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Capture One Mobile Release

With the arrival of Capture One Mobile Release, iPhone photographers can capture and edit photos on-the-go, which is a game changer for location photographers. The mobile App is currently available only for iPhone and Capture One recommend installing on an iPhone X and above, running iOS 15 and above.

Discover what you can expect from the industry-leading photography software and how you can now shoot, edit and share directly from your iPhone.

Capture One Mobile Release

What is Capture One?

Capture one is a photography tethering and editing application for professional photographers and enthusiasts, who strive for refined results from a feature-rich app. The current version delivers advanced RAW image processing with accurate colours, smart adjustments and excellent image management capabilities. There’s also an iPad version of the software, which adds features which complement the desktop version.

Headline Capture One Mobile features

Having waited since 2021 when Capture One announced the mobile app it’s exciting to now discover the headline features. These include the ability to tether your camera and phone and shoot directly to the phone display, instantly being able to view, edit, and share your images.

You can even apply edits to incoming shots and use one-click looks to transform shots. Colours are refined and accurate and you can easily collaborate and share online.

Capture One mobile!

What are the main Capture One Mobile features?

  1. You can now tether your camera wirelessly or via a USB cable to iPhone (or iPad) and apply Next Capture Adjustments
  2. The Mobile app allows you to import and sort and create albums of images imported from a camera roll, files, a plugged-in camera, or an SD card
  3. Culling is quick and versatile with ratings and colour tagging
  4. With the iPhone app you can apply Quick Edits, including applying Styles on the iPhone app
  5. Crop, rotate and apply keystone geometry to images
  6. There are a host of commonly used image editing tools available, such as the ability to change White Balance, adjust Exposure, apply Sharpening, Noise Reduction and Film Grain. You can also edit Dynamic Range, adjust Clarity and apply Dehaze.
  7. Whichever app we use an efficient workflow is vital, and Capture One Mobile lets you undo, redo and reset your edits, copy and apply selective edits as well as displaying meta data
  8. Once complete you have a host of export options such as adding watermarks and sending to desktop, Airdropping or adding an album to the cloud, which arrives directly into Capture One Pro. Capture One Live is also available, which offers fast sharing and feedback.

Capture One mobile outdoor location photographers

Capture One for iPhone Tutorials | Essential Video guide

Capture One Mobile vs iPad App

The Mobile app is a slimmed down version of the iPad and Desktop apps, which is ideal for outdoor photography and basic editing on-the-go. The table below compares the features of the mobile app with the iPad version.




Creating styles in-app




Editing tools: auto-adjust


Editing tools: picker White Balance & Color Editor


Import photos straight to album




Shutter Button


Keyboard Shortcuts


Editing Tools view customization (Left/Right)


Change the order of Albums in the sidebar


Landscape Mode

(Landscape will be allowed only in viewer full screen mode)

Scroll direction on the slider


Batch edit


Capture One Mobile is perfect for photographers who want the freedom to shoot, edit and share with just a camera and an iPhone. As the most mobile solution from the suite, it complements the desktop and iPad apps rather than replacing them, and will completely change how many planned and spontaneous shots are created.

Mobile in the studio

To get the most out of the Mobile app you’ll need to use the most recent version of both Capture One Pro and Capture One for iPad in order to use cloud transfer. Capture One Pro is currently available as:

The freedom which this new app offers can enhance your workflow regardless of which types of images you capture. You can enjoy the crisp styles, smooth editing and rich colours rendered by Capture One all from your iPhone while travelling light.


By Park Cameras on 15/06/2023

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