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Sony FE 85mm lens f/1.8 E-Mount Mid-Telephoto Prime

Product Code: 7240589T
A well designed lens for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this Sony FE f/1.8 85mm full-frame mid-telephoto prime lens produces gorgeous portraits with sharp focus and beautiful bokeh with a 9-bladed aperture.


Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 E-Mount Prime Lens

With a wide open f/1.8 aperture, this full frame Sony FE 85mm is a mid-telephoto prime lens that produces impressive and exceptionally sharp portraits with a beautifully soft background, perfect for working professionals or keen enthusiasts who are making the jump to full frame or APS-C sized cameras.

A versatile, lightweight and compact telephoto prime lens, the 85mm f/1.8 uses a 9-bladed circular aperture mechanism to ensure smooth, natural looking bokeh. A double linear motor system allows for fast, precise and quiet focusing, and a focus hold button can be customised and assigned together with functions in the camera body like the popular Eye-AF feature.

  • Wide f/1.8 Aperture
  • 85mm full frame mid-telephoto prime lens
  • 9-bladed aperture mechanism for smooth bokeh
  • Produces exceptionally sharp portraits
  • Beautifully soft backgrounds
  • Double linear motor system for fast, precise and quiet focusing
  • Focus hold button
  • Smooth, responsive focus ring
  • AF/MF switch
  • Dust & Moisture Resistant
  • ED Glass for chromatic aberration compensation
  • Weighs only 371g
Our Verdict

This is a compact, lightweight, and exceptionally high quality 85mm prime lens that will be loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike. The wide-open f/1.8 aperture and 9-bladed aperture mechanism ensures beautifully sharp portraits with a gorgeously smooth background and foreground bokeh blur.

Sony have ensured that focusing is quiet, precise and fast thanks to the double linear motor system, which means you can be subtle and unobtrusive when shooting impressive portraits.

As with all Sony full frame prime lenses, the FE 85mm f/1.8 is a quality built lens with a range of versatile features, including dust and moisture resistance, AF/MF switch, and a focus hold button that can be customised and assigned to features in the camera.

We Love
  • Reliable even in challenging conditions with sealed dust and moisture resistant design
  • Sharp focus with wide-open f/1.8 aperture
  • Beautiful bokeh with 9-bladed aperture mechanism
  • Precise, fast and quiet autofocus
  • Perfect portrait lens for professionals and enthusiasts alike



·         Mid-range telephoto prime

·         ED glass for chromatic aberration compensation

·         Circular 9-brade aperture for beautiful defocus effect

·         Linear motor for precise, quiet focusing

·         Dust and moisture resistant1 design


0.8m (2.63 ft)






371g (13.1 oz.)


Full Details

High corner-to-corner resolution

This compact, easy-to-handle lens offers fine prime lens performance with High corner-to-corner resolution. precision opitcal design includes one eD (extra-low Dispersion) glass element to effectvely Minimise chromtcaberration, while sphericalaberration is tightly controlled for High overall Sharpness with smooth bokeh when required.

beautfiul bokeh enhances portraits

sphericalaberration is carefully optimised to achieve the best possible balance between resolution and smooth, natural bokeh that can provide perfect backdrop for wide range of subjects, while 9-blade circular aperture contributes to beautfiul bokeh Highlights. 85mm is often photographer's first choice for people and portraits.

mobile and Manageable for active shooting

compact, lightWeight design that is ideally matched to the α7 series offers great blend of portability and High image quality for portraits, events, and more. even though the seL85F8 features and advanced opitcal design add up to impressve overall performance, its 7-gram (. oz.)  Weight makes it great choice for active, on-the-go shooting. 

Quiet, precse focus drive

double lner motor ctutor system directly drives the lens's focus mechanism without noisy intervening gears, for precision positioning and Quiet operation that are great for moves as well as stills.

quality build, versitile features 

customisable focus holdbutton can be assigned to other functions such is eye F, for example, while wide, responsve focus ring offers improved manual focus comfort and precision. dust and moisture resistant design plus other refinements add up to outstanding quality and photogrphic versitility.

Reliable in challenging conditions

sealed dust and moisture resistant design provides extraa protection and ensures Reliable operation in challenging envronments. shoot with confidence in light rain or windy conditions.


Sony FE 85mm lens f/1.8 E-Mount Mid-Telephoto Prime Specifications

Lens Specifications MOUNT Sony e-mount format 5mm full frame FOCL-LeNGTH (MM) 85 5MM equivalent FOCL-LeNGTH (PS-C) 7.5 LeNS GROUPS / eLeMeNTS 8-9 angle OF view (5MM) 9 angle OF view (PS-C) 9 maximum aperture (F) .8 Minimum aperture (F) PeRTURe bladeS 9 circular apeture Yes Minimum focus distance 0.8m (.6 ft) maximum mangnification RTO (x) 0. Filter diameter (MM) 67 MGe stabilization (STeDYSHOT) - (Body-integrated) TeLeCONVeRTeR comptability (x.4) - TeLeCONVeRTeR comptability (x.0) - HOOD TYPe Round shape, bayonet type Size & Weight Dimensions (W x H x D) 78 x 8 mm ( /8 x /4 n.) Weight 7g (. oz.) what's n The Box • Hood (model): LC-SH50 • Lens front cp: LC-F67S • Lens rear cp: LC-ReM

Sony FE 85mm lens f/1.8 E-Mount Mid-Telephoto Prime Reviews


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