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Canon PGI-29 C/M/Y/PC/PM/R Multi Pack for PIXMA Pro-1

Product Code: 9195240C


Multipack ink for Canon Pro-1 Printer, includes; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta and Red.

12-Ink System
A new 12-ink system delivers the world’s highest print quality for an A3+ inkjet printer, expanding colour gamut. The new system includes Chroma Optimizer and five monochrome inks – photo black, matte black, dark grey, grey and light grey – which
produce smoother gradations, suppress graininess and provide an anti-bronzing effect.

Chroma Optimizer
Chroma Optimizer in the 12-ink system expands the colour gamut and delivers dense, smooth blacks. It also eradicates gloss differential by regulating the surface reflection to
keep the natural colours in photos.

Image permanence
Next generation LUCIA pigment inks produce exceptional image permanence. When printed on Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum PT-101, it guarantees image quality for up to 200 years in an album, 60 years when exposed to light and over 50 years when
exposed to atmospheric gases and light

Ink Tanks Life
10x15 photo¹
Photo Black: 1300 photos*
Matte Black: 1925 photos*
Dark Grey: 710 photos
Grey: 724 photos
Light Grey: 1320 photos
Cyan: 1940 photos*
Photo Cyan: 1445 photos
Magenta: 1850 photos*
Photo Magenta: 1010 photos
Yellow: 1420 photos
Red: 2370 photos*
Chroma Optimizer: 510 photos

A3+ photo²
Photo Black: 111 photos
Matte Black: 505 photos*
Dark Grey: 119 photos
Grey: 179 photos
Light Grey: 352 photos*
Cyan: 230 photos
Photo Cyan: 400 photos*
Magenta: 281 photos
Photo Magenta: 228 photos
Yellow: 290 photos
Red: 454 photos*
Chroma Optimizer: 90 photos
*EstimatedSupplemental Yield

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Canon PGI-29 C/M/Y/PC/PM/R Multi Pack for PIXMA Pro-1 Specifications


Canon PGI-29 C/M/Y/PC/PM/R Multi Pack for PIXMA Pro-1 Reviews


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