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Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Head

Product Code: E354688E
Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Head


The ELC Pro HD compact is Elinchrom’s latest unit.

The ELC Pro HD 500 Ws unit is a moderate power flash head that performs well under pressure and is the and most professional mono head on the market. Equipped with an OLED display for an easy and precise user experience the ELC Pro HD benefits from cutting edge technology. Recycling times are lightning fast while Swiss precision guarantees consistant power time after time, shot after shot. But hardware isn’t all. The software built into this unit gives you the freedom to configure the ELC to your individual style of shooting, for every application.

  • Superfast flash durations across the complete power range with visual confirmation on the OLED display.
  • ELC Pro HD 500: up to 1/5000s
  • Huge power range; ELC Pro HD 500 - 7 f-stops and ELC Pro HD 1000 - 8 f-stops.
  • User selectable and even shorter recycling times. Now you will never miss a shot !
  • Even better colour and power stability.
  • Unique OLED power display for information and clarity.
  • Three unique creative modes; Strobo mode, up to 20 Hz
  • Delayed mode, from 0.001 – 10s, for second curtain sync and other effects.
  • Sequence mode, up to 20 units can be synchronised in sequence to keep up with the fastest motor-drive at up to the full power of the flash.

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