, has proven mental health benefits and leads to exciting opportunities for digiscoping, wildlife photography and nature observation.

Thermal imaging binoculars

Key Pulsar optics for night observation

Pulsar designs a range of optical equipment to suit a variety of budgets and requirements, with the following key products:

All of these thermal imaging devices offer excellent detail recognition with weather resistant materials for observation even in the harshest conditions and when thermal contrast is low.

Many Pulsar products are now in their second generation with high-strength magnesium alloy housings, full colour HD AMOLED displays and improved image quality over the first generation.

A choice of 8 colour palettes allows you to observe far more effectively according to environmental conditions and which subjects are being viewed.

Thermal monocular from Pulsar

Stream Vision 2 mobile app

The free Stream Vision 2 mobile app on Google and Apple enriches the functionality of electro-optic devices The app enables imaging devices to work in combination with your smartphone or tablet, with the following features available, depending on your mobile device and set-up:

  • Photo and video browser
  • Remote real-time image viewing
  • Remote control
  • Firmware updates
  • Stream Vision 2 Cloud Storage
  • Newsfeed

Discover more throughout our comprehensive range of spotting scopes and binoculars and head out to enjoy observing nature today.

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By Nick Dautlich on 09/01/2023

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