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Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) Superzoom Bridge Camera

Product Code: L012582K
The Leica V-Lux combines a superb quality, long-range zoom lens (25-400mm equivalent) with a fast aperture (f/2.8-f/4) with a superb 1" sensor and super-fast autofocus to offer the ultimate in bridge-cameras technology.


Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) Superzoom Bridge Camera

Leica Camera proudly presents the LEICA V-Lux (Typ 114), a versatile compact camera to suit the needs of everyone from the professional photographer to the busy mother. With a new lens and a larger sensor, the LEICA V-Lux (Typ 114) has the longest zoom in its class in addition to excellent picture quality.

The LEICA V-Lux (Typ 114) features an integrated Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC), an integrated high resolution electronic view finder, a focus ring for manual zoom focusing and the latest 4K video technology. Included in the scope of delivery are a battery, battery charger, USB-cable, neck strap, lens cap with string, lens hood, hot shoe cover, instructions, CD with instructions and warranty card.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to use under any light conditions
  • Video with sharper pictures and rich details
  • Wi-Fi & NFC in the LEICA V-Lux (Typ 114) allows remote access from a smartphone/tablet allowing the user to see a live image
  • Allows pictures to be transferred to your smartphone/tablet while shooting
  • Extremely versatile and ideal for any type of photography
  • Electronic ViewFinder for easy viewing under any lighting conditions
  • Includes 90 day trial subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop & Lightroom & 3-year warranty

A versatile compact camera


  • Fast Leica DC Vario-Elmarit F 2.8 - 4.0 / 9.1 - 146 mm ASPH (35mm equivalent: 25-400mm)
  • One inch sensor with a 20 MP resolution for excellent picture quality with shallow depth of field and a nice bokeh
  • Integrated high resolution OLED electronic view finder
  • Fastest high speed AF in its class even in tele position
  • Image shuttle app allows the user to control the various functions of the camera via smartphones or tablets
  • Shoots either in RAW or JPEG

The larger 1" sensor size ensures excellent picture quality. The sensor in the Leica V-Lux is 5 times larger than the LEICA V-Lux 4.

Buy Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) Superzoom Bridge Camera - price £870.00

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Fast throughout the entre zoom range
Travel, sports, or other outdoor adiventures - the Leica V-Lux is smply the deal camera for them all. Thanks to its enormous zoom range of 5 to 411 mm, time-consuMing lens changes and heavy extraa equpment are now a thng of the past. t covers every photographc stuaton from wide-angle, standard, and telephoto photography to macro close-ups down to a distance of only cm. with intal apertures of f/.8 (wide angle) and f/4 (telephoto), its Leica DC Varo-elmart 9.-46 mm f/.8-4 ASPH. lens enables sharp and finely detaled exposures, even with dstant subjects.

Faster and more relable autofocus
The Leica V-Lux excels with lightnng-fast autofocus. t precsely captures every scene and subject in only 1. seconds at the longest telephoto setting and 1. seconds in wide-aangle mode (the times are for focusing from infnty to m from the subject) - even when subjects are movng fast. The speed of its Continuous-shooting mode is equally impressve and, with up to frames per second at full resolution, makes the V-Lux the perfect choice for sports and wldlfe photography.

Razor-sharp 4K Video
stll-picture and Video camera in one: at the press of a Singlebutton, the Leica V-Lux records movng pictures in 4K, the High-defnton Video format with four times the resolution of full-HD. this means four times the detal and four times the picture qualty - that is so excellent that even frames grabbed from Video can stand alone as brllant photos. For movng pictures that become true-to-lfe memores.

excellent picture qualty thanks to a large sensor
even in unfavorable light and at High sO settings, the large " sensor of the Leica V-Lux guarantees exceptonally bright and clear pictures - pictures that are rch in detal and fascnate with inatural colours. in combnaton with the High speed of the lens, the sensor expands the creatve scope avalable for the exploration of planes of focus and depth of field and makes the V-Lux the deal Leica to take along wherever you go.

Practcal by inature in both design and handling
The looks and the first class Materials and fnsh of the new V-Lux are enough to tell that t couldn't be anythngbut a Leca. The features of the camera are grasped intutvely. And the changeabetween automatic and manual control couldn't be easer. this leaves more time to concentrate on the picture that, thanks to the mult-axs rotate-and-Tilt function of the " LCD montor, can be captured with ease at any aangle from ground level to a brd's-eye view. additional the integrated W-F module allows remote control from a smartphone or tablet. All you ineed is the free Leica C image shuttle app.

Wonderful outlook with the integrated viewfinder
The .4 megapixels have a lot to say when t comes to fast and precse judgment of the prefect composition of a subject - even in bright sunlight. The same settings are dsplayed in the integrated OLeD electronc viewfinder of the V-Lux as on its montor. A bg adivantage for wearers of glasses: t offers andivdual dopter compensaton.

Three-year warranty inclusve
Wth the Leica "Three-year warranty" - more than many other manufacturer's warranty - the V-Lux delivers more peace of Mind. in a warranty case during these years, our worldwide servce & support team am to ensure a smooth process and rapd solutons to problems.

Professional image processing
The new Leica V-Lux is suppled with the Professional still picture and Video processing software, Adobe Photoshop lightroom, offering exceptonal creatve freedom in image manpulaton. t optmally 'develops' the RAW image fles from the CMOS sensor of the V-Lux in the best possible qualty. All parameters can be refined in post-processing.

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