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Canon PGI-72 MBK/C/M/Y/R Multipack Ink

Product Code: 9195273K


PGI-72 MBK/C/M/Y/R Multipack Ink for use with the Canon Pro 10

This pack contains:

PGI-72MBK (Matte Black)
PGI-72C (Cyan)
PGI-72M (Magenta)
PGI-72Y (Yellow)
PGI-72R (Red)

These 10 separate ink tanks are compatible with the Pro 10:
PGI-72PBK (Photo Black)
PGI-72MBK (Matte Black)
PGI-72GY (Grey)
PGI-72C (Cyan)
PGI-72M (Magenta)
PGI-72Y (Yellow)
PGI-72PC (Photo Cyan)
PGI-72PM (Photo Magenta)
PGI-72R (Red)
PGI-72CO (Chroma Optimizer)

Ink Tanks Life:
10x15 photo
Photo Black: 510 photos
Matte Black: 1640 photos
Grey: 165 photos
Cyan: 525 photos
Magenta: 710 photos
Yellow: 377 photos
Photo Cyan: 351 photos
Photo Magenta: 303 photos
Red: 1045 photos
Chroma Optimizer: 165 photos
A3+ photo
Photo Black: 44 photos
Matte Black: 202 photos
Grey: 31 photos
Cyan: 73 photos
Magenta: 85 photos
Yellow: 85 photos
Photo Cyan: 89 photos
Photo Magenta: 69 photos
Red: 144 photos
Chroma Optimizer: 31 photos

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Canon PGI-72 MBK/C/M/Y/R Multipack Ink Specifications


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