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ZEISS T* UV Filter 86mm

Product Code: 9153012K


ZEISS T* UV Filter 86mm

ZEISS T* UV Filters provide two important functions for your photography. The first is to block the unwanted effects of excess UV light and the second is protection for the precious front element of your lens. ZEISS T* UV Filters are made with the same high quality engineering and unique T* anti-reflective coating as our finest lens elements.

Invisible UV radiation in sunlight can cause blur, loss of contrast and a blue colour cast on your photos. This is particularly likely at high altitudes, by the sea and in regions with very clean air. Using a ZEISS T* UV Filter will suppress any colour cast and improve clarity in high UV situations without affecting the quality of colour reproduction or lengthening exposure times in normal light.

Fit a ZEISS T* UV Filter as a permanent addition to your lens and you will improve the quality of your image, as well as avoiding dust and damage to the front of your lens.

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