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Capture One Gets Even Better With Update 20.1 Release

Following on from the highly successful Capture One 20, which was launched earlier in 2020, Capture One have today announced a new update 20.1. This version incorporates a series of new and updated features designed to improve photo editing workflows. It also adds a standalone Nikon camera version. Read our post to find out what’s new as well as watch a newbie video and images outlining what we love about Capture One.

Capture One 2020 update


Healing tool

Retouch portraits more quickly and automatically repair parts of any image with the Healing tool. Simply brush over the element you want to cover up and let the new healing tool will finish the rest automatically. This saves time for any editing by automatically removing unwanted artefacts in any image.

On-boarding dialogue

Get a step-by-step guide to designing your own interface as soon as you launch Capture One. This enables completely unique workflows to individual user requirements. Start by importing sample RAW files and a sample Catalog to get you up and running.

Before / After tool

Capture One users can now review edits with one click with the new Before / After tool. Choose between the Full View and Split Screen Slider to instantly compare an edited image to the original RAW file. This allows photographers to not only get an overview of any adjustments, but also prepare images more consistently whilst staying true to the original throughout a series of images.

Lightroom importer

It is now easier than ever to import a Lightroom Catalog directly into Capture One. What’s even more impressive is that existing basic image adjustments and folder structures will be replicated in Capture One, without risking the original files. This means previous edits and organisations will remain intact, allowing photographers to pick up where they left off when switching editing software.

Capture One Nikon Standalone and Camera Profiles

Along with visions for Sony, Fujifilm and the complete suite of around 500 cameras, Nikon users will now be able to save with a stand-alone version. Full PRO features are available with a software version that’s just for editing Nikon files. Now selected Nikon camera models get even more editing options with built-in Nikon profiles that match the colours in Nikon cameras.

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Watch a beginners guide webinar here if you are New to Capture One - Hit the ground running

You can also read our recent post about editing on a Wacom tablet with Capture One. Perfect for portable sofa surfing and working whilst travelling. There’s another excellent video included in that post directly from David Grover.

Some of our favourite tools from version 20 include;

Noise reduction
Highly advanced noise reduction which retains colours and detail when shooting with high ISO.

Noise reduction pallettte Capture One update

HDR (highlights and shadows)
Complete control over image contrast and tone thanks to the High Dynamic Range tool. Recover highlights, boost shadows, darken the blacks or boost the brightest areas of your photo from one tool.

HD dialogue

Colour editor
Edit colours more quickly with the new Basic Color Editor that’s compact and easy to use. Click anywhere on the photo and drag to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of any colours, which can also be edited with intuitive sliders.

Colour editor

Capture One MAC System Requirements

As a newer tool it is well worth checking your operating software requirements to run Capture One on a Mac. For Windows PC users click here.

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By Nick Dautlich on 18/05/2020

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