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Canon 1DX III Announcement


So, Canon have shared some specs for the camera but obviously, at this stage, they’re still holding a fair amount back. Canon are saying this is going to be the ultimate sports and wildlife camera and I believe it. The 1DX Mk II is already one of the best sports cameras around and the Mk III is shaping up to be a big upgrade.



They were also keen to point out that this will be a system for both stills and video much like how the Mk II was a fantastic video system as well as a stills camera. There look to be some big upgrades to high speed communication, making workflow for sports photographers much better. The built in wifi has been improved, the bluetooth has been improved and the ethernet connection is twice as fast.


There's a new autofocus with a deep learning algorithm which should make it even better. The actual AF sensor is able to absorb 28x more information as well meaning it's making autofocus decisions with 28 times more information - a big plus. It's looking to have 525 AF points with the dual pixel AF you would expect from Canon.


Otherwise, it's going to have a new CMOS sensor, although no word on resolution yet, a new digic processor and better ISO performance. That last part is interesting as the Mk II was already great with ISO and low light photography so it'll be interesting to see how that is improved.


Video wise, we've not got too much information but the information that Canon has given us makes me very excited to see what else is coming. They have confirmed:
10-bit Canon Log
Internal Raw Video Recording

Some of that is to be expected (the Mk II already had 4K60p) but in particular, the Internal Raw Video Recording shows that Canon are certainly taking the video side of this camera seriously.



Otherwise, the 1DX Mk III looks to continue the lineage of toughness found in the Mk II. It's going to have a magnesium alloy body, a new AF point selection control and illuminated buttons. That new AF point selection looks very interesting, there looks to be some kind of touch control to it (a little bit like the touch bar on the EOS R) but we'll have to wait to learn more about that.


Finally, Canon have also said that the 1DX Mk III will have dramatically improved battery life. Now, the Mk II was certainly no slouch when it came to battery life, I was able to shoot on that for hours with no issue so it'll be interesting to see what the improvement is. I imagine it will be to do with the new Digic processor being more efficient but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm very excited, this looks like it could be a very special camera but in the meantime, you can stay up to date on everything to do with the Canon 1DX Mk III over on our website.


By Park Cameras on 24/10/2019

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