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Capture One Pro 23 Released

NEWS: On 08 November 2022, Phase One launched the latest version of their professional RAW editing software, packed with powerful new time-saving features for photographers. Learn all about the best features and what’s been updated for Capture One Pro 23 in our photography news channel to find out how your editing workflow can benefit from this update.

Capture One Pro 23 Released - Photography news

How much is Capture One Pro 23?

The main Capture One Pro 23 For Every Camera costs £299.00 and is compatible with around 600 cameras, with approximately 700 lens profiles from numerous manufacturers. The dedicated Leica version, compatible with Rangefinders, S-System, mirrorless and compact cameras is Capture One Pro 23 for Leica, which also costs £299.00.

What is Capture One Pro?

Capture One began in 1994 as a tool for Phase One medium format cameras and has undergone numerous subsequent iterations. Today it is one of the most popular RAW photo editors, preferred by some over Adobe® apps for the excellent tools, accurate colours and great starting point it gives your images.

New software for photographers

Best new Capture One Pro 23 features

Whenever a new Capture One Pro comes out we see both speed and feature enhancements and version 23 follows this trend. The app was already modified for Apple M1 chips and includes lots of advanced editing tools, with the new version adding the following major upgrades:

Smart Adjustments

This is designed to substantially reduce your editing time by providing a quick way to get a similar look across photos that are shot under different lighting conditions. It does this by automatically adjusting Exposure and White Balance, which results in images which have a similar look and feel. It has been optimised for weddings, portraits, events and commercial photography which includes people. If you photography any of these styles you can save a lot of time by auto adjusting your shots with the new Smart Adjustments feature.

New features

Faster culling

When you’ve been on a shoot one of the most time consuming jobs back in the studio is culling your images and selecting those to edit. Culling in Capture One Pro 23 is far quicker, enabling you to rate and tag your photos directly in the importer, or by using the dedicated cull view once your images are imported.

You can also get an easier overview of similar images with automatic group view, letting you choose your top selects quicker. Additionally, instant browsing allows you to click through your photos with zero delay, which is something we all want in our RAW software.

Layers in Styles

Layers in Styles gives you more control over editing, by adding the flexibility over your Style workflow with the ability to include Layers. This means you can apply your edits to multiple Layers from a single Style, allowing for easy opacity control and more versatility, once again making it quicker and more accurate to edit your photos.

Change capture time

There are several situations where the ability to change the timestamp on images comes in handy, which is what this features enables. For example when on a shoot with two or more cameras that are out of sync, or capture time is set to the wrong time zone, you can now easily adjust the time on each image so they appear chronologically. Culling is made easier thanks to all images from certain moments or similar shots bing in the right order.

New sync styles features

Variants in albums

This additional features lets you easily sort image variants in separate albums, allowing for more efficient photo organisation.

More customisation

Version 23 of Capture One Pro also provides more customisable shortcuts and better customisation over the interface to suit your personal workflow. This is handy at any time, providing the ability to adjust for your monitor size, when editing with Capture One and a Wacom tablet and to place everything exactly where you want it.

Who is Capture One Pro 23 for?

Whether you’re new to Capture One or currently working with a previous version, this update will save you time editing and organising images. This is particularly true if you photograph people, whether for portraits, weddings, events, fashion or lifestyle. Even street photographers will benefit from the new Smart Adjustments feature.

If you have a Leica camera Capture One Pro 23 for Leica is the one to get. For everyone else Capture One Pro 23 For Every Camera is the software you want, to save time and create beautiful images.


By Park Cameras on 08/11/2022

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