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Sigma 49mm WR UV

Product Code: G331401V


SIGMA WR filters enable easier handling while shooting and feature an excellent water and oil repellent coating as well as having an antistatic function. These WR filters are available in various sizes, both in “UV” to cut out ultraviolet rays that would normally have a negative effect on your images and “Circular PL (Polarizing)” type filters which are ideal for removing reflections on subjects and emphasising contrast.

Key Features:
- Very high optical performance and designed to avoid vignetting.
- Incorporating Sigma's super multi-layer coating, reducing flare and ghosting.
- Water and Oil repellent function (WR). Repels water drops and provides resistance to fingerprints.
- Antistatic function. Filter prevents microscopic dust clinging to the surface, dust can easily be removed using an air blower.

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