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Leica SOFORT Instant Film Camera Mint

Product Code: L012400M
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Park Picks 2017 Highly Commended: Best Compact Camera

Now, here's a turn up for the books - a Leica camera winning a highly commended award for a compact camera that doesn't have very much digital about it at all.

Very much a fashion statement and available in three different colours, with a range of film styles also available, this instant camera set the world alight when it was announced in the latter part of the year.

Compatible with Fuji Instax film, this is a Leica camera that follows the basic tenets of all Leica machines - style in bundles and image quality to boot. Obviously the image quality won't be up there with the Leica M10 announced in 2017 - but there's a slight price disparity there, and the audience is slightly different.

We're just delighted to see Leica opening its eyes to different opportunities, and instant film cameras making a resurgence in recent years is because they offer both a stylish looking print immediately and something tangible - an element of photography that we miss a bit in our digital world.

For a full list of winners and highly commended products take a look here - Park Picks 2017

Leica SOFORT in Mint

Designed by Leica Camera Germany, built for lovers of light and creative souls, the Leica SOFORT brings a sophistication and seriousness to instant photography for those looking to rediscover pure human interaction through physical images.

  • Designed by Leica Camera in Germany
  • Scene modes such as ‘Party’, ‘Selfie’, ‘Sport’, and ‘Macro’
  • Improved available light performance due to later automatic flash and longer shutter speeds
  • More natural available light images
  • Unique lens toggle system for focus setting
  • Easy focus control for better images
  • Flexibility for additional user settings with the program mode
  • Distance setting works independent from the selected program
  • New Monochrome instant film available as well as Colour instant film
  • Fits all Fuji Instax film
We Love
  • Improved low light performance over similar cameras
  • Unique lens toggle system
  • Easy focus control
  • Uses existing Fuji Instax film
  • New Monochrome film for added creativity
What else is included in the box?

The Leica SOFORT comes packaged with:

  • Leica SOFORT in White
  • Battery BP-DC17
  • Battery Charger
  • Carryng Strap
  • Brief Instructions
Accessories for the Leica SOFORT

The Leica SOFORT is available with a range of dedicated accessories to compliment the Leica design and make the SOFORT a perfect lifestyle companion

Leica SOFORT Strap in Mint, Orange, or White and Black

Leica SOFORT Bag in Black or Brown

Leica SOFORT Postcard

Leica SOFORT Storage Box

Leica SOFORT photo presenter

Leica SOFORT photo album

Buy Leica SOFORT Instant Film Camera Mint - price £250.00

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