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Wacom One Creative Pen Display With Free Drawing Software

Product Code: U157553T
The 13.3" Wacom One Creative Pen Display includes everything you need to start getting creative right away, including free drawing and sketching software and a battery-free pen for intuitive artwork


Wacom One Creative Pen Display Summary

The new 13.3" Wacom One Creative Pen Display is the culmination of 35 years of product development and innovation. Wacom have created an easy to use, extremely portable graphics input device, which includes everything you need to get creative straight away. The screen provides Full HD resolution at just under A4 size, giving you plenty of space for drawing, sketching and more. A newly designed One Pen is included which operates without batteries, creating a light, natural feeling cordless pen, with 4096 pressure sensitivities and various brush modes to suit different tasks.

Paper-like canvas - The screen feels like you’re drawing or writing on paper, not glass, with a natural surface friction and minimal reflection.

Feels like a real pen - The new pen doesn’t need batteries and looks and feels like a regular pen. It provides superb accuracy and can act as a multitude of pens or brushes for different creative styles.

Full HD screen - See your imagination come to life in full colour on a display that’s nearly A4/letter size.

Digital versatility - sketch, paint and draw directly onto the screen. Whether you love photography, charts, diagrams or painting, you can draw and share your images with ease.

Bonus Software Pack included - Bamboo Paper comes with premium features* and transforms your creative pen display into a sketchpad.  

Operating System compatibility - Connect your Wacom One to your Mac or PC, as well as certain Android tablets and smartphones. 

*Windows 10 only.

Our Verdict

For artists and digital creators the Wacom One Creative Pen Display is a breath of fresh air. Not only is there everything you need to get started straight away, but you can use some third party creative pens as well as jump straight in with the free included software. The display is comfortably large enough to immerse yourself into whatever you are drawing or editing and the surface has a natural feel, ideal when you are writing or drawing quickly to capture ideas. 

The included pen feels natural and drawing onto a display is an extremely intuitive way to write, draw or sketch ideas. Working in this way saves time and is more accurate than using a mouse. Ideas do come to life once you get into the flow of using a screen input device. If you are new to graphics tablets we would definitely recommend the One as an excellent starting point into pen inputs.

We Love
  • Versatile ready to use creative display
  • Lightweight and natural feeling pen included
  • Excellent size and weight for easy transport
  • Works with many third party pens
  • Free included software to get started straight away

One Display Features in Detail

The Wacom One Pen Display is aimed at anyone who may be new to screen drawing or is considering switching from an existing base model creative pen display. Drawing directly onto a screen, particularly with a lightweight pen such as the one included, is both intuitive and natural. Using a mouse quickly pales in comparison, and sketching then scanning is a thing of the past. The pen display is large enough at 294mm x 166mm to draw mind-maps, diagrams as well as create immersive drawings or paintings and the Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution provides ample detail. 

If you already have a favourite pen from another leading manufacturer, the Wacom One will probably work with it too. This is useful for users switching from a different system if they prefer their existing input device. The display weighs only 1kg which is ideal for popping it into your bag and travelling out for work. The input screen provides 1000:1 with 200 cd/m2  contrast ratio at 26ms response rate, with 170 degree viewing angle. This ensures your images are bright, detailed and viewable from a range of working positions. There are integrated foldable legs to prop up the screen if you prefer to work at an angle, rather than flat on a desk surface and the screen can be used whether you are left or right handed. 

The display is a clever development arising from many years of working with screens and input devices. New users are often surprised that Wacom’s input devices do not feel smooth and shiny, but have surfaces which are manufactured for a natural feel, more paper-like than glass. This helps when using applying various pressures or sensitivities, gestures and movements are more obvious, and feel more natural as though working on paper.

What else is included in the box?

Wacom One pen display
Wacom One Pen
3 replacement nibs
Wacom One X-Shape Cable
AC adapter (10 W)
AC plug head
Quick Start Guide

Optional Accessories

Wacom ExpressKey Remote


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