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Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Black

Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Black

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The portable Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo (Black) adds lighting control with barndoors, a diffuser and a grid along with the 60W LED light wand for videography and photography that supports brightness/colour temperature.

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We Love

  • All-in-one LED wand lighting kit, which includes barndoors, a diffuser and a grid for additional light control
  • Easy control over light brightness and colour with high colour accuracy of TLCI 98 and CRI 96
  • Highly portable for single-handed use and includes an efficient cooling system for uninterrupted shooting
  • Charges as  quickly as 1 hour 21 minutes, or runs from mains power and can be used while charging for seamless filming
  • Includes lighting effects and a simple control screen for unlimited possibilities from a portable creative lighting system
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Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Black Summary

With three light modifiers included in one convenient lighting kit, the Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Black provides additional control for videographers, photographers and content creators. Bespoke barndoors, a diffuser and a grid accompany the standalone Fiveray V60 LED Light Wand in this combo, for everything needed to capture creative shots with versatile supplemental LED lighting.

Whether you want hard light falloff from your subject or a soft diffused glow, the Fiveray V60 Combo from Zhiyun affords versatility and ease. What’s more this LED light wand provides accurate control over light intensity and colour, and with a simple twist or push of the control knob you can activate music mode, and even use the built-in lighting special effects to create visual drama in your movies.

Colour can be adjusted between 2700K~6500K and 3800-5000K in 100W mode, and the LED Chip can be charged in as little as 1H 21 Min when using PD charging. Thanks to its lightweight design you can take the Fiveray V60 Combo on-location, which makes it ideal for on-the-go professionals, vloggers, and anyone who needs an extra boost of light while on the move.

The light will surge 100 watts in MAX mode, which is perfect for illuminating subjects dimly lit environments and during dusk. An advanced DynaVort Cooling System™ includes gyroscope-modelled heat sinks and six FOC fans (Field Oriented Control), which are expertly designed to prevent overheating while enhancing airflow.

Key Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Features

  • Combo adds light control with included barndoors, diffuser and grid
  • Portable 60W LED light wand for on-the-go creators
  • Fully adjustable brightness and colour with TLCI: ≥98  CRI:≥96
  • Advanced built-in cooling system
  • MAX mode boosts light output to 100W when powered from mains
  • 24 minutes operation in 60W mode up to two hours in 12W mode
  • Can be operated while charging
  • Simple and intuitive operation with control knobs
  • Includes lighting special effects and music modes
  • Battery charges in as little as 1H 21MIN (PD charging)

Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Combo Black in More Detail

Brighten up any scene

Whether you're shooting in a dimly lit indoor space or outdoors at dusk, the V60’s high-illuminance lighting ensures your shots are always crisp and vibrant. For more intense lighting, simply switch to MAX mode for an instant power surge of up to 100W. To activate MAX mode, the lighting unit must be connected to a DC power adapter (output voltage/current of 24V/5A) to the light wand's DC charging port and an AC power outlet.

Cooling system

The light includes gyroscope-modelled heat sinks and six FOC fans, which have been expertly designed based on cutting-edge fluid dynamics and dynamic algorithms, in order for the DynaVort Cooling System™ to prevent overheating, while substantially enhancing airflow emissions. Thanks to intelligent control, the cooling system ensures that efficiency remains consistently high.


Colours that Pop

True-to-life colours are essential for any photographer or videographer, and the V60 delivers by accurately reproducing the colours of any object with its exceptional colour rendering capabilities.

  • Colour Temperature Range: 2700K~6500K  TLCI: ≥98  CRI:≥96


Elevate your creativity

Anyone can explore their creative side using the V60's built-in multiple light effects and music modes. Let your imagination run wild, transform your shoots with unique and fun lighting and create an entirely new atmosphere for your audience.

Lighting effects:

  • SOS, TV, broken light bulb, candle, lightning, fire

Music mode:

  • Press and hold the colour temperature adjustment knob to activate


Easy to use lighting system

Simply use the intuitive settings to achieve perfect lighting effortlessly by using the compact display screen, without the need for complicated controls or menus.

Battery and mains power

The Zhiyun Fiveray V60 LED Light Wand Black keeps shining so you can shoot without worrying about running out of battery power. From DC to USB charging, the power supply has you covered and will continue to operate while it is charging.


Built-in Battery

The built-in battery can be charged in the following times:

  • 1H 21MIN (PD 20V/1.2A 25W)
  • 1H 27MIN (DC 24V 25W)
  • 2H 30MIN (QC 12V/1.5A  9V/2A)

Lighting control

This all-in-one kit with light modifiers allows you to control your lighting with barndoors, a diffuser and a grid, for even more versatility and creativity to shape your light.

What’s in the box

  • Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Light Wand
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Storage Bag
  • Power Adapter
  • Adapter Pouch
  • Barndoors
  • Diffuser
  • Grid
  • Modifier Manual

Zhiyun Fiveray V60 Specifications

Built-in Battery Capacity


Max Output Power

CCT Mode: 60W MAX Mode: 100W(PD), 100W(DC)

Colour Temperature Range


[100W: 3800-5000K (±200K)]

Dimming Range


CCT Mode Illuminance: 5500K/100% brightness

1730 (1 metre)

MAX Mode Illuminance: 4200K/100% brightness

2470 (1 metre)





LED Chip


Charging Time (PD)

1H 21MIN (20V/1.2A 25W)

Charging Time (DC)

1H 27MIN (24V 25W)

Charging Time (QC)

2H 30MIN (12V/1.5A  9V/2A)

Continous Runtime (4200K/100% brightness)


Operation Temperature


Product Size

448mm x 53 x 53

Net Weight


Power Adapter Rated Output Voltage/Current



1/4" Threaded Hole

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